Media Release – 19 August 2017

M E D I A   R E L E A S E – 19 August 2017

From: William Costellia

[See Youtube Video of this Media Release – 19 August 2017]

I wish to address the Media, especially the South Coast Register, The Illawarra Mercury, The Telegraph, Channel 9 and Channel 7.

Since my arrest in 2002, there have been over 400 articles written about me, but in most cases only a very small percentage of Truth has been spoken about. Lies, innuendoes, suspicion and outright untruths have been dished out to a gullible Australian public.

It is for this reason I call on the Australian Parliamentarians, to change the law on media coverage and to criminalise false and untruthful reporting. Once this is done, reporting will be something to look up to and trust – rather than accepting trash.

I ask the disgraceful Media: Do you know what the Code of Ethics is for Journalists? You are like the Pharisees of old and what Our Lord Jesus said about them applies also to you. Judgement Day is coming – be assured – not only to you but to all of us – for God’s Judgement is now falling upon the world.

Now I wish to correct you so that the public come to know the truth: Over all these years, you continue to flog a dead horse. You have made a small puddle into an ocean packed with false information. You have been constantly claiming we are a ‘Cult’ and I am its leader. The Order of Saint Charbel and its associated Prayer Groups, were supported by Cardinals and Bishops from various countries. All of this can be verified by many documents made available to the public since the early nineties – if you had been bothered to do your research.

The Order of Saint Charbel is formed under the New Form of Consecrated Life, promulgated by Pope John Paul II, in 1996. Our Rule and Constitution was handed to the Sacred Congregation for Religious. This does not constitute a ‘Cult’.

The Rule and Constitution has Bishops, Priests and Religious and lay people. Dr. Bernard Doherty of the University of N.S.W. and Canberra – an Historian and expert in his field – wrote about this matter and clearly identified that we were not a ‘Cult’, but a splinter group within the Catholic Church, due to sanctions placed upon us. This matter is still under Appeal.

Secondly, in recent weeks and months, the Media continue to rehash the previous Media trash – mixing up Messages from Heaven, with matters of Court Records, rather than facts.

Judge Berman stated in my Trial in 2007, that this matter could have gone either way. In other words, guilty or not guilty. What does that say very loudly? “Reasonable Doubt.”

Why would a Jury choose guilty? Very easily. With some 400 media articles, which included nearly daily T.V. coverage and several Current Affairs Programmes before, during and after the Trial. Would this not influence the Jury or the public? The public have constantly been fed this misinformation.

Let us now go to the Court Transcripts of Judge Solomon, in February 2007 and Judge Berman, May 2007, regarding my Trial. Judge Solomon threw the case out.

On 8th February, six after (6) days of cross examination the Crown Prosecutor states, “Well Monday and last week , it would seem that Your Honour has formed the view that there is more than sufficient evidence to establish a reasonable possibility of CONCOCTION, COLLUSION, CONTAMINATION with this case”

Judge Solomon replied: “Subject to your convincing me otherwise – YES!”

It was resurrected by the D.P.P., knowing full well a Jury would convict due to Media influence, as this is how many high profile people get convicted. Yet the evidence given in both Court Transcripts, show clearly I could not have been convicted.

The so called ‘victim’ lied on oath – admitting it – some 15 times. She and her druggie co – both lied on oath and admitted that they set me up, using the Police and the Media to achieve their end and this was to gain money. They were issued with a Certificate s.128, to protect them from prosecution. They also gave me a letter of threat and demand for money. Yet, did the Media ever bring that to the public? No!

Then we come to the Appeals: Yes, they failed – but if you look at why – then ask yourselves, is that possible with the information given?

Then we now come to the E.S.O. [Extended Supervision Order]: The media have drummed this up so much. The conditions given are no different than most persons on an E.S.O. As a matter of fact, my conditions are far fewer than most, as we won this in Court December 2015. But the Media do not hone in on the facts or truth.

The Appeal was issued in May this year on very serious grounds – namely that in the chronological order it is shown that I was low risk. So low that I was rated as -2 (the lowest being -3) on the static scale of 99. That the authorities in 2015 stated I was not eligible for an E.S.O. Documents were available, yet the Assistant Commissioner and other members of Parole were determined to raise my low static to high, so that an E.S.O. could be made.

It is for this reason I have proceeded to criminally prosecute those concerned, for Perverting the Course of Justice. This matter is in Court now – yet Media conveniently over look this continually, feeding the public the wrong and falsified information.

I can assure you all will be exposed. The Crown conveniently paid two (2) Psychologists and two (2) Psychiatrists to interview me on the false purpose of turning my low risk to high. They issued false information to the Psychs., through corrupt and untrue reports written by Parole. Evidence of this presented by us was ignored by the Courts.

The first Psych. wrote his contaminated report and then passed it onto the next Psych., who read it before even interviewing me. He then wrote his report and the two reports were given to the third Psych. – and so on. In the real world these would be dismissed, as they would have been influenced and contaminated by each other and yet – even though based on incorrect information – they were considered reliable by the Court.

So why dear Media Moguls, do you not print that – and make the public aware of the facts.

Be assured, I will expose the false media and the authorities who use their power and influence to dupe the public. Look at my website. There you will find the Truth.