Man manipulating Earthquakes – 15 September 2017

Man Manipulating Earthquakes – 15 September 2017

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 18 March 2017 at 7:19:32 pm AEDT

To: William Costellia

Subject: New Resend1: >> Man Manipulating Earthquakes – Interfering with Nature & Causing Great Harm <<

Dear William,

Regarding Our Blessed Mother Mary speaking of “man’s interference with powerful waves from electronic impulses” [2].

What started out as a Defensive Weapon System against Weapons of Mass Destruction has now grown into Man manipulating earthquakes and volcanoes. The technology has matured such that pre-earthquake or pre-volcanic activity may be “repelled” and then “moved” away to great distances, even around the faults of the “Ring of Fire”. In doing so, this has resulted in accidental triggering of volcanic and earthquake events at these far distances, causing great harm. Mankind is now playing “God” in manipulating the energy of Nature. A glimpse of the existence this technology is traceable to a “comment” in a speech delivered in 1997 by U.S. Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen. Today the technology is real and is being used and its effects are revealing themselves in earthquake pattern changes [3][4] & volcano activity changes. Earthquakes have been “missing” or “quiet” in areas that have the non-classified scientists puzzled [3][4]. Primarily it is because the energy is being moved to protect vast underground tunnel systems and bases.

Weapons of Mass Destruction – EM waves to set off Volcanoes and Earthquakes

In a 1997 Department Of Defense News briefing by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, it was commented of this technology and its potential use as a weapon of mass destruction [1] (i.e. setting off volcanoes and causing earthquakes).

The actual energy is a neutral form of ElectroMagnetic waves and the most powerful form of energy of God’s creation. Deep underground transmitter arrays are able to direct this type of neutral form of waves without the losses that typical EM waves attenuate. Using a “fault” in the earth as a form of a “wire” the energy is guided by generating powerful waves, initiated by impulses, forming attraction/repulsion effects to lead the body of the energy away from its natural origin location.

Energy Merges with remote Fault pressures & Triggers Larger Earthquakes

As the Energy is being manipulated and moved, it is unstable and may “trigger” locations along the way. Scientists have noted unusual patterns of multiple volcanoes in a region simultaneously and swiftly elevating in activity (Aleutian AK regions). These effects are directly from the use of this technology in “moving” powerful amounts of energy along these volcanic regions of the Subduction Zone fault of the Aleutian island chain. One after the other in energy movements will have partial capture in the volcanic root systems of these volcanoes. Thus the rapid and unusual escalation of events.

Missing Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

Scientists have been mystified as to the lack of regularity of earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. They are calling it a “Quake Drought” [3]. Just this March, scientists have been also puzzled by the sudden ending of a very reliable event called a Slow Slip or an Episodic Tremor and Slip (ETS) [4]. An ETS is a form of a slow vibrating cluster of thousands of tiny earthquakes, but of lower frequency, that accompany the slow shifting of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Plates. The scientists may be surprised later when the ETS restarts or a large earthquake occurs. This is due to Nature responding to the “void” in the energy displacement. When a large distant earthquake occurs, the original “void” area responds and re-starts what was originally interfered with. Thus a form of an escalation process ensues, causing more interference by Man.

Secret Groups playing “God”

Secret Classified groups are manipulating this energy to keep the volcanoes from activating in the PNW. Unbeknown to the non-classified scientists, this activity is causing their research to be mystifying. The Secret Classified groups are protecting vast underground tunnel systems and bases. For if the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Volcanoes of the PNW were to escalate into powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the underground structures act as “faults” and “resonant crustal structures” and are susceptible to this type of natural seismic energy.

God Bless


1. U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997 8:45 AM EDT, DoD News Briefing: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen – quote: “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

2. Our Blessed Mother Mary: “… Pray for Japan, as a major earthquake looms near the atomic installation, bringing more suffering for its people. This will be caused by man’s interference with powerful waves from electronic pulses.”

3. PNW risk on MegaQuake – scientists are in the dark as there has been a 15 year drought of quakes in the PNW & they don’t know why.

“However, for the last fifteen years, a new crisis may be developing. The crisis is “quiet”. Again, scientists do not have enough of a rich paleoseismic behavioral pattern history to compare against in the CSZ to answer what this new anomaly means. This very unusual pattern of quiet has been developing within the Pacific Northwest where there is an unnatural absence of moderate to larger earthquakes within Oregon and Washington.”

4. ETS Event of Winter 2017 – University of Washington, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, March 9, 2017 – “What a pathetic ETS! It looks to be over as of March 5; no activity in the past three days … No northern Washington ETS of the past 15 years (since we have been monitoring it) has been this short in time and limited in space … I am giving up trying to anticipate what this crazy place will do next.”


Earthquakes may now escalate to Magnitudes beyond 10 on the Moment Magnitude scale

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 12 September 2017 at 12:32:15 am AEST

To: William Costellia

Subject: >> Earthquakes may now escalate to Magnitudes beyond 10 on the Moment Magnitude scale <<

Dear William,

We have spoken of the chance of giving short warning to large earthquakes in the coast region of the Western US. I will try to do so.

Below is information that the world scientists, officials, and God’s children should know. This information reveals why other good intentioned scientists and researchers are having difficulty in understanding recent correlations to earthquake precursors to actual resulting events.

With Secrecy, by those that are doing “manipulation” with advanced sciences, there are many that are unaware of who is in control of this “interference with nature”. Thus, good presidents and good leaders, become disconnected from this secrecy of manipulation as some are playing “God”.

I wish to clearly state this up front so that future events are not misunderstood in blaming the good. Some events are purely from Nature. But, the outcome of Mankind’s interference with Nature, will result in great consequences not anticipated.

Thus it is very important for the World to know this and not jump to conclusions towards good presidents and good leaders. Others, in power, are doing this in secrecy.

God Bless


Earth losing its Natural Counter Balance in Harmonics – Earthquakes may now escalate to Magnitudes beyond M10

With Man resonating the ionosphere in changing the counterbalance of God’s creation of the healthy resonances of the Earth [5] (known as Schumann resonances), the Ionosphere has now has become a dominant resonance. The counterbalance no longer exists as God has created it. Thus the ionosphere (11.3hz) is mixing strongly with the Earth’s surface healthy frequency base of 7.62-7.8hz* and creating an unhealthy mix of hundreds of fractional frequencies**. See “Mankind is causing a sickness to Earth” below.

Earthquakes may now escalate to Magnitudes to M12

Because of Man’s interference, Earthquake faults, that have natural resonant frequencies by Latitudes, have lost their ability to properly counterbalance in suppressing this Latitudinal effect and thus earthquakes may exceed Magnitudes beyond scientific theories. A rupture from North of San Francisco California to Los Angeles California may occur resulting in a magnitude up to a thousand times in energy beyond a Magnitude 10 (to near or above a Magnitude 12).

Possibility of an early Warning to Certain Western US areas

Before, my advanced sensor data were reliably predictable in the outcome. Now with man’s perfection of manipulating earthquakes with electronic pulses, the pending epicenter energy result is not predictable as the energy is interfered with by man, split, mixed, and moved. But Man’s results are not always as planned. The Earth responds back. From observing “Mankind’s manipulation” and the resulting “Earth” effects, the Earth likely will overpower the ability for Mankind to “control” an energy burst leading to the resulting Earthquake’s epicenter location.

Because of Super-Quakes starting to overcome Mankind’s interference, If it is the will of Heaven and with the gift from prayers, it may be possible to give an early warning to the Western United States if either the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) or a super-quake in California were to develop. However, the timing may be short as events have been observed to occur in as short as 5 to 8 hours from precursor instrument readings. The attempt will be made as sometimes the delay is within 24-48 hours (typical) or slightly longer.

*Earth’s healthy eight harmonic series from the primary of 7.62-7.8hz up to 8x of the primary to 60.96-62.4hz.

**Heterodyning mix of a dominant Ionosphere with the Earth resulting in a “comb” effect of increments of ~0.25hz to 90 hz = 360 fractional frequencies + more subharmonic frequencies.

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    This is why GOD is frustrating the elite who have dug deep underground bases to hide when wormwood (in the bible passes by the earth and upsets everything weather,gravity etc

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