Truth and Facts – 26 May 2017

Truth and Facts – 26 May 2017

Letter from Omar Juweinat of Aquila Lawyers (Lawyer for William Costellia) addressed to Channel 7 News Australia

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Regarding recent TV News Media Coverage on 25 May 2017

From: Omar Juweinat [Aquila Lawyers]
Subject: William Kamm
Date: 25 May 2017 4:07:28 PM
To: Channel 7 News

One of the issues before the New South Wales Court of Appeal is whether the ESO [Extended Supervision Order] made by Harrison J was propedy based on real facts or was the product of false facts by NSW Corrective Services.

Mr Kamm has paid a heavy price for the matters of which he was convicted of in the early 90’s. He was a model prisoner whilst serving his sentence, and there was no evidence to suggest that at any stage he was a high risk inmate let alone a person who was at a high risk of reoffending. The proceedings before the Court of Appeal are being considered and he is entitled to larger degree of privacy and natural justice. It should not be forgotten that prior to his release the State Parole Authority made specific findings to his credit as to his level of reoffending which was backed up by departmental documents which verified, from a forensics psychiatric perspective, that he was a low risk inmate and required little, if any supervision.



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26 May 2017


The Media have placed me in harm’s way! We place this on our Website in case the Media print it incorrectly.

To the Media and the people of Australia: It is time for false Media reporting to be criminalized! It is not enough to have Defamation Legislation as the process to expose false reporting, as this is extremely long and the culprits get away with it through long litigation and mounting costs.

Freedom of Speech in Australia and other Western Countries is a farce:

Freedom of speech does not mean you can lie or falsify the truth! Many criminal cases – like my own – have been “Trial by Media”, resulting in a false conviction. Let it be clear: I maintain my innocence, from the time of my arrest in 2002. Here is the factual evidence of the Transcript of My Trial, before Judge Solomon in 2007 – who threw my case out with these words:

Prosecutor: “It would seem that Your Honour has formed the view that there is more than sufficient evidence to establish a reasonability of concoction, collusion, contamination with this case.”

His Honour: “Subject to your convincing me otherwise, Yes!”

(Questions laid before the ‘victim’):

Barrister: “You were trying to set him up, weren’t you?”
Answer: “I guess so, yes!”

Crown: “Well yes, on the view of it, Your Honour, it could be suggested that the letter perhaps amounts to blackmail!” (‘Victim’ gave Mr. Kamm a letter of demand for money saying that if he did not consent to pay, she would go to the Police). “Your honour, perhaps the witness ‘victim’ needs to be warned.” (that she has committed a criminal offence against Mr. Kamm).

A certificate s128 was issued (To protect the ‘Victim’ from being prosecuted).

Second Witness – supporter of ‘Victim’

Barrister: “Have you ever been charged with demanding money with menaces from Kamm?”
Answer: “No.”

: “Have you ever been charged with blackmail or extortion as a result of a letter sent to Kamm?”
Answer: “No.”

Barrister: “You hatched the plot yourself, did you?”
Answer: “Yes I did.”

Barrister: “Your approach to Kamm that day was entirely and utterly deceptive, wasn’t it?”
Answer: “Yes.”

Then we go to the Committal Hearing before Magistrate O’Connor 2003:

Barrister: (To ‘Victim’) “You did it in some act of deception!”
Answer: “Yes.”

Barrister: “When you went to the Police, you told them something different.”
Answer: “Yes.”

Barrister: “Do you think it is justifiable to lie?”
Answer: “Yes.”

Barrister: “You told the Police 1996 and in Court you said 1997.”
Answer: “Yes.”

Barrister: “You were dishonest and deceptive to achieve that end.”
Answer: “Yes.”

Magistrate O’Connor stated at the end of the Committal, at the final Hearing that the ‘Victim’ had lied – gave false evidence, contradicting herself – mixed up dates and time and places. In spite of this he felt she was a good honest and reliable witness.

Once again Media hype is sensationalizing news, rather than fact – and rejuvenating old adulterated news.

The Media zoom is on my Extended Order of Parole (ESO), but they do not inform the public that we have an Appeal against the Order – the first of its kind. They fail to inform the public that the matter of contention is not the bracelet, but rather that the corrupt Officials from Parole and Corrective Services manipulating the Risk Factor, to get the ESO. They had to manipulate the records to change my Static 99 from Low Risk – 2 (with – 3 being the lowest), to High Risk, so that I would be placed on the High Risk Category.

The Media failed to reveal to the public that I have a Review in progress, to overturn my Conviction; the Media failed to reveal to the public, that I have proceeded to prosecute several members in Corrective Services and Parole with Criminal Intent, of Perverting the Course of Justice – with the Authorities trying to prevent me from proceeding. Yet it is in Court.

I am trying to expose the line of corruption that put me in prison in the first place. The Media constantly label me as a ‘Cult Leader’ – yet that factor does not exist; there is no proof of this or any facts used. (Dr. Bernard Doherty – a historian and University Professor of note – rightly confirms this fact). Also, the constant use of the word “paedophile” is used in a very dramatic way – but is erroneous – as my charges were related to the sex offence of 15 year olds. The Law regarding paedophiles is for under 10 year olds – See Code Law of New South Wales.

The fact remains the Australian Government Body relating to the Justice System – is corrupt – and is easily swayed by Media and public opinion.

It is very clear as to why I am attacked by the Media and prevented by those in high places bringing forth the truth. Those in authority always try to destroy anyone who stands up for what is right. The truth always comes to light in the end and True Justice will occur.

The Media do not want to tell the public that the argument about the bracelet – protecting the public and stopping a person committing a crime – is a fallacy. It is only to pacify the public.

Assistant Commissioner of Corrective Services, Rosemary Caruana said on 5th July 2015: “But the tracking devices are not steel cages, they cannot stop people from being violent or acting out … what we can’t control is him re-offending.”

More than 500 new anklets were rolled out – ($2 million per year) – and only for the anklets. The public do not know that it costs $1 million to monitor a person on the bracelet per year. There are currently 150 bracelets – ($150 million per year). A bracelet does not stop crime, as crime has not lessened since the bracelet was introduced in 2006.

Why does the Media continue to flog a ‘dead horse’? Why are the Australia public so gullible?

I say the same words as President Donald Trump: “Most Commercial Public Media are “fake news” – rarely speaking the truth.”

Again I use his words: “To drain the swamp of Bureaucratic cover-ups of the truth – using the Media as its tool.”

So I say to you and the Media in general: “You have put me and others, in harm’s way, due to your false exaggerated reports.”

I remain God’s Instrument and say to you now: “As you have ignored the Words of Our Holy Mother given over 30 years – reporting so many untruths – God’s Hand will now fall upon this Nation. God has revealed the terrorists will do great harm to your nation, followed by major earthquakes in Sydney and the Illawarra Districts – with greater bad weather changes – and finally an invasion upon your soil, coming from the North.”

“When you have changed your ways, speak the truth, defend the helpless and turn away from your sins – the main one being: “Thou shalt not bear False Witness against your Neighbour” and turn to God, Whom you have offended – then all will be restored, in truth.”

Yours truly
William Costellia
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