The Dignity of One’s Calling



24 February 2017

This article is about those who have a high calling – namely those in Government, Politicians, those in the Justice System – which includes Lawyers, the Prosecution, Law Enforcers, namely Police, Corrective Services, Parole and those in Medical Institutions, namely Psychologists, Psychiatrists, even agencies like FACS, Child Welfare and in some cases, Nursing. Finally the Media and Social Media including the powerful Movie Industry. These last ones hold more power to influence man’s mind than all things put together.

Saint Mathew Chapter 15 Verse 11: Jesus: “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man”

Saint Mark Chapter 8 Verse 36: “For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?”

It is from these Words of Jesus, I wish to build my case upon those persons who are called by God in a most sublime, dignified calling, yet in the majority contradict this very fact.

As they swallowed the camel to point out the faults of their subordinates, where corruption, lies, deceit and falsehood clad their lives with Golden Chains, which before the World and the Public, look like White Sepulchres, but are empty inside, drinking the blood and sweat and tears of the innocent and lowly souls, who in themselves are subjected by false promises, bad laws and a corrupt system, controlled by men of Great Power.

Yet, amongst those mentioned who have a high calling are good and upright men and women, who truly uphold the dignity of their calling and do their profession proud, however, they are tarnished with the same paint as those who disgrace their calling, cause them.

The Words from Jesus in the Gospel explain things very clearly. Jesus says to the powerful and the rich, those in authority – these Words given to the Prophet, Maria Valtorta of Italy in 1945: “You have been appointed masters that you may be masters, doctors and redeemers. What would you be if your own interests led you to agree to wickedness, masters of evil science, doctors who kill their patients – not redeemers, but parties to the ruin of hearts.”

Jesus further says: “You are given one coin of Eternity. The Lord entrusts it to you and says, ‘Go, do business with your coin until I return’”

In the 1943 Notebooks of the Prophet, Maria Valtorta, Jesus speaks about destinies. It is stated in Ecclesiasticus that there are different destinies for man who makes your destiny? Man sometimes says, since God makes destiny, God was unjust and wicked to such and such because he struck that person with misfortunes. No daughter, God is never wicked, nor unjust. (See entry for 17 September 1943):

How then can you know the reason mentioned in the Book of the Lord? How can you from earth, a little speck of dust whirling in space, comprehend that real truth about things which is written in Heaven.


Destiny is known by God. You are free. You make destiny for yourselves. God is not deceived. In you is a judge that knows no sleep.

So let us speak about Politicians in society of the 21st Century. It is very clear that over many years Politicians have their own agendas, easily swayed by the powerful Media.

Many, if not most, are people who do not speak the Truth, but hide behind popular vote and thoughts of the trend. Jesus says: “LET YES BE YES AND NO BE NO!” Not half baked truths. Our Lord speaks strongly against those who wield power, because much is centred on self ego, not the needs of the people.

Then we come to the Judges of the Land in our Courts, who are swayed by popular thoughts expressed by clever Lawyers, who place cases before them, laced with the poison of lies and hearsay, twisting the true meaning of what is before them. They are placed in compromising positions, due to the trend of the day and by Politicians who are swayed by Media, to even change a rightful decision.

It is clearly seen, when there are so many Appeals in a conviction handed down – whether they are guilty or not – clogging up the system so much, that it becomes detrimental to the person who is on Trial. Judges sit there while a Jury, chosen off the streets, makes a judgement upon the life of a person. These Juries have no experience in court matters, but are easily swayed by Media and bad Prosecutors, who use the Media to sway their cases. The Judge only becomes a spectator to the proceedings.

I can assure you, their judgement before God will be severe, as it will be for all of those in high office. See the Scriptures of Jesus to find these answers.

Then we come to Lawyers: How few of these learned persons are faithful to their calling.

Legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules 2015. Section 4 – 8:

“A Solicitor must also act in the best interests of a client, to be honest and courteous in all dealings, to deliver legal services as competently, diligently and as promptly as reasonably possible and avoid any compromise to their integrity and professional independence. A Solicitor must ensure timely and effective performance and must follow a client’s lawful instructions.”

Yet, in all my dealings with Lawyers – in every field – I found most were biased, due to Media knowledge of a case. I found them not truly interested in the client’s welfare and most, if not all, wanted monies up front – not merely $5,000 or $10,000, but hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At an initial meeting with a Lawyer, they are very attentive. Once they receive your confidence and the monies transferred, their interests go to other cases. Meetings are constantly disrupted with phone calls and hours wasted. When you try to contact them by phone, fax or email, they take days, if not weeks, before they respond. In most cases, they will defer Court Hearings over and over again, orchestrated by their manoeuvring leaving most of the work within the last few days before the Hearing. (It is to be noted that some are truly faithful and work for the client).

Lawyers – especially Prosecuting Lawyers – will shift matters in Court around, to make sure they get the Judges that will be in their favour. Prosecution Lawyers are worse, manipulating the system – especially Juries – dropping hints of matters unrelated to the case, but having a very strong bearing on the case, in full knowledge that the Judge will say: “Disregard those remarks!”. In reality this is part of an underlying tactic to influence a Jury.

It is the same when a Judge says to a Jury: “This is a high profile case, take no notice of what you see in the papers or on TV – only rely on the facts.” This is so far from the truth, as the Media influences a person subconsciously.

All juries should see the movie: “12 Angry Men” with Jack Lemon, made in the 1950s.

There are very few Lawyers who are honest and genuine, fighting for justice and truth and your rights – as the system has corrupted them. I have personally dealt with all types. As I said, there are some very good Lawyers, but they are few and far between.

The whole Justice System is stagnated, with bad Laws handed down by Parliament. Australia – like many other countries – has unjust Laws. Criminalising everything that is possible, creating a soft society covered in cotton wool, where men have handed over their human rights to Politicians rather than taking on rightful stands of Truth, Justice and Dignity.

Then we go to the Prosecution side: The Judges are selected mostly from the Justice Department, which is on the side of the Prosecution – not the Defendant – therefore the results are pre-conceived and handed down by the DPP Judges. Prosecutions only use minimal facts to prove their cases, mingled with false trumped-up statements and charges given to them by Police Officers, who drum up charges on flimsy evidence and rely on the Media, to cover any of their incompetence.

It is so prevailing in this country of Australia, where Police collect evidence, simply enough to make a Prima Facie Case, sufficient for a person to be charged and placed in prison, if possible. And, if that is the case, a person will go to prison – but as claimed so oftenINNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. However, this does not hold true, because public scrutiny via Media, makes the person guilty.

Deals (Plea Bargains) made by the Prosecution, where the Police who have laid charges, usually will lay many interlinked charges attached to the main one, so that when the person goes to Court, the Prosecution will make a deal, offering the accused a deal to settle the matter saying: “If you plead guilty, your sentence will be much lower and will not go to trial. If you don’t accept the deal, all charges will remain with a heavier sentence.” Most accused accept the deal under duress then go to prison. In many cases those accused are not guilty, but the way the charges are stacked and the accused is threatened, they accept the deal. What happened to Truth?

This is a fallacy on its own, because once you are charged and the Media report you as guilty, your reputation is tarnished for life – even if you are proven innocent.

However, if you plead “Not Guilty”. the Police then go around searching for more evidence to support their case, while the poor person is placed in a cell and can do very little to build up his case to defend himself, relying on memory and in some cases, it may be 20 or 30 years ago. Australian Law is unintelligent as it has no Statute of Limitations.

Of course – as in all professions – you have good Police, but they rarely get heard, as the corrupt ones lord it over them.

Then we come to those in Corrective Services – but in actual fact should be called “Corruptive Services.”

The code of ethics for these people, is to take care of the unfortunate of society. The Court has made the decision concerning a person who was convicted. It is not for Corrective Services Officers to take their personal gripe out upon them, plus inciting other inmates to inflict more abuse and pain upon a prisoner.

As far as rehabilitation and correction of a prisoner is concerned, this is a fallacy. It does not exist. Small criminals become bigger criminals once inside and then leave prison worse than when they went in.

Officers place inmates with other inmates – sometimes purposely – to create harm or problems, so that it shows those in authority that they, the Officers, are doing their job maintaining security and all is to show the public and the Media that justice is truly being served.

Corrective Services Officers are hostile to Lawyers and sometimes to visitors. There is much I can say about this factor, but it would exhaust this article. There is a better way of dealing with such problems. These Officers have much to answer for before God. There are some very upstanding Officers to be acknowledged, but these are often frowned upon by their weaker peers, should they portray any positive human traits to an inmate.

The Industrial Corrective Services Officers in general are the most respected.

It is to be noted, that Corrective Services wish to place “in jail charges” upon someone, when that person gets close to receiving their parole.

When a prisoner goes to the Parole Board, which in itself is a corrupt institution, governed by those who listen to public opinion and the Media. The Parole Board often rejects a request for parole, delaying an inmate leave to go on parole – forcing the inmate to remain in prison, until they are satisfied. This is unjust, because the Court made the decision of a sentence – not the Parole Board.

Often, a hardened criminal is granted parole, as the powers to be know full well he/she will re-offend and will set a precedence for all other inmates, paving the way for new unjust laws, making parole even more unattainable for the majority, who should be granted it. It is a corrupt move to sway the public through the Media – one, based on fear.

What gives the Parole Board the right to judge a matter, when the Judge of a Court Trial has determined a person with a long sentence be given parole? It is a disgrace, as inmates have great difficulties integrating into society when in most cases, they have lost their spouse, children, friends, employment, property and reputation. How will they be able to reintegrate? Be assured, the Parole Board, like all those in high places, will be held accountable.

Then we come to those who are the Parole Officers, looking after those released on parole. They monitor them strictly, but instead of helping a person to integrate back into society, they make life very difficult, creating so many restrictions, that the person feels that he is still in prison.

A person completes his parole, but the Australian and American systems can extend his parole by an “Extended Order” up to 5 years. This can be renewed again and again, indefinitely on a tracking bracelet, claiming this will monitor a person’s whereabouts and control his risk of re-offending. How is this possible? A bracelet cannot prevent a crime.

It costs the Australian Tax Payer $1,000,000 per year for every person on a bracelet. Yet it is only Psychologists – mostly employed by the Crown – who maintain that there may be possible risks. They use a probability scale – not proof – like a prophecy claim. “I predict the person will commit such a thing if not on a bracelet” How ridiculous can you get? And all to appease the public, who is fed by the Media – at the cost of the public!

There are however, many good Parole Officers who do help, rather than use every effort to breach a person’s rights.

Then, we have the profession of Psychologists and Psychiatrists, who are worshipped in society as people who know it all. They are seen as having all the answers to society’s woes and are used constantly for mankind’s every need. Yet Sigmund Freud, who founded Psychology, was an Atheist who ended up in a Mental Asylum. What an example to uphold his profession! Yet, all Court dealings use this profession as solid proof of a situation. When they stand before God, He will judge them!

Then you have the Medical Profession. In most cases, they are the most respected, but in some countries their duty of care towards patients is questionable.

Lastly, I bring up the main culprit on all levels – namely, the Media. This is the most corrupt Institution on Earth. It makes Hitler and Nero of Rome look like Angels. They print and speak lies, destroy lives, distort stories and place a different slant on a story. They can make or break you and no one has the power to challenge them, as they have powerful financial backing. Even if you take them to Court for Defamation, it would cost you an arm and a leg and in the meantime your reputation is destroyed.

It is to be remembered, freedom of speech does not mean the Media can say whatever they wish. That is not the 1st Amendment as in U.S.A. politics. Read the Code of Ethics that the Media do not follow:

The only way to stop it, is to make it a criminal offence to report false information. These persons responsible will have much to answer to before God.

With all that has been said here, I wish to show you how serious one’s calling is before God – and in reality, for every soul. In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus said: “But woe to you lawyers as well, for you weigh man down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers.”

Luke 7:30: “But the Pharisees and Lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves.”

Luke 11:45-52: “Woe to you Lawyers, for you have taken away the key of knowledge, you hindered those who were to enter.”

Isaiah 59:4: “No one enters suit justly. No one goes to Law honestly, they rely on empty pleas, they speak lies, they conceive mischief and give birth to iniquity.”

Proverbs 17:15: “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, are both alike an abomination to the Lord.”

Exodus 23:6: “You shall not pervert the Justice due to your poor in his lawsuit.”

Proverbs 6:16-19: “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to Him – haughty eyes, a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies and one who sows discord among brothers.”

And, finally I say unto you, from the Words of Jesus to me: “Be righteous, uphold the Dignity of your Calling and remember, each person you come across is another Christ in His Image and Likeness, as all men are created in the Image of God. They deserve that respect because, should you abuse the power that God gave you above all men, when you pass over the veil – as all men must do – you will be accountable for every decision you made and should you fall beneath that what you are called for – Hades will be your reward – not for one day, or one year, but for Eternity.”

Therefore, I say to you, even if you gain the whole world but lose your soul, what is it worth?

Those who are Lawyers, Judges and those in authority, you should look to the aspiration of Saint Thomas More of England.

Words of Jesus to the Seer Little Raindrop 18th February 2017, in answer to a question from me regarding this article:

JESUS:“My daughter, Praise and Worship always before God Who is, was and will always be. I AM the Word Incarnate and Great Physician. All those who seek healing find it at My Door. Just knock and it shall be opened to you.”

“Yes, my daughter, My son is most pleasing to Me. His endeavours are met with My approval, for they come from a pure desire to help and aid, guide and inform, to do always My Will and that of My Mother’s – Who loves him most tenderly.”

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