Message from Jesus to William Costellia – 30 April 2017

Message from Jesus to William Costellia – 30 April 2017

Dear Children of God Jesus came to me yesterday 30/4/17.

After Mass He spoke to me about many things. He was dressed all in glorious White and held a Shepherd’s staff in gold. He blessed me and The World.

Jesus said to tell the World that they must now re-read the Messages given to His Holy Mother at La Salette, France and Fatima, Portugal for men are about to live these moments.

Jesus said that He was very pleased with President Donald Trump and his assistant Vice President Mike Pence, however they are not to be fooled by the belief that North Korea and Iran do not possess Weapons of Mass destruction because they do, as a clear cover-up to fool the Western World — has been displayed.

Jesus further said there is a plan to disband the European Union of Nations and replace it with The Ten United Nations so that Nations would be weakened to bring forth The One World Government with a new World Currency. This will fulfil the Words given in the Book of Revelation.

Jesus said fire will come to Earth from Heaven like fireballs. That we were in serious times and the Key to the protection of the World was His Holy Mother Mary — as the Salvation of humanity was given to Her. The Holy Rosary was Her Weapon. Jesus then blessed me and The World.

Gods instrument,
William Costellia