Message 753 – 7 July 2017 (Video)


NO. 753

See Youtube Video of Message 753:

Jesus Christ the King riding His white horse

7.7.17 is most significant; it is a sign of the end of the world –I will send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to cleanse the world of its iniquity – I will rescue My Church who has given itself over, like a harlot; has drunk the blood of the Martyrs and will betray the Mystical Body – The Cup is overflowing, the Hour Glass empty; now you will reap what you have sown – An aircraft carrier will be hit by a missile – World soon visited by an Asteroid – Dam in the U.S. will break – Freemasons will take over the Barque of Peter.

WILLIAM: I see the White Cross in the sky and I see Jesus on a white horse riding towards me – behind the Cross there is heavy lightning. I see the Planets and the Sun throwing out flashes of fire towards the Earth. Behind Jesus I see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and behind them thousands of Angels with swords, dressed as medieval soldiers.

The Angel Exterminatus is beside Our Lord – he holds a sickle, ready to harvest. Jesus is dressed in armour – just as Pope Julius did, as a Soldier Pope.

Jesus is close to my home and a staircase comes before Jesus as He dismounts the beautiful horse – the staircase is made of clouds. Jesus hands His sword to Saint Michael. Jesus is also dressed in white under His armour. He opens His Arms, smiles and greets me:

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My blessed son – My Angel of Divine Love! I come to speak to you and My children, as the prophetic events are about to move swiftly upon the Earth.”

“I told you early this morning that I would come again today, as this date is most significant for mankind – 7.7.17. So what does it mean? I tell you most solemnly, it is a sign that the end of this world, as you know it, is near and a New World will emerge from the ashes – My New Kingdom on Earth. Heaven will now triumph over evil and the Fallen Angels, led by Lucifer, will be chained for a thousand years, until I come the third time, to Judge all men and Angels in the Final Judgement.”

“I come today as King of Kings, arrayed in battle, to rescue My children – to do battle for them against all that is evil.”

“Come to receive My Inheritance, as My Second Coming is near. The Heavens will shake and all that is rotten, will fall.”

“You have a time-frame now, that I will give to the Human race. Count the numbers of this date of 7.7.17. Within these years that will follow I will come in My glorious Second Coming, to establish My Holy Kingdom on Earth, as all men who pass through this crucible [of] suffering, will be purified by the Living Fire of My Justice and My Divine Word. It is to this generation that I will Return.”

“The battle of the spirits begins! I will send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to the world now, to clean the world of its iniquity; to remove the evil; to chain the devil, the Antichrist and his prophet – so that all men know that I am the Christ – the Son of the Living God – the True and only Messiah. I will rescue My Church who has given itself over – like a harlot – who has drunk the blood of the Martyrs and will now betray the Mystical Body. Fire will soon descend upon an unrepentant world, as nature will rebel against sinful man.”

“I asked you this morning, My beloved son, if the sins of the Earth’s Cities of today are worse than the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, as Abraham of Old pleaded with My Father to save these Cities, but he needed to find ten righteous men. But Abraham could not find them, likewise the Cities of today. Therefore, know this, My children, you have been warned long enough – the Cup is overflowing, the Hour Glass empty – now you will reap what you have sown.”

“The Great War is in waiting. Men must now turn away from sin. An attack upon the Free Nations is imminent. An aircraft carrier will be hit by a missile, then all will begin. Men must pray – turn to God and ask for forgiveness.”

“The danger that is approaching the world will soon be visited by the Asteroid, that lurks into deep space – known by the World Power Scientists, but hidden from the public — but not hidden by My Eyes.”

“The Sun will dance and throw off many fire rays, that will burn the Earth, causing major disruption to your satellites and the power grid, bringing mankind to their knees.

“The volcanoes will throw out lava on many Cities. The Dam in the United States will break, as a warning sign that the great earthquake will come, severing a large part of the mainland. These will be signs to you that the end is near.”

“My Church will fall under its current Leadership, as the Freemasons take hold of the Barque of Peter – as the One who sits upon the Throne has misled My people and with that, has misled the Cardinals and Bishops. All this happened because men refuse to listen to the Prophets and Seers I have sent to the world to correct their ways.”

“You cannot sin and seek no forgiveness and enter My Kingdom – for only those who are pure of heart, will enter there. I am the Alpha and Omega ! I am Love and Mercy, but I require an account of all of My children – rich or poor – no matter what race, colour or creed – as I am the God of all My Creation. But men forget that I also am a God of Justice and I will not allow My children to be constantly persecuted, killed, murdered, raped, traded in slavery – allowing evil men [to] abuse the Gift of Life I gave men. I come now to ask for your account in life.”

“Remember this, My children: Life on Earth is very short – eternity is at your doorstep – get your house in order.”

“Come to Me in Confession, as I am still there. Come to Me to receive Me in the Eucharist worthily. Come to Me, men who are heavily burdened, for I am meek and humble of Heart and I await you, to refresh you.”

“The Four Horsemen will now be sent to the world, as you are nearing the opening of the Sixth Seal.”

“Rejoice, My Inheritance, for I come to save the whole world, even though the cleansing – like an operation – is required. But once you are over these great trials, peace will be restored and a New Era will begin, with no more pain or suffering and you will be rewarded for the deeds you had done in your lives.”

“Prayer, dear children, is your weapon; the Holy Rosary of My Blessed Mother is your sword; the Sacraments – your armour.”

“My beloved son, William John the Baptist, when I come again in this way, I will give you My horse, so that you will guide and lead My children to the Promised Land. Take heart, son, as all is about to unfold.”

“I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen – as I Bless all the children around the world.”

“Be not troubled in heart, for I am always with you, even unto the end of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be to you.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now gets back on His horse and rides back into the White Cross.

I forgot to mention, Jesus wore a beautiful Crown of gold, with three points coming together and a golden Cross on top.

Also in the early morning, when Jesus first came, He explained that the year 7.7.17 means: Within 22 years Jesus would return.

[When the typed Message was sent out on Video, it was incomplete, as it was found out later there were a few words missing.]

Angel Exterminatus