The End Time Prophecies of the Three Fountains

The End Times Prophecies of the Three Fountains

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The Seer’s name is: Bruno Cornacchiola.

The location of the events: Three Fountains, Rome Italy.

The information is taken from a diary written by the Seer recorded from 1947 to 2001 the year of his death. The Book written which provides this information was published by Salani in Milan, Italy in 1916. The title of the book published in Italian is:

“The Seer. The Secret of the Three Fountains”


Written by: Saverio Gaeta

It started 12 April 1947 at the Three Fountains in Rome. The Apparitions of the Mother of God began and continued for many years, totalling 60 messages. Bruno transcribed these into his Diary.

In 1949 Pope Pius XII approved the messages and gave permission for the faithful to go to the site and to offer public worship. The Pope Blessed the Statue which depicted how Our Lady appeared to Bruno:

There is a long history. You will enjoy reading about these true events. Please see the website above for the full story.

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