Message to Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus – 15 July 2016

Jesus: Prophecy of Scourges on Italy and Invasions by Communism

15 July 2016: Message from Jesus to the Seer: Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

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The Seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto), is a woman from Italy who lives a humble and hidden life. Those people whose heart belong to God, will recognize in these messages the Voice of the Good Shepherd, God the Almighty, The Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Who call all to Salvation. Be the one who listens by abandoning a sinful life, by embracing prayer and by following the eternal 10 Commandments. Time is running out.

“Daughter, My dear child, soon Italy will suffer the consequences of her mistakes.

She is walking in the darkness of darkness, since she abandoned the precepts given by the Lord.

Although she has been the Seat of Peter, even more she will be responsible for the scourges drawn upon herself.

Have you all forgotten what it was expected by a nation destined to become holy, being the Seat of the Vicar of Christ on Earth. You [1] (the Italians) should have set an example for other countries and bring other nations to Me, the Savior. You (the Italians) are at the mercy of the spirit of the world, unable to follow the rules given by The Most High, instead you devoted your time to activities far from God, building sand castles on the shore of a stormy sea.

The faculties you have been able to come in possession and the way you pretend to manage political and social activities, have nothing to do with the Project of a holy nation God as designated. You will see the wrath of the Father falling on of the southern shores 121 (of Italy), on account of injustices and of the intemperance, the disorderly living that characterizes this area of the nation.

Nevertheless, if the south (part of the country of Italy) will be hit by rough seas and wide-ranging earthquakes, all this will be expanding like wildfire: from the center of the capital people will cry and will get scared at unexpected happenings.

Rome will witness events that will be known worldwide.

Rome has thrown mud on My Holy Vicar [3], making the heart of the Church suffer.

Rome will see the decay of the great works built by the hands of men: wondrous monuments will be leveled to the ground, being for very long time an offense in the eyes of My Father. Being idolized as great wonders, they will fall and will cease to exist. Purify [4] (nation of Italy), bend your knees to the power of The Most High, you who have been the spectator of the martyrdom of Peter, and that do not cease to condemn to death the Christ Himself, nailing it [Him] to the cross and beating Him in a mercilessly flagellation.

Rome will cry.

Italy will look helpless when armies will invade her streets and will take possession of the freedom of the people, by imposing the terrible law of communism [5].

Italy will raise her eyes towards Me and will cry asking for mercy. And as quickly as said, Justice will fall on the heads of those responsible for this abomination toward the Italian people. Children, the time of conversion and of the Act of Mercy is approaching rapidly.

Try to be prepared at all times, because you never know when the set time of events will come.

Also understand that all will be preceded by specific facts, some of which might change by the Will of the Father, you will have to stay with your ears open in listening to the Voice of God, and keep your clothes washed to welcome the Bridegroom.

I will knock at the door (of your soul) when you least expect it and you’ll be taken by surprise, for the large number of you. Nothing to subject to chance, at last.

Nothing comes by itself, if not from The Father Himself. Each event has its own designated purpose, such as a tile that is added to the puzzle until the design is clearly visible.

Do not lose hope, but act upon it by waking up and preparing those fallen asleep because of the mundane world and the passions that obscure the truth.

Gather as many souls as possible under the protection of My Blood and the Immaculate Mantle of My Mother.

Pray for them, saying:

“Lord Jesus, bend the knees of these souls (you can specify the names) by putting them at the foot of Thy Holy Cross and fill them with the power of Your Precious Blood.”

I will take them and will put them at the foot of the Holy Cross, washing them with My Blood.

It will be repelled in them every demonic influence that can harm themselves and others, in order to save them all.

Act accordingly and be aware that with the Power of My Name and of My Blood, you will have in your hands the victory over the forces of evil.

Because whoever acts in My Name and believes in Me, acquires a limitless force and the Power of the (Holy) Spirit will blow strongly.

Your Jesus, Priest and King of the Universe.”


[1] Here The Lord (to my understanding) refers to religious authorities, political rulers and the people of Italy

[2] Shores of Southern Italy

[3] Most likely (to my understanding) The Lord refers here Io Benedict XVI

[4] Italy – (to my understanding) here The Lord refers to its religious, political institutions and to its people being corrupted by laws in open defiance of the 10 Commandments, of the Catholic Church (being infiltrated by the ecclesiastic branch of freemason which is working tirelessly from the Vatican II Council; to change, manipulate the Catholic Faith, Doctrine and Teaching, by introducing heresies and abomination – by introducing Protestant heresies, eliminating Confession, the suppression of the Sacraments [-] of the Eucharist; to accept sin in many of its aberrant ways and forms; to accept [the] divorced to Holy Communion, sexual behaviors against nature and the moral law; to destroy the Mystical Body on Earth instituted 2000 years ago by Our Lord Jesus Christ)

[5] Communism here does not refer to the Soviet Union as nation of invaders because it dissolved in the 20th century, or to the modern Holy Russia, having rejected it. Here Communism refers to “Socialism” propagated by the enemies of the Cross – the descendants of the sect of the Pharisees, the “elites” now turned into bankers (not to be confused with the Jewish people of humble condition, farmers, fishermen, pastors, or other professions like the one of Jesus, simple carpenter born in the small village of Bethlehem of Judea (now Palestine). Read history about the origin of those who theorized and imposed socialism/communism by brute force firstly in Russia and then to other countries and people in the world (i.e. China, North Korea, political, economic, religious parties, institutions and movements, etc.). Socialism (the nice face of the old “Communism”) is no longer being imposed through force but instead, through a stealth and cunning disguise, by a series of “laws” (i.e. civil rights, economic treaties, religious changes, humanism, all the “ism” you can think of), aiming at gradually taking away sovereignty, people freedom and cultural, national, historical identities, and their physical properties/money). In other word, think of a pond where fish are constrained to live with less and less water until it runs out, where only certain ponds of the elite’s (rulers) choice, will be allowed to live and prosper (i.e. by eliminating the 90% of the current population – see Georgia Guidestones). Socialism is the most dangerous form of political and economic (stealing of properties and sovereignty), and religious oppression (by one side imposing atheism, by the other one imposing a babel of religions and faiths under- one world Church, with the purpose of enslaving mankind and wiping out from the face of the earth, if that were possible, the Catholic Church who stands in their way, the Truth that we are children of God Creator of the human race, the Truth of the Gospel revealed by Jesus Christ,). Socialism will allow a small group, to rule above mankind; these oligarchs called the “elite”, will decide who lives and who dies if “unfit” to their draconian global ruling system – in which they are accountable to no one for their choices. This stage should take place (to my understanding) after the deadly and quick incoming nuclear WW3. Each world war (WW1 and WW2) has brought great changes to mankind.