Demons and Aliens — the Great Deception

Demons and Aliens — the Great Deception

20th January 2017

Dear Children of God,

In recent months I have placed on my website articles that refer to UFO – Aliens – and how this will affect the world in general.

Firstly, be assured that UFO’S exist. Some are created by men and others created by Satan, to delude mankind that there is life beyond Earth.

There is no life outside of Earth. The UFO and Alien phenomena are the false miracles performed by Satan, to prepare mankind for the coming of the Antichrist.

Jesus said many would come proclaiming he is the Christ returned to the world – one of these is Keshe [see below], and many others.

Jesus will return to Earth in His Second Coming, as He left Earth He ascended into Heaven. He said He will return the same.

So watch and pray and be alert to the deceptions of Satan.

William Costellia


From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 20 January 2017 at 4:08:11 am AEDT

To: William Costellia

Subject: Resend2 Updated: Demonic Involvement of “Extraterrestrials”, “Aliens”, & “Alien Technologies” – The Great Deception

On Jan 19, 2017, at 2:11 AM, [Name Withheld] wrote:

Dear William,

There is a Great Deception planned regarding the matter of “Extraterrestrials” & Mankind.

Given the recent interest in Sacred Music & Energy, there are components that must be addressed from the “Energy”, “Flying Craft”, & “Evil” perspectives. This ties into with a recent answer from Jesus.

—- 29 Oct 2012 William (Question): Jesus has told me that the Antichrist will arrive as an Alien and the Governments will tell the world he has come to save the world. Could you ask Jesus about this please?

—- 5 Nov 2016 Raindrop 1 answer JESUS: “My daughter, Peace to you! I AM the Great I AM, the Great Physician, the Healer of Hearts, Minds and Souls. If My children would seek Me they would find great gifts and healing readily available to them, but instead they seek other pleasures. Their time is consumed with feeding their own wants and desires and they leave little time for Me, who should be their first priority.”

“My son seeks an answer to the question concerning the Antichrist and how he will appear. The evil one has long planned out different scenarios to use to introduce his puppet master. This one concerning him as a saviour from the Heavens, an Alien, has long been Satan’s favourite plan, as a mimicry of My own self coming down from Heaven to save My children. He has long been building this scenario through “movies” and sightings. My poor children who do not wish to believe in a Triune God who loves and cares for them, who created all for them, so that they could share Heaven with Us, but do believe in “entity’s” out in the universe that they wish to have contact with, share knowledge with – will swallow ‘Father of Lies’.”


Great Evil has duped Mankind – in the Elite & top secret programs A Great Deception facing Mankind

I have worked with, communicated with, studied, and/or aware of a number of the scientists listed in the recent “Energetic Pursuit” website posting. I have also worked with top secret scientists that had direct information on the true nature of what is happening regarding the “extra-terrestrial” & “man-made” craft technologies and future plans. Not all is as it seems. For there is a Great Deception facing Mankind in the true nature of “Extraterrestrials”, “Aliens”, and “Alien Technology”.

I can assure you that the “extra-terrestrial” side of the equation is driven purely from Fallen Angel (Demonic) direct manifestation. Why God is allowing this is a mystery. However, this direct involvement (Demonic) allows “possession” of biological bodies – to animate life – with the full capability of demonic powers. This includes mind to mind communication (telepathy).

The Secret Elite have embraced this false utopia of what Extraterrestrials (Demons) have shown them. It has led to false worlds rooted in the Devil as it leads away from God and Salvation.

Aliens, “extraterrestrials”, & Demons God has allowed a participation of evil in the greatest degree between consenting mankind and demons. Demons have been providing the “pure” craft and technologies to speed up the adoption and replication by mankind.

Proof of demonic involvement in the creatures are abundant: They cannot tell the full truth, they have killed, their biological tissue must be re-plenished in the “possessed version” of bodies (i.e. not a pure state of tissue & soul as part of God’s natural creation), (usage of synthetic blood & plasma in a protein soup – to keep these possessed bodies repaired), secret government labs providing the research for the synthetic blood & protein soup necessary for these beings, Death & sickness occurs with these “beings”. Another great evil is the participation of years of secret genetic experimentation on people including eugenics and cloning. The public will be astonished at the degree of what has been altered – even shocked at the sight. Some may even say “monsters”.

Yet all of these entities experience death & sickness. It stands to reason that the Original Sin of Adam and Eve would create a great mystery as to how the purported existence of all of these races of “extraterrestrials” would also have assumed Adam’s Original Sin outcome of death and sickness. These entities are not truthful regarding God, Jesus, Creation, Sin & Death:

  • Top Secret reports reveal: These entities claim that all of Mankind are hybrids who were created by them.*
  • That religion was created by them to hasten the formation of a civilized culture and to control the human race.
  • They claim that JESUS was a product of their efforts.
  • They show technology that allows visual holographic “proof” to their claims (i.e. viewing of historical events, the Crucifixion, etc).
  • (*An irreconcilable conflict with Humani Generis (Pope Pius XII) on creation of Adam & Eve by God.)

Flying craft, of the higher energy state “extraterrestrial” design are also “sickly” to the natural biological tissue of God’s creation (mankind). Indeed, many swift cancerous deaths have occurred from people nearing or touching a glowing downed craft & entering a “zone” near the craft where the scalar resonance penetrates all – including human tissue. (Electronics will fail as the conductive states of atomic materials are disrupted from the resonance of the intense scalar fields (aetheric). Tesla & Marconi were well aware of a disruptive form of a “beam”. Marconi demonstrated this effect to Mussolini in disabling cars on a road at a certain pre-arranged time. This “effect” will interfere with metal conductors & dielectrics causing a complete change to the understood laws of normal insulator/conductor/magnetic behavior (effect induces an avalanche in electron behavior in the atomic base materials)).

The toll of secrecy around these massive programs, large underground bases, remote bases, distant colonies, and cash funding methods has far exceeded the ruthlessness of original Nazi SS tactics. Indeed, secrecy is paramount over any human life, including many thousands of lives over time. What “fruit” of Love in God’s Creation would yield so much horror and death? If it were truly said to be “Angelic” or “from God”, the “fruits” would not be contrary to God’s Creation as God is Love.

God’s Creation includes dimensions of physics that can be used for good or abused for evil.

Another great Mystery, in where God allows mankind to venture, is in torsion fields. An accidental experiment result, in WWII, to create a null field to cloak or make a naval ship to be invisible to radar, resulted in torsion field effects in the dimensions of space-time.

Some will know this as the Philadelphia Experiment. Since then, top secret programs at DARPA have performed and perfected the technique. One top secret program was listed as Project Pegasus. I have seen direct evidence (personal photographs – top secret) of torsion field shifting creating forward and backward space-time portals. The individual(s) were seen younger and older on each side of their face in the split of the centerpoint of the torsion field created portal. I can say that this technology is real and it has been perfected. What this means is that any time condition & location recreation can be done from modern time. Participation with the Occult, just as in the days of Moses and the Pharaoh (staffs turning into snakes), and the potential for great Evil & Deception is real. Findings that date back millennia may be reproduced, thus fooling the best of scientific analysis.

Why such Great Evil?

This is a mystery. The “end game” is to get mankind to race to produce & duplicate “alien technology” to (1) be able to destroy mankind & nature beyond any fission or fusion technology [dwarfing nuclear weapons] & (2) to form the ultimate plan of deceiving mankind into believing that religion is not necessary (i.e. that humans were “seeded” by “extraterrestrials” via DNA manipulation in primates) (3) to for mankind to gush over free energy technologies claimed to be given from “aliens”. A primary motivation for reproducing this technology was driven by the fear of space warfare with these “entities”.

God created Man & the Universe. The Devil is trying to remove mankind in the belief of the true faith in the teachings of God by the ultimate deception of creating a world of “many other worlds” & “many other seemingly superior beings & races” – all demonically rooted or possessed, unwilling human genetic alterations, eugenics/cloning, & through demonic powers (allowed by God to the Fallen Angels). All Satan needed was cooperation of evil men to develop his plan(s).

As far as “time” and millennia ago, time can be shifted. Tesla discovered this initial effects of torsion fields with the “Egg of Columbus” experiment. Thus, another wonder in why God allows Man to do this, man has used this technology, in cooperation with evil, to set the stage for the ultimate deception.

Indeed, a tremendous amount of decades worth of planning and major funding has resulted in movies and/or series, such as the X-Files, to get the public pre-softened to the introduction of this ultimate Great Evil/Deception.

—I would caution anyone about promoting or referencing “extraterrestrial”, “alien”, or “alien technology” materials without being aware of the full demonic involvement.

—I would caution any Priest or Religious to stay away from any such “extraterrestrial” or “alien type technology” craft.

Further Comment: Be Careful with Energy Technologies – can be “sickly” to the human body

Another “awareness” concern involves an energy researcher Mahran Keshe. He claims to be the Messiah & Creator (see excerpt from his public letter below)**.

His research is flawed, regarding the proper healthy resonance of God’s creation. Keshe’s design, using atomic paste materials, excited by 50/60hz fields, regenerates a scalar component that is “sickly” to the human body. He does not have an understanding to the root base frequencies.

Just as the German WWII Nazi Bell experiments went awry in turning plant tissue completely “white”, his design recreates a “sickly” application of these same types of fields, albeit at a lower dose, to the human body. Keshe traces his research to the Nazi Bell.

Another well known energy researcher, John Bedini, had created successful Energy devices that were tuned to proper Natural & Healthy frequencies. However, John noticed that the natural resonance of the Earth was changing near 2008. The cause of the change was due to an evil desire by man to force a new dominant resonance on the earth using the natural 11.3hz Ionospheric resonance. The planetary stimulating system was via a HAARP type of transmitter array (including subterranean designs). John compensated to this unnatural balance to use a 1/3 of 11.3hz rate in one of his devices. He was trying to balance a compromise between the healthy 7.62hz Schumann Earth resonant frequency. However, this creates a problem in that it re-inforces an unhealthy or “sickly” spread of subharmonics to the human body. God created nature to have checks and balances. The natural ionospheric resonance of 11.3hz is not a perfect ratio to the Earth Surface Schumann resonant frequency (7.62hz-7.83hz). Thus, one acts as a damper to the other. (i.e. Counterbalances).

Today, any Energy devices, that work, are forced to be tuned to the new ratio of 11.3hz. The result is an unhealthy form of a “sickly” type of resonance subharmonics (mix of hundreds of subharmonics from 1x to 8x of the original primary range). One researcher was able to discover surprising effects on the human body from types of scalar fields from a device named a “Scalarbeamer”*. This unit demonstrates biological effects to the human body from certain tuned resonances that are detrimental, or even dangerous, if not properly understood.

The only “Safe” Energy technologies require pure tuning to “healthy” resonances

There are true free energy devices that are a gift from God. Sacred Music is one form as this produces real energy when perfect fifths & octaves work together in a resonant form. “Safe Energy” technology will be addressed later in another posting.

(There is a secret way to filter out the “sickly” subharmonic mix to yield a pure and healthy original resonance of the 7.62-7.83hz series).

*Physical effects: Scalarbeamer



**—— Mahran Keshe excerpt (his claiming of Messiah and Creator – April 18, 2014 Good Friday, 3 page letter): Today and with this pen, I as the Messiah and I whom took his time to be amongst you, to learn about your shortfalls and false lives, for me to be able to understand your problems, I spent over 55 years with you, worked your ways to be able to help and guide you out of this life of the jungle of this planet, I call up on you to lay down all arms and all thoughts of greed and misconducts and killings.

I chose today to declare my position and status as the creator in the Soul and in the physical body of the man as I am and have chosen to be in, to be amongst you and call up on all the men of this Blue planet and the wild village of the earth, to accept my call for peace and to change your wrongful path, individually, and collectively as the human race for you to be able to live [in] paradise on earth and in the universe.

—— end excerpt