Message to William Costellia – 12 March 2017



Our Lady of Sorrows

Evil rages and attacks our True Prophets, as he is doing to you, because God’s Word is reaching millions or Our children – The Mystical Body of Christ is ascending Calvary for the Teaching of My Divine Son have been placed aside with new interpretations – The road to Heaven is narrow; the wide road is of the flesh and the devil, entertainment and licentiousness – A Great Division and Schism will come soon: Bishop against Bishop; Priest against Priest.

WILLIAM: I see a White Cross – but there is a V-shape and it looks as though the Cross is embedded or superimposed on it. The ‘V’ is on fire. Saint Michael is with Our Holy Mother and there are two Angels holding vases, who have come with Our Lady. Our Holy Mother comes as Our Lady of Sorrows and She is wearing a very dark dress with a deep blue mantilla over Her Head and hanging over Her Shoulders to the floor. I can see Her Immaculate Heart with the swords piercing It. Our Holy Mother is also holding a vase – it is gold. Behind the Cross I can see the Aurora Borealis – which is very big – as if it is stretched across half of the world.

Our Lady looks very sad and I can see Tears running down and falling into the vase that She is holding. Saint Michael comes near to Our Lady and takes the vase from Her. Our Lady takes a Rosary of gold beads and kisses the Crucifix. She has a gentle smile and She Blesses me:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Blessings to you, My gentle son! Evil rages and attacks Our true Prophets – just as he is doing to you at this time – because God’s Word is reaching millions of Our children – even those who have drifted far away from the Loving Arms of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“Be not troubled in heart, My precious son, for the Evil One cannot harm you. The current persecution you are receiving will be turned over to good and many souls will see that you are My Chosen Prophet for the End Times, just as Heaven has sent other Prophets to speak God’s Words of salvation.”

“My child, William and My children: I am truly the Mother of Great Sorrows as the Mystical Body of Christ is ascending Calvary, for the teachings of My Divine Son, Jesus, have been placed aside with new interpretations, to suit a generation of weak sinners, as the Kingdom of My Divine Son is one of the Cross and unless you take up this cross and follow My Jesus, you will flounder, for many of Our children desire to take the wide road of no sacrifice, to attain Heaven. But, My children, this is not so, as the road to Heaven is very narrow and many of Our children do not remain on it, as they feel it is too difficult, as much effort is required to remain faithful and true. But, My little children, the wide road of the flesh, the devil and the world of entertainment and licentiousness, will lead you downwards towards the Kingdom of Satan and his Fallen Angels, where there is only hatred and death and eternal fire.”

“You must come away from the wickedness of this world of so many temptations and ask My Jesus for Mercy, as no sin is above Jesus to forgive. My Son died so you might live. His Kingdom is freely yours; it is one of Great Love, Peace and Fulfillment of all that you could have at the fingertips – only Love is required.”

“Children, the events in Rome in My Divine Son’s House – with a Great Division and Schism – will come soon; Bishop against Bishop; Priest against Priest. The War of the Kingdom of Heaven and of Hell, will rage and this, too, will divide the Kingdoms on Earth.”

“The War of the great Super Powers will be in full swing, once you see the Northern Sky alight, with the Super Borealis. This will be your sign to prepare your household, for know that the Warning will follow not long after.”

Children, you must pray My Holy Rosary – just as the battle of Lepanto was won, through this great prayer and Austria was protected from invasion and sickness, so shall it be again.”

The Cross you see in the sky with the ‘V’, is to show you that Freemasonry – which rules My Son’s House – will be defeated by the Cross of Redemption. The very symbols used by the enemy of the Church will be reversed and toppled.”

“See these vases held by the Angels? They contain the Wrath of God and these, like the pestilence at the time of Moses, will now be poured over mankind until My errant children repent and turn back to worshipping God, rather than their false gods of the Capital Sins of mankind.”

“The Angels now pour out these vases and it looks like purple and black mist flowing out upon the world. As for the vase held by our General of God’s Army, Saint Michael, this vase holds My Tears of Mercy that I will pour out upon man, so that they repent, while there is still time for Mercy.”

“Now this, My sweet children, those of sincere hearts and good disposition, have nothing to fear, for many of you now are marked with the Sign of the Living Word of God.”

“The world will soon go into great shock, as God divides the plates and many will perish under the rubble.”

“This time is acceptable for God. Turn to Him now. Go to the Sacraments – especially to cleanse your souls. Trust always in God’s Love for you.”

“Help Me, dear children, to rescue the Church. A decision is looming for My Holy Place of Medjugorje and other places, where I have appeared. Watch, pray and listen.”

“Children, hold on to My Hand, as I take you to My Divine Son, Jesus. Pray for China and Asia, as sad days are coming to this Region. Pray for Japan, as a major earthquake looms near the atomic installation, bringing more suffering for its people. This will be caused by man’s interference with powerful waves from electronic pulses.”

“The enemy of God is strong, My children. He desires the death of billions of Our children, because he hates God and His Creation. Prayer is what hinders his plans.”

“I love you so much, My children and I send this Powerful Blessing from My Wounded and Sorrowful Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Now, My son, I will speak to you privately. Know, dear son of My Immaculate Heart, your triumph is near and all will see that God is with you.”

“I love you, My ‘Angel of Divine Love’ – My Envoy! Those who understand will acknowledge My Words: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Symbol of the Victory of God over Masonry