William Costellia to the People of God – 15 September 2017


15 September 2017

Dear Children of God,

Many souls are anxious about the coming Warning, the Third World War and the coming chastisements of recent times. How does that relate to all that has been revealed in the Book of the Prophet Daniel and the Apocalypse of Saint John?

So that you will not be confused with the many Messages claiming the Warning is near – this is true, however many more signs must be given before this eventuates. Please take note:

The Great War must come first.

The Middle East with Iran, Israel and other nations.

The war in Europe and the invasion from Russia.

The war in Asia – North, South Korea, involving China, Russia and the U.S.A.

The attack upon the U.S.A.

War in South America.

Attack upon Japan; upon Australia.

In between all this, the large volcanoes erupt and earthquakes occur around the world.

The collapse of the economies and the Monetary System.

The appearance of the Antichrist.

Then the Warning will arrive after the Pope flees Rome, but before this, will come the schism in the Church.

All of this will happen before the Warning.

For this reason, Jesus reveals we must prepare our homes. We must prepare our food and water and where possible, move to the country [rural and agricultural areas] where you can grow your own food and have places of refuge. Here Mass will be said, as in those Houses of Prayer around the world. They will become the End Time Catacombs, where the Faith will survive during the Great Persecution of the Church by the Antichrist.

It is then that the One World Church the One World Government, the Mark of the Beast and the Microchip will be inserted under the skin of the hand or the forehead.

This will end with the comet Wormwood and the Rapture.

The second three days of darkness will come with the Second Coming of Jesus. Amen

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