President Putin accuses Pope Francis – 13 August 2017

Putin Accuses Pope Francis of ‘Not Worshiping the God of the Bible’

13 August 2017

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Vladimir Putin believes Pope Francis is an imposter who is not qualified to be sitting in his position of theological grounds. That he is not a Christian. And this is apparent to anyone with the “the eyes to see and the ears to hear”. Putin doesn’t hold back.

To be a legitimate pope, one must be “bishop of Rome,” and prior to becoming a bishop, one must be a priest. Jorge Bergoglio was not ordained (1969) in the traSouditional [traditional] Apostolic ordination rite of the Church, nor was he consecrated (1992) as a true bishop in that rite. His predecessor, Benedict XVI, was, likewise, not consecrated in the traditional rite although he was ordained as a priest under the “old rite.”

Simply put: Jorge Bergoglio is just a layman masquerading as a pope as are all of the other priests and bishops which were given Holy Orders under the new rites which came into effect in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Anti-Council (1962-65).

Pope Francis or Jorge Bergoglio, isn’t just a hippy new-age “all people worship the same God” flake of a Pope. He is using his platform to promote a socialist new world order. And let us not forget the overlooked pedophilia crises being hidden by this so-called man of God.

On the contrary, Francis has encouraged perversion with his now infamous statement of “who am I to judge.”

What type of a man says this in response to the rape of innocent children? And therein you have your answer as to who this masquerading so-called “pope” really is.

We are all tasked with living our own lives under the moral code of the universe and our higher power. And Pope Francis or Jorge Bergoglio, you will indeed be judged one day for failing to provide justice to those daring to assault and attack the innocent children. There is a reason he is working to create a new world order for himself, his friends and all their globalist associates. But, judgment will await either in this world or the next.

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