Video Address to President Trump from William Costellia


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Most Honourable President Donald Trump,

Greetings from Australia!

I am one of your admirers. I am William Costellia. I receive visions and revelations from Jesus Christ since 1982. I have written to you for some six months, requesting that you consider these matters.

You are God’s servant and Jesus is very pleased with you. You need to be careful because many hate you. Many love you and are praying for you. Mr. President, considering North Korea. You need to think of what needs to be done, which I’m sure you have, but you need to invade North Korea to remove the Dictator who has brutalised his own people.

He is very much like Hitler was. Be assured, he has plans to attack the neighbours and your country if nothing is done. Do not wait and do not be worried about China because of the consequences, but to delay would be greater consequences.

China too needs to be watched very carefully, especially around the Atoll man made islands, for their intention is to use it to control the waterways and for military purposes.

Mr. President, I would also recommend to you that you would remove your forces, your troops from Afghanistan. Let that country look after its own to fight the Taliban. America is over stretched. Protect Israel, as soon she will be attacked, either by Iran or Syria.

As for your own country, do not think that ISIS is defeated. They are an invisible enemy because the enemy is within their mind. The idea. But you have many cells of this evil group in your country. Step up security around yourself and your family.

Dear Mr. President, also look into the cover-up of the Oroville Dam because the cover-up shows that this dam has weak points and ISIS may use that. Keep security around the dam.

Mr. President please reveal to the public the danger to earth coming from outer space as NASA and the authorities are keeping it from the public. Plans should be made to protect your country and other countries of the world.

I have an idea for you concerning the Wall — between your country and Mexico which will cost you much less than what you have already planned. Use electronic laser towers. Beams that make up the Wall with stations so many kilometres apart, and drones to monitor the Wall.

Lastly, remove the United Nations from the American soil. Let it be built on an island as in truth it is an enemy of the United States, as it is related to the One World Government and the elite that control it.

Lastly, dear friend of God, as you fight the Media, there is a better way to control the fake news. Criminalise the false reporting then the news will become good.

May God Bless you President Donald Trump, your family and your Country especially on the day of the 4th of July.

Thank you for listening

Your friend in Jesus

William Costellia

[See the YouTube Video version of this same Address:]