Message from Jesus to William Costellia – 26 April 2017


WILLIAM COSTELLIA: 26/4/17. Jesus came to me early this morning and told me that many people were speaking about the possibility of World War Three as a Nuclear War — to start on the 13/5/17 because of the 100th Anniversary of Our Holy Mother’s Apparition at Fatima.

Jesus said that World War Three had already started but it was only in it’s infancy, that the Nuclear War would only come just prior to His Second Coming as part of the final cleansing, joined with the Comet that will hit the Earth.

Jesus said there would be some Nuclear detonations set upon mankind soon which saddens Heaven very much, but the War that will now move fast upon the World will be through conventional Weapons including Missiles, where Nations will be annihilated just as Our Holy Mother has said at Fatima.

Jesus said should the Nuclear War break out in full mankind would be destroyed.

Jesus finally said much prayers are needed to be said as the World was in danger — that as a sign to all His Children, when the event is near — the money will crash. People were not to be afraid as God controls all. Men must trust in God’s Love for them, but pray, pray.

Jesus then blessed me and the World.

William Costellia