Message to Christina Gallagher – 16 August 2017

LATEST New Message – 16 August 2017

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Jesus Speaks to Christina:

“My little one, be at peace. My peace I give you. Let it still your heart. I tell you, trust in Me. I am Mercy, Truth, Life and Light.

Anyone who bears life in Me will walk in light and have My life in them. Those who choose to walk in darkness, live by the world and partake only of the world.

I became Man to save man from himself. In My mercy I became Man and man was begotten in My Life.

O you foolish people who choose to live in the stench of sin and reject My Mercy! I have called you out of darkness into the light to receive My Mercy and to enkindle in your hearts and souls the light and life I have given you.

The world has become a cesspool of iniquity and how My people bathe in it as if that were their inheritance!

How man within My Church has drawn My Church into the stench of such s….. Its mire of filth pierces My Sacred Heart.

So many have become one in its depraved actions. How many who received their power and state in My Church through s….. plunder truth in fulfilling the needs of the flesh to draw them to loss of faith and in their actions lead them to condemnation.

So many live by the world. My people l…… within My Church, how you have made yourselves pariahs before Me! You partake of filth and live like animals. I gave you life – you repay Me by becoming death. How wicked the hearts of mankind have become! I have revealed this to My children of Fatima through the voice of My Mother.

My Church will soon be shaken to its foundations as it makes way for antiChrist to rule and sit on the chair of Peter.

How the evil one rejoices to see this but for man to destroy My Church and lead My people astray! Woe unto such people!

The call of My Heart and that of My Mother have been blocked out because they do not want to hear Me and so many permit life of Me to be destroyed in their souls.

Soon I will prune back those who do not have My life in them. Their shoots of evil propagated throughout the world will be burned in the everlasting fires, while they do not believe that such exist.

My dear little one, how you have been crushed because those who know you are telling the truth drew destruction upon you through lies and deception, on account of their own guilt. Such people will perish. I will say unto them, “Begone from Me, you cursed! By your actions you have chosen this for yourself.”

Dear child, the words I give you will enter many hearts. My words to you will bring life to many.

This work I have asked of you is a heavy cross to carry. Its wounds abide upon your heart but etched upon your face for all to see. I tell you, be at peace. All things are passing, and those who choose to hear and respond to truth – putting truth first and building upon it their lives – will be those who will enter their eternity of life to rejoice.

I bless you, child.

Do not let your heart be troubled.

Unto you I impart My choicest blessings,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

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