Message to Luz de Maria – 14 December 2016

Message of our Lord Jesus Christ to her beloved daughter, Luz de María December 14th, 2016

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Loved My people: have called them My Mother and I to continue to grow spiritually and thus reach the necessary spiritual stature for this instant.

The man has forgotten the end for which he has been created. The creation continues to fulfill the divine will and the man rebels instant to instant being the one who interrupts the gift of life, being the one that continually moves away from Me, being the usurper of creation, being the executioner of the Divine creation …

The man receives how much he has forged, so some forge good and live in good, and others forge evil and evil approaches them. We have already called them to do not continue with the concept of a distant God and mother. They walk looking towards the Earth, seeking a god ground, which is not found in all creation, seek a god who is in the flat and that does not transcend beyond his eyes. They do not conceive Me as the God of all created, but as a god necessary to resolve their day-to-day affairs. They must prolong My words, filled with My Holy Spirit, beyond the human limitation.

Beloved people of mine: will not ascend if they do not look at Me as what I am: The infinite God, the Alpha and the Omega.

I have been patient with you, My Mercy has not been exhausted, but My people confine Me to concepts and ideologies, limit Me to their needs, they do not look at Me or live within the infinity and power of omnipotent glory and majesty.

We have called them, not because the approach is going to be stopped, but to live you mostly prepared in the spirit, to overcome with My help and taken from the hand of My blessed Mother, the chaos that is looming for mankind.

My people, they continue to live at their whim … Each one lives the religion at its whim … Each one lives the spirituality at its whim … but I come to tell you that I look at everything and I’m not deceived.

To be My true sons, they must desist! Of the human whims, they must mature now! Because the mowing is soon. Do not expect great events but prepare yourselves as My true sons and in obedience.

I try the good of everyone, but not all allow Me to guide them correctly. Some who claim to stay alongside Me dictate their own law to stay together with Me, dictate their own sacraMents, dictate their own beatitudes … hypocrites! No man can live in spirit and truth in My will, if he does not live My law, if he does not live My norms, laws and precepts.

How many Men offend Me infinitely and alone, dictating their own laws, forgiving themselves the mistakes made when I have not forgiven them! How many human creatures come to greet Me and I look at chains dragged by all sin and human filth! extend their tongue to receive Me and I am horrified by and I cry because they do not repent even of that pride, of that arrogance that engenders the greater evil. They do not forge their own condemnation, do not receive Me if repentance is not lived in depth.

I am a living God and I love you and grieve when you offend Me and disobey Me.

None is necessary, indispensable, but all I want to save, but My thirst for souls does not calm with a soul that reaches Me to fulfill My plan of salvation. But, as the earth was delivered to you in its utterly virgin state, abundant as the man needed, thus came the man and with his own hand broke heavily with his free will and unleashed his “ego” Over all creation, hurting it [lastimándola], humiliating it [humillándola] and making the slave of human volition. And in this instant the land that was handed to you, cries up to our throne: “Come soon I Need you, My lord.” The man has transformed the land that was given to him in inherit and has turned it into an object of his whims and when he can no longer find anything in creation to continue that crazy advance that bears the man for maintaining supremacy above all, then the man is pouncing [abalanzará] on the same man to use the same species and continue the unbridled and diabolical advance to maintain power over the others.

Loved My people: How much My heart is oppressed by mentioning My sorrow and finding out how cruelly the man causes it in this chaotic instant that all mankind has been immersed in human will!

My Mother travels the Earth constantly with her extended hand over you, hoping that some child will raise her hand and ask her to run her. How many say they love My mother, but continue to live under the burden of their humanity, their pride and their selfishness! The man doesn’t want to go back to change. The man continues to advance without Meditating on the great responsibility it means to be a human being.

Beloved people of Mine: I speak to them and continue to live in the midst of anger. Homes are, and sadly I must say, time bombs that continually explode in the face of the lack of love that the Members of the families carry within themselves.

The Society lives a permanent chaos of dehumanisation, love and respect for the fellow are not known. This — they say — it is a matter of the past, it is from another era, it is no longer indispensable in households.

My sons, I truly come with the scales in My hand so that they can climb to it who truly are willing to put aside their human will to devote to conversion, and so be My real sons.

You do not allow them to be sealed, do not allow under any circumstances to seal them with the microchip. (1) I’ll take care of My people, I’ll take care of My faithful. Just as I feed the birds in the countryside, so I will take care of My faithful.

Must ascend promptly and this ascent implies the denial of what you want, of what you want and the true surrender to what I request you.

This rebel generation possesses in his hands the greatest responsibility I have given to human creatures, since this generation will face the warning and witness the fulfilment of the prophecies given by My Mother throughout the history of mankind …

This generation will look at My Angel of Peace …

This generation will live the greatest punishment, worse than the same deluge, but at the saMe time, those faithful shall be blessed with the greatest miracle that My house has ever given to any creature …

I have summoned you, did not summon them any human creature, no instrument … It’s Me who summoned them, I am the one who calls them to live in spirit and truth, because those who feel good intentions will remain in good intentions and only those who truly live in spirit and truth what I command them, only those who will overcome the temptation and defeat the impostor.

Beloved people of mine, the Earth has been devastated by you and will shudder even more without science being able to predict, will happen natural phenomena never before seen, as the earth is convulsed before this generation as rebellious and disobedient.

They’ll look at the celestial vault burning in fire. The water of the seas will look at it disappear, but before it abalanzará on the earth.

Pray, My sons, for man does not respect the desires of the majority, the power at this instant is an important sign, and the one who possesses it does not want to abandon it. The villages will rise in great protests and of the protests will pass to the great convulsions, and they will pass to the provocations and provocations to the Great War, in which at a certain instant, My legions will intervene, before the man exterminated this Divine creation: the Earth.

Will suffer the unthinkable, but My help it will be unthinkable for My people because I shall march with My people until My Mother returns the Earth to our Trinity.

Pray communicating continually with our will.

I Bless you. I love you..

I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Your Jesus.




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