Directions from Jesus and Mary – 12 August 2017

Directions from Jesus and Mary – 12 August 2017

Dear friends of God,

Through our New Notifications, we are able to quickly bring to your attention, important matters. Here are some very important directions from Jesus and Mary to the Prophet, Luz de Maria:

30 July 2017: The abomination has reached the disobedient children and My Son told you: When you see these things happen, know that everything is near. (Mk 13:29)

I call, man does not answer; this society is an automation of technology and of itself.

Pray for Ecuador – it will suffer.

Pray for Australia – it will shake.

Pray: Nuclear energy will cause you to suffer.

26 July 2017:  The Sun has gone from being man’s ally; the Earth finds itself threatened. The Earth will be shaken; My children will witness a strong earthquake. True unity is a wall and this, at this instant, is what My people should be, otherwise even the faithful may fall.

17 July 2017: This generation is suffocating in its moral and spiritual crisis. Man without God is a man without conscience, without fear.

Pray for Ireland.

For the U.S.A. – pain is looming.

Volcanoes quicken their activity due to the influence of a celestial body, that is approaching Earth.

14 July 2017:  Pray for the Philippines – this land of Mine will weep to the full.

Pray for Guatemala – the great volcano awakens.

Pray – for the Middle East burns;

Pray – the Sea stirred up due to proximity of celestial body.

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