William Costellia: Questions and Answers (Youtube)

William Costellia Youtube Video – Questions and Answers – 28 February 2017

My Address to the People of God

I believe most people will find this subject to be very interesting and helpful in understanding the meaning of various major events in our World. Please have a look at these two video clips:

PART 1: Marian Apparitions and World Events (32 minutes)


In Part 1, I explain the situation with Seers and the need for clarity and unity with the Mother of God and each other. The many Apparitions around the world serve God’s purposes for the salvation of souls. The Seers deserve support from the Church and not rejection or condemnation. Discernment is very important.

PART 2: President Donald Trump (21 minutes)


In Part 2, I refer to the rise of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. It has been nothing less than phenomenal. The Election campaigns caused universal interest around the globe. Now that he is President, he is trying very hard to care for the People of America as a whole — in a Nation torn by so much division and violence. I believe he is God’s choice for America. President Trump is the leader needed for these times. Much prayer is needed. He must be supported by the American People!

I hope you have interior peace in watching my presentation.

May Jesus Bless you,

William Costellia