World War III – 15 August 2017


How it will start according to the writings of the Saints and worldly Analysts and current Seers of the Church, since the 20th Century

Saint Paul says: Aim at charity – yet strive after the spiritual gifts – but especially that you may prophesy. Prophecies are for our edification. They prepare us for danger to come.

St Columba — 6 Century: There will be great wars – unjust laws; people will read and write a great deal.

St Methodius — 4 Century: A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the whole world.

St John of the Cleft Rock — 14 Century: Twenty centuries after the Incarnation of the Word, the Beast in its turn shall become man, about the year 2000AD. The Antichrist will reveal himself towards the end of the world – the Pope with his Cardinals will have to flee Rome.

Bl Anna-Maria Taigi — 19 Century: God will send two punishments – one will be in the form of wars – the other from Heaven: Three Days of Darkness.

It is very difficult to know where the war will start, but Russia will invade Europe, Italy and take over the Vatican.

North Korea will attack South Korea;

China will attack the U.S.A.;

A great leader will be attacked, bringing forth war;

War will break out with India and Pakistan;

World War III and the One World Order;

MDM: 23 November 2010: JESUS: The war which I speak about is being orchestrated by the Red Dragon now. The Dragon – the New World enemy – is scheming now to destroy cities in the West. Pray for those souls who, through this Nuclear War, will die. My people must strive to become self-sufficient. Prepare now (as within three years).

20 December 2010: The Great Tribulation – this will even commence from the end of 2012.

17 February 2011: The Arab world will unite against My people, the Jews – all allies will fall away, leaving them exposed.

Three world leaders assassinated.

18 March 2011: While war in the Middle East will involve other Nations, the other Nations from the West will provide a reaction from Russia and China – all will end in a world war.

MDM: 17 April 2011: A New World Government in waiting, are planning to spring now, under the leadership of the Antichrist.

Pending ecological catastrophes will result in a huge loss of life in Asia, Europe, Russia and the U.S.A.. The Wrath of God – My Eternal Father – will fall swiftly on this Global Alliance, who are plotting underground Organizations, to inflict death on the rest of the world.

MDM: 26 April 2011: The Arab world uprising will spark unrest indirectly, in every corner of the world. Italy will be instrumental in the fallout, which will trigger the involvement of Global Powers in a war.

MDM: 1 May 2011: Russia and China to cause disruption.

MDM: 23 September 2011: The Antichrist will attempt to control you through a New World Currency; the Warning will put a halt to this.

2 October 2011: My Cross will first appear …

4 January 2012: Nations will attempt to begin to destroy each other in the East. Much prayer is needed to ensure that this Nuclear War and other atrocities, are averted.

18 February 2013: They will bring God’s children under the Rule of the ‘Little Horn’ (Pope Francis).

6 April 2013: The time for the Comet to appear – people will believe that there are two Suns.

4 February 2012: Wars, involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria interconnect. Italy will suffer the fallout.

6 February 2012: Pray that the global atrocity of a Nuclear War – which would wipe out one third of humanity – can be averted.

23 February 2012: Pray that Nuclear War can be averted in Iran.

6 September 2013: The wars will unfold now in the Middle East – millions will be killed.

16 May 2012: The Third World war is about to unfold in the world – it will start in Europe. Your banking system will be the cause and Germany once again, will be involved in this tragedy. When it commences, much will be over saving the economy and a catastrophe will affect Greece – with much fallout in France. The Middle East will also be involved with Israel – and Iran at war and Syria will play a serious part in the downfall of Egypt.

The effects of this war will be that My Catholic Church on Earth will be sucked into a One World Church in the name of unification. This unification – or false peace – will become a reality after the Antichrist appears, to create a false peace or so-called end of the war. This peaceful pact will involve the Western World, until China and Russia become involved with matters. They will pose a threat to the Beast with Ten Horns – Europe and will overcome them to introduce Communism. The Red Dragon, China, already gains a strong foothold in the world due to their control of the world’s finances. The Red Dragon and the Bear, which is Russia, do not love God. They are being led by the Antichrist, who is from the East.

26 September, 2013: If I have to destroy cities to stop evil from spreading, then I will do this.

24 September, 2013: The Four Parts of the world I refer to are the Four Big Empires: The U.S.A., Russia, Europe and China. All prophecies foretold will involve these Powers.

Syria and Egypt, through the unrest in their countries, will become the catalysts for a greater war, which will involve the Four Great Powers. Each of these Powers will be connected in order to create a unified Regime, which will be used to control the global wealth and population.

19 October 2013: The Antichrist will create grants to work for his new One World Trade Centre.

4 March 2014: These wars will end in turmoil – then the war in the East will trigger an even bigger war; millions will be lost. When all seems hopeless, the ‘Man of Peace’ will appear and then the beginning of the end will be witnessed.

LUZ DE MARIA: January 2009: We know that a great majority of people will follow the Antichrist, who is in Belgium at this time.

The U.S.A. will fall. China and Russia will unite and devastate many countries, until they reach the U.S.A.

The Great Conflict – the Third World War – is at the door; as Israel started the Alliance, it will start the Great War. All economies will fall.

CHRISTINE GALLAGHER, Seer of Ireland — 1992: Collection of what Heaven said uniting of currencies first in Europe and later leading to a One World Currency, followed by a Cashless Society, which will require the chip or Mark of the Beast. During this time there will come into being a One World Bank, a One World Government and a One World Church, which will not be Christian.

CHRISTINE — 16 July 2017: The grave danger to My Church from him, who is the Antichrist – soon he will be with you in human form.

10 February 2017 — JESUS: The world has become like the Whore of Babylon – (Kingdom of the Antichrist).

I saw a clock one minute to twelve, then I could see an army marching and preparing for war.

10 May 2015: World War III is already being prepared.

The (Comet) Wormwood will come as in an explosion of poison and bring forth death to many – danger, danger for the world.

5 January 2013: The man of the Red Serpent will rise up and crush many. There is much evil already planned to come through China, Russia, the U.S.A and the heads of some European countries. This will bring about great devastation and pain beyond your ability to understand or imagine.

LUZ DE MARIA — 12 August 2017: Live dangerous – very dangerous – moments. The war is no longer spectrum. A small country will be responsible for the terror of mankind. Pray for the U.S.A. – the war not only calls outside its territory, but within. Pray for North Korea.

Many travel the Earth without paying attention to the signs of this moment – they will be amazed before a major unexpected event coming from the sky.

ENOCH — 15 May 2017: My flock, Nations are preparing for war. Peace will go away for the time. With war will begin the time of tribulation – a third of the world will disappear.

WILLIAM: These are but a few references about World War III, but you can be certain this will happen in the next months to come. Prepare and pray.

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