Message to Christina Gallagher – 13 December 2016

Special call of Jesus to 9 days of fasting and prayer at Our Lady’s House of Prayer beginning 9th January 2017

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On Tuesday December 13th, 2016 Jesus, speaking to Christina said:

JESUS: “My people, My Sacred Heart cries out to you to look!

“See what is taking place in your world! Your leaders, many of them have signed agreements with the poison of their pen for your destruction. You are being seduced into darkness and you fail to recognise its evil depths. You can see how perverse so many are becoming… you can see in so many a sickness of mind which is beyond any realisation of the destruction of their souls through their bodies’ behaviour. The youth have become so confused even of their own identity. They search for their personal identity but find only confusion through drugs, alcohol, sex and depravity in mind and body. Love is no longer found in so many hearts, especially in the hearts of the youth of the world.”

“I desire My people to turn away from sin. Receive My call to life in Me. Receive My life and light, then you will find your way to peace and your hearts will once again experience love.”

“Many leaders have signed documents to destroy many of you; it is all in the plan of him who is antiChrist, living among you.”

“There are many evil spirits raised up and hailed high. Many people have become one with evil and darkness – even those you think are good. There is little goodness in your world but lawlessness is spreading like a virus that is full of poison.”

“My people, I desire you to fast and come to My Mother’s House and pray for nine days from the ninth day of the New Year. Fast on tea and bread only.”

“Pray, pray for wisdom to understand My call and that of My Mother. I desire that you can understand the evils of your world and recognise how you are being led into the snares of evil. You need to be protected and how you need My little one for guidance. She has endured much for your sake: she has been disbelieved, mocked, attacked – and all for your sake. Wake up! Your world has become a cesspool from hell and there many are going and you do not even see the grave danger you are in – in body, but greater than bodily danger is the danger for your souls.”

“There will soon be a great earthquake in the Americas. The Americas are called ‘the new world’ but it is rather ‘the dark world’ which spreads its poison throughout the entire world.”

Jesus then referred to two countries (which will not be named here) whose leaders have made their pact and signed papers that will bring about the fire to fall from the sky. It will disrupt and disfigure the face of the earth.

There followed a very serious message concerning the Church which is not being made public.

JESUS: “My commandments are being washed away. They must be renewed and lived in all hearts that want to have My life in their souls.”

“I have pleaded with you, My people, to protect My vessel. You remain blind. Her life has come to be in great danger. She is hated in many hearts – many desire her blood. If this takes place it will be highly critical for you. All look on but you are blind to the reality of her life’s dangers. My people, hear and respond. I will not keep repeating My call and that of My Mother. The fire is lit. Be vigilant in the Spirit. Pray, pray for your safety. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

(On Sunday December 18th, 2016 during Holy Mass Jesus told Christina that the Coptic Catholics – at present enduring the most severe persecution for the faith – are most pleasing to Him.)