A “Shadow Government” in the USA – a “Soft Coup”

A “Shadow Government” in the USA – a “Soft Coup”

Today 23 February 2017, Jay Sekulow (in the USA) made a powerful Live video presentation subtitled: “A Shadow Government on the Loose”. All should watch this video as it is very informative of the “reality” of what is actually occurring in America.

Our Lord has indicated to William Costellia something remarkable about this mystery:

Prophecy Fulfilled – Trump Wins Presidency


Extract from Message 732 – 10 March 2016:

“The President of the United States of America will not be removed, as believed. Mr. Trump will be called to the Seat, but will not take reign – but all is dependent on how men will react towards the events that will occur in the U.S.A., if men do not pray.”

Could this Message of Jesus mean that a shadow government in the USA is trying to undermine President Donald Trump? As Jay Sekulow says: “A Soft Coup”? Please see the video below!

See the Video on Periscope or Facebook:

Jay Sekulow Live


See this same video of Jay Sekulow Live on Facebook:

“Shadow Government on the Loose”