URGENT – Oroville Dam Update – Prayers Needed

URGENT: Oroville Dam Update – Prayers Needed

Dear President Trump, and those in high places, and the People of the USA,

Peace and Blessings to you.

Please take note of these serious matters concerning the Dam. I have been advised by most prominent Scientists and Engineers that the Dam is in danger of collapse. There has been a major cover-up. Please protect your people.

Wishing God’s Blessings.

William Costellia
From: [Name Withheld]
To: William Costellia
Date: 30 July 2017
Subject: Urgent Oroville Dam Update – Prayers Needed

Dear William,

Ominous news of a "breach danger" within the U.S.A.'s tallest earthen dam, Oroville dam, has been revealed by a team of independent scientists and engineers in a newly released report (see news articles below).

I can attest to the specific scientific and engineering information that reveals this serious danger. Nearly 200,000+ nearby residents risk a massive flooding catastrophe if the internal defects in the leaking dam were to escalate, possibly with not much warning.

Instead of responding with the care of love of brother and sister, in the responsibility to keep safe from harm, the State Department of Water Resources, who operate the dam, are ignoring the mounds of evidence in this report.

There are some caring souls within the organization that do desire to help, and have helped quietly from within, but they are being over-ruled by leaders who care more about looking good in public relations than admitting that there are serious design risks.

There is more information to the internal dam defects that were not published in the report. These defects worsen the breach danger as a section of the original hillside was excavated flat instead of following the original engineering specifications HYD-502 plans.

Thus the dam operators feel confident that, in spite of all of their internal leak detecting sensors broken, using simply leakage measurements at minimal peripheral points of the dam is satisfactory to conclude the dam is safe. Yet, the defects have developed to where the damaging developing internal erosion is not detectable by these crude methods. A complex set of conditions has caused a large migration of internal finer grain soils/sands to re-route the flows, and even clog the major paths to the toe drain seepage detector. Thus, large amounts of internal leakage is undetectable as the water is migrating to the lower river water table through cracks in the metavolcanic rock abutment sides especially close to the bottom of the canyon.

Pride and the desire to obtain repair funding is shielding the eyes of those that should be placing the care of the love of their brothers and sisters above all else. This failure mechanism is a complex historical interrelationship set of conditions and it is understandable how it could elude even good dam engineers. Yet, to ignore such great evidence out of hand without honestly investigating the extensive findings of this respected team of engineers and scientists does great harm in those seeking truth, even if the answers are difficult to face.

This week, the California State Department of Water Resources will be publishing information that discounts the engineering and scientific findings. This will only further confuse the public as they rely on those given the gift of the talents of engineering and science – to which again will be used not for the sake of seeking the truth. It has been a gift that Heaven has inspired this group of scientists and engineers, who volunteered all of their exhaustive investigative work, to bring the warnings to the public.

I ask for prayers, to help for the truth to be guided in the hearts of those that have the responsibility to keep safe their sisters and brothers.

God Bless

Oroville Dam's 'green spot' raises new worries that the nation's tallest dam could be facing a breach danger from a slow motion leak five months after it overflowed.

• A 15 member team at UC-Berkeley has spent months researching a 'green spot' on the Oroville Dam
• The spot is located near the left abutment on the backside of the nation's tallest dam in northern California
• The team published a 124-page report that says the structure could be facing a breach danger from a slow motion leakage failure
• California's Department of Water Resources claim the spot is due to rain, vegetation, or is a natural spring
• Report author Robert Bea disagrees with th DWR and says if the spot was caused by rain, it shouldn't just be concentrated in one specific area

Bureaucratic bungling on Oroville Dam bodes ill for future California projects.

The Bea-Johnson report says the dam may be “facing a breach danger from a serious and dangerous form of a slow-motion failure mode” through leaks in the dam caused by shifting of fill material. The sensors that are supposed to detect such shifts stopped working many years ago.

DWR has insisted all along that despite the spillway failure, the earthen-fill dam itself is “sound and safe.”

Shoddy engineering and design and neglectful maintenance in such a huge, and hugely important, structure is serious business. If what Bea, Johnson and the other experts say is accurate, it may explain why state officials from Gov. Jerry Brown downward have been so closed-mouthed about what went wrong.