Messages to Christina Gallagher

Messages to Christina Gallagher

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… a one-world bank, a one-world government and a one-world Church …

As far back as 1992 Christina Gallagher was told of a series of world developments; that there would be a uniting of currencies, first in Europe and later leading to a one-world currency followed by a cashless society which will require the ‘chip’ or ‘mark of the beast’. During this time there will come into being a one-world bank, a one-world government and a one-world Church which will not be Christian.

In October 8, 2009 Our Lady spoke to Christina again of these of these coming world events;

“My children, you have learned nothing from all the catastrophes throughout the world; from earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, mudslides and flooding – with much more flooding at hand especially throughout Europe. My children, why are you unable to recognize and see the signs of your times? It is the Hand of your Saviour Jesus coming close to the earth.

The more your Saviour Jesus permits you to see the enormous evil that is taking over your country, your person and the world, the more you drift with its evil and darkness and remain blind and deaf.

The anti of Christ is with you. Many will be treated with less dignity than the animals. The preparations are in place to rid the world of many, especially the poor, the handicapped, the old, the sick. Oh the outcries of the pain and hunger of many – all of whom are dear to My Motherly Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus! The one-world government is almost in place. The one-world bank is in its place. It will be a huge means of control. A cashless society is being implemented.

My children, there are very dark days ahead of you. The time is NOW to hear Me. If you fail to hear and respond to Me and take to heart My call, I cannot help you. My children of the Americas, I beg you take heed and go to the Houses of Prayer that I have placed there for your protection. Pray and fast there in reparation for all of this evil covering the world.

I beg God for mercy for you. He will give you mercy.

Ireland has become darkened and its inhabitants no different from those throughout the world. Greed leads to evil and darkness, then hunger and death. My children, why were you so blind and deaf? You are so unwilling to respond. The truth was all around you but you would not listen. Those of you, who have received abundantly in grace and healings as a sign to others and yet have turned away from the truth of these great gifts, will receive a much greater affliction – beyond what they already had.

My children, hear what I tell you because you will not have the time or opportunity later. Many very bad things are befalling the world… not just the devastation through earthly catastrophes, but greater and deeper devastation through the control which is planned for you.

I beg you as your Heavenly Mother, please hear My call and respond. Through responding I can lead you to the light.

I weep for you. So many of you have your hearts closed to Me. I love you and I desire to help you, but many of you have forgotten My Son, Jesus and Me your Mother who loves you. I bless you, Father Son and Holy Spirit.”

In a message to Christina in June 30, 2015 Jesus spoke;

“My little one, there are many wearying and tormenting sufferings aligned for your world. Make known to My people whom I have loved and redeemed, especially those of Christianity, that the world hangs as on a cliff – but that cliff is My arm. I await their repentance of sin. Your world leaders plot and make many evil plans to devour you – and you remain blind. How you pierce My Heart in this blindness! You have a great lack of knowledge regarding your currency. My people, I have made known to you that there will be a one -world bank. What blinds your mind from being able to accept what I reveal to My little one? Only your foolishness. Any of your currencies will be of little use in the man-made creating of the one-world bank, your one-world government which is now implemented and in place and your one-world church which is on its way, a church which is anti-Christ – not of Me but My people, you the redeemed of My Blood, permit this. Your endurance through it will be great.

Woe unto him who propagates lies concerning My Truth! I will unfold it, but it will be too late for many. How My Heart is wounded due to My love for those of My redemption. Soon the magnitude of circumstances of all the deception portrayed before you will be uncovered …

My little one, My Heart hurts to see such abuse of My offering of love and your sufferings and humiliations. Woe to him who has found fault with you – even those with poverty of wisdom could recognise your sincerity.

My little one, be at peace. My peace I give you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”


Messages from Jesus to Christina Gallagher – 16 July and 25 July 2017

“My people,

Blessed are you who are in My Mother’s House this day; more blessed is he who blessed this House many years ago. His soul now rejoices with Me in his Father’s House. Woe to those who have put obstacles in its way.

My Mother’s House is where light and grace will flow this day and every day. My people, I tell you to prepare for the day of the great apostasy. Its destruction and division is with you and its schism will be fulfilled very soon. You must be aware and search only for the truth and the hearts that speak it.

There are many doing the work of the deceiver in lies and deception regarding My Mother’s House and My messenger. You, My people have stood by and done nothing in her defence. My Mother’s House is yours and for your benefit and for the saving of souls, but oh, too late for many. There are many lost in darkness through the deception and lies that led to the shackles being put upon it.

The day is soon approaching when those who placed the shackles of injustice on My Mother’s House will receive their just rewards. I plead with you make haste to put things right by receiving My Mercy.

My people, I have shown you the might of My Hand and the Mercy of My Sacred Heart. I raised up the lowly; sick bodies I healed; the cold hearts I warmed to come to Me. How easy it is for the deceiver to draw weak children of man from Light and Truth.

Those of you who have placed obstacles and blockages in the way of Truth in My Mother’s House, I tell you make haste to undo your wrong before it is too late. Hear, O people, hear Me call you and invite you to undo your wrong before you have to come before Me. By then it will be too late for you. I say to you who have denied Me, “Begone to him whom you have chosen to lead you”. I have desired you live in Truth and receive My Light. Soon you will witness the great black apostasy. If you are in Truth and Light you will have nothing to fear. You will see it being fulfilled and feel it in your heart. The cycle of life is changing before your eyes but many of you see nothing.

My people, open your hearts to the Truth I relate to you through My messenger. Take care of her and My Mother’s House. You will need them more than you realise.

Soon – very soon – you will witness the sign at the entrance of My Mother’s House and over it. My Mother’s House will light up in light of gold for all to see, because it is then that I will break the shackles that have been put upon it. Those of My people who have helped My Mother’s House – blessed are they indeed, but for those who put the shackles of lies and deception on it and have held it bound, I say to you, woe unto such people that permitted their hearts to be led in such great darkness and deception. Oh how foolish you are!

My Mother’s Houses have been put there to save souls but man has put himself above his God sinking into the deception of Lucifer the deceiver. Woe unto all who fail to see the might of My Hand and the Mercy that flowed from My Sacred Heart! My people, give witness to Me who is Truth and to those who proclaim it. Soon Truth will be denied and deserted in the hearts of many through the seduction of the devil. He is turning light into darkness for many but not for long. Soon you will see Truth in all light but you must seek it now. Do not wait any longer – there has been too much time wasted. I desire you let this day be blessed in your heart and life. Come here often and draw from the Fountain of Grace to help you withstand the darkness that is befalling your world. I invite you to look and see how fast is the world’s decline. There will be many diseases arising from the practice of immorality and more and more you will see – through this decline – the grave danger to My Church from him who is anti-Christ. Soon he will be with you in human form.

I bless you this day with My Father, I the Son in the Holy Spirit”


Jesus & Mary speak to Christina Gallagher – February 10th 2017

At a time when a news bulletin showed unprecedented numbers of whales washed up and dying on the beaches, Jesus remarked; “It is due to the experimentation and tests which are being carried out by man that great numbers of birds are falling from the sky and fish and mammals are being washed up on your shores. People should realise that God permits this to show people that the same will happen to them. Those who bring about these abnormalities in creation are not of Me. The wind that you hear is not your imagination but the sound of the battle between the principalities. (On a number of occasions in recent times Christina would have clearly heard the sound of strong and violent blasts of wind but with no earthly explanation – just as she did not originally understand when she first heard the crackling and scraping noises of the earth’s plates before a major earthquake would occur.)

“The growling sound that you have previously heard is of him who roams the earth to devour all in his path.”

“There will be an enormous multiplication of evil coming to the world ‘in the next moon and half moon’, though hidden from the world.” I could then see many devils rise out of hell (Jesus explained to Christina the evil purpose behind the dispatch of these devils).

“O you people of the world, how blind and foolish you are to let your salvation be robbed from you!”

“The red planet is burning”. (Christina was totally unaware and only discovered later that ‘the red planet’ refers to Mars which is also synonymous with ‘war.’)

Then I could hear a voice calling, “Trouble, trouble unto the earth!”

I could then see a long, white table with many men dressed in robes of white having a debate about the times we are in and about the times to come. Jesus was listening to the debate at first. Then He took a seat with them. I could hear them say, “O you of Babylon!” They were talking about the present-day Pharisees upon the earth and they were in conversation about what to do next. They said, “The world has become like the ‘whore of Babylon'”. (‘Babylon’ is used in the Bible as a way of referring to the kingdom of antiChrist and of paganism- it persecutes the followers of Christ. It is cruel, greedy and controlling. The ‘whore’ of Babylon’ is explained in the Bible as representing ‘the great city’ which seduces the leaders of the world and their followers with its wealth, power and immorality.)

Jesus said,

“Much will be revealed to the innocent and little ones of the earth. Those who are united in My priesthood and in the victimhood of My life should be active in the work of salvation while there is still time.”

I could see many people dressed in white walking around peaceful but restless because they know what is coming to the earth. Jesus said, “The seals are being broken one by one, leading to the seal that only the Lamb can open”.

(As far back as January 1991, Jesus, in a message to Christina said, “… Tell all humanity about the seven seals of God! Tell all humanity!”)

I could see a number of large white jugs about 4 feet tall around and not far from the table where the meeting was taking place but I was not made aware of their meaning. (Unknown to Christina, a central part of the Apocalypse as witnessed by St. John are the seven vessels or vials which the seven angels prepare to pour unto the earth upon the followers of antiChrist, containing the judge-ments of God, the seven last plagues.)

I could hear a voice call out the names of about 15 saints. The only ones among them all that I recognised were, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, and Padre Pio. Jesus said there were many little ones that He and His Mother had called to help and to enlighten the world and to whom He had even manifested Himself to show the truth of His call and that of His Mother – only to be denied by the Church and hidden from the world.

I was then shown a clock with the time at one minute to twelve. Then I could see an army marching and preparing for war.

I then mentioned to Jesus some people who had helped with the work. Jesus said that He had inspired them to help. “Blessed are they for their rewards will be great.”
Jesus then said,

“The Word was made flesh for the salvation of the world. The Lamb of God is forever harboured in the Immaculate Heart of Mary” (I was inwardly made aware this meant Our Lady in Her Heart never ceases to offer the victimhood of Jesus for the salvation of the world.)

Jesus then referred to a torment which the devil had been inflicting on Christina over a number of months. All of a sudden the devil’s interference ceased when Christina began offering it directly to God to plead for the saving of souls. Jesus remarked to her, “You see how quickly it stopped when you offered it for souls. This made the devil angry as souls were snatched from him.”

Jesus then said,

“Never be oppressed and never be alone.”

Christina then asked Our Lord if the extra cameras recently placed around her house and car were necessary?

Jesus replied, “Yes, and more should be added but understand it as only a deterrent – your life was in danger, your life is in danger and your life will always be in danger.”

Our Blessed Lady then spoke to Christina;

“God is deeply offended by people. He is going to be much more deeply offended in the time to come …

The crown worn by Our Lady was then raised above Her head revealing what looked like an encrustment of glittering diamonds which covered the centre of Her head and was shaped like a skullcap. It seemed to hold in place that part of Her mantle which rested on the top of Her head – a cream mantle with a beautiful glistening gold band trimming it. Her dress was white and the Sacred Host was glowing light. She said,

“Yes, the fruitfulness of My womb I brought forth for the redemption of the world, Our Saviour. God desires that there be much reparation as we enter the final phase of the End-Times: we are now in the advanced stages of the End Times. That is why I desire to console you. Now you must trust. Trust My Divine Son Jesus. I am your Mother and I am here with you.You can see Me. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am the Mother of the children of the world. I am the Mother of the Eucharist. Tell all My children to love Him in the Eucharist and in their hearts each day. Live by the law of God. Always live in truth, love and unity. Always know the love in the Heart of God for each one of you through the divinity of His Son. Know that all that separates us is the Veil — the Veil that shadows in life but yet when God permits the Veil to become “see-through” — which is like the “thinning of the Veil” — for the few, for the little ones of the world, they can see, so that they can have courage for the trials and tribulations that they endure. Many of the little of My Heart — My Motherly, Immaculate Heart — that serve and love the Lamb of God, the Word made Flesh — they saw and heard and now they are denied. The Word made Flesh that they pronounce is denied, mocked and laughed at. But be not afraid for we are in the End-Times and this is what you are to expect.”

“There are many evil things in your world and even more evil to come into your world to cause the most drastic, depravity of evil that will draw many into union with him who is anti- of Christ … But never forget Jesus is in control in all things. God has known this in all time.”

“There is much given to you over the years, some of which you have forgotten, some of which haunts you in memory.”

“Do not feel bad because people do not listen. It is not your fault … I am always with you.”

Our Lady then spoke about the abomination … “it will cause great distress for humanity. There will be great confusion but there will also be great pain and tears throughout the world. But never be afraid. Always know that I am close to you. Be at peace. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Jesus then spoke of Our Lady soon to crush the head of the serpent, “There will very soon be storms — greater storms — among the principalities through the work of him who is antiChrist. Each day his seduction gathers great multitudes of souls drawing them to death and destruction.”

“See how he that is evil instantly stops in his tormenting of you when you offer it to Me for souls because he does not want a soul to be saved with each curtain hook that would be broken … that’s as simple as it is with any attack upon you — once you offer it to Me, it can be received and weaken the power of the devil.”

(Since the beginning of her call to fulfill this work, Christina has endured constant attack and torment directly and indirectly from the evil one in a variety of ways. In more recent times the harassment had taken the form of breaking articles in her bedroom during the night.)

“Blessed are they that never have counted the cost.”