Love or Hate – You Choose!

Heaven or Hell — It is your Choice!

L O V E – H A T E


The most profound words uttered in six thousand (6,000) years were the Words from Jesus Christ, the Christian Messiah: “A new Commandment I give unto you: Love one another, as I have Loved you!”

There are three main faiths, which derive from the Patriarch Abraham and Moses – namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These faiths comprise some four (4) billion people – close to half the world. There are Hindu: nine-hundred (900) million and Buddhist, four hundred (400) million – the rest are of different faiths and non-believers.

Yet, the world lives on hate. Hatred does not come from God. I see people of the world attacking Muslims as if they were evil. No, my dear friends, most Muslims are good and peace-loving people, loving the God of Abraham, but it is the Radical Muslims who practise hatred, not only for Christians, but also fellow Muslims – namely Al-Qaida, Taliban, ISIL or ISIS – only hate governs their hearts.

These Radical Groups, who are terrorists, are evil. Their god is Satan – not the God of Abraham. These Radicals and Anarchists are no different than Hitler was, with murdering the Jews – and no different than the Christians in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. But the most persecuted people are Christians in the Middle East and in Muslim countries – but by evil groups within the Islamic Nations.

Then we have the peaceful Buddhist followers in Tibet – the Spiritual Leader being the Dalai Lama, are persecuted by China, which is wrong. They have a right to live in peace and it is a Sovereign State.

Hatred rules in many hearts, which begets and drinks evil.

Then you have Islamic Extremists, who hate the Jewish people of Israel; who desire their annihilation. All proclaim to worship God, but is God not Love? So how can anyone declare their belief system in a God of Love, but hate Christians, Jews and other believers – even committing murders – violence – rape – enslavement – atrocities – starvation.

Any person or group that claims to love God and annihilates people in God’s Name, are traitors, cowards and in essence are worshipers of Satan, who is their god.

So I can only call all men of good will to pray for these deranged, deluded souls, who also were created in God’s Image – to be converted to the One True God and Father of All Creation.

Here is a list of the ‘fruits’ or Tree of Love and hate:


Evil; Egoism; Lust of the flesh; Lust of the Spirit; Gluttony; Blindness of Spirit; Anarchy; Disorder; Violence; Hatred of God; Sloth; Hardened Heart; Lust of the Eyes; Avarice; Envy; Idleness; Despair; Murder; Adultery; Immorality; Uncleanness; Rage; Argument; Licentiousness; Idolatry; Witchcraft; Enmities; Contentions; Jealousies; Anger; Quarrels; Factions; Drunkenness; Carousing; Abortions; Blasphemy; Rancour; Vanity; Revolution; Divisions


Love; Fruit of the Spirit; Charity; Joy; Peace; Patience; Kindness; Faith; Modesty; Continency; Understanding; cleanness in Mind; astuteness; Humility; Faithfulness; Trust; Obedience to Truth; Wisdom; Knowledge; Piety; Fear; Meekness; Temperance; Fortitude; Contemplation; Prudence; Counsel; Forgiveness; Mercy

As you can see, hate in the world has caused all the divisions, wars, violence and deaths to millions of souls around the world – and in most cases, done in the Name of God.

If men truly want peace and change the world from heading towards destruction, they need to love – love towards God, then love towards one’s neighbour. This is the basic teaching of every Religious Faith on Earth.

Please read this wonderful talk given by Saint Pope John Paul II to young Muslims, in Morocco. If we take these words to heart, then the world will change. If not, then the world will destroy itself and bring mankind to a new Ice Age. [If this link does not work, then please search the Vatican Website for a document titled “ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS JOHN PAUL II TO YOUNG MUSLIMS” in Morocco on 19 August 1985.]

Saint John Paul II to young Muslims in Morocco on 19 August 1985 [PDF]

All Religious faiths have some of God’s Truth – and Jesus said that there are many mansions in God’s Heaven, which covers all faiths. Let us all work together respecting each person’s faith and choices. Forgive those who seek us harm and pray for them.

Peace will come if all men unite to love and serve God.

God Bless

God’s Servant