Dream of William Costellia – 20 June 2017

William Costellia’s Dream – 20 June 2017

Mary Mother of God

WILLIAM: Last night I had this dream very vivid — I woke up as I was weeping in the dream because Our Holy Mother was weeping.I was about to enter a very large Church and as I went up the stairs, Our Holy Mother Appeared as Our Lady of Lourdes.

I fell on my knees and went into ecstasy. Our Holy Mother began to talk to me. People began to notice and gathered around — they grew to thousands.

This is what Our Lady said:

OUR LADY: “I come my son to call my children to prayers for My priest sons, the Pope, the Cardinals, the Bishops and Priests because of their Sins which will bring My Divine Son’s Church to CAPITULATE. Pray my children pray — My Holy Rosary, My Holy Rosary, My Holy Rosary.”

WILLIAM: Then Our Holy Mother began to weep so very much. Her tears just came down in a flood. I then began to weep so much that it woke me. Our Holy Mother held up the Holy Rosary. As soon as I woke up I received a text on my phone from a Mystic from Europe who said Jesus has asked for special prayers for Priests and to protect them. Jesus wants the Blessed Eucharist Protected.