William Costellia to President Donald Trump – 15 September 2017


15 September 2017

Most Honourable President, Mr Donald Trump,

Blessings to you and the USA. I address you as God’s Instrument, from Australia.

You are God’s choice to lead your country under these trying times, but remember well, we are living in the last days before Jesus, Our Saviour returns. Trust always in God’s Love and Goodness. Walk carefully my friend, as you have many enemies – not only outside your borders – but inside.

The Americas are suffering much at this time. Our prayers are with you. These trials are only the beginning of the tribulations prophesied. You have been given a nation divided with multiple problems. Many work against you, because men do not want to live lives most pleasing to God.

The events of recent weeks were punishments from God and this will continue, as God wishes to clean the hearts of His people.

It is also to be brought to your attention that these hurricanes – and even earthquakes of recent times – may be manipulated by strong instrumental impulses used by an enemy – used as a weapon to bring your country down – as these impulses alter the general magnetic field and cause electromagnetic disturbances with the atmosphere.

You and your support team, like Most Honourable Mike Pence, will guide your people through grave times. However, I wish to advise you once again, do not place sanctions on North Korea or Russia or Iran, or any other country, regardless of their political or religious or non religious ideologies, because every nation is a sovereign land.

Do not use the U.N. as a tool of leverage, because the votes received by Super Powers are only a facade – the underlying tone is the opposite. They will use you to pressure the rogue nations or smaller nations – to force your hand.

I continue to support your idea that there is no global warming, because you are right – the current climate changes are not due to carbon emissions warming the planet. Climate change is due to the Earth tilting and the poles shifting, plus Planets moving out of their normal orbits and other factors.

President Donald Trump, you are aware – should war come – there will be a monetary collapse. When an enemy boasts that it is going to attack you, think well. It will not be as you think. The attack could be on one of your allies to divert your attention. Remember, the other troubled places in the world will attack when your concentration is elsewhere.

Your scientists know danger lurks outside our planet regions. Also that the dam in California is weakened. Please look into these cover-ups. Remember well Mr President, the U.S.A. cannot protect all.

Our love and prayers remain with you and your people.

God Bless you and the U.S.A.

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