Message to William Costellia – 30 September 2017


Nuclear Bomb – Mushroom Cloud

World experiencing Great Tribulation – Exceptional Grace of Mercy in times of extreme danger – Hydrogen bomb to level a city.

WILLIAM: Jesus came early this morning holding two Crosses – one brown the other white – and behind Him was a Red Cross.

Jesus said the world was approaching the great tribulation. Even now the world was experiencing the tribulation. Because of this He wishes to extend His Mercy even to the extreme, as there will come a time when there will be only a few priests available to absolve sin. So Jesus will offer an exceptional grace of Mercy, that when men find themselves in extreme danger, or their situation is in dire straits, they are to call on His Divine Mercy and He will come to hear their Confessions and even send one of His Priestly Saints from Heaven to hear their Confessions so that they are prepared. They are to say the Confiteor – three times – and call on God’s Mercy. They will know they are forgiven, as peace will flood their souls.

Jesus said He is Mercy Himself and stretches out His Hands to His children.

He said a hydrogen bomb was going to level a city.

Jesus then said there are many Prophets in the World now, but those that speak as Doom’s day Prophets of the end of the World without speaking about a new World to come, are not from Him – (Referring to Our Lord’s Second Coming and His Divine Mercy.)

Jesus spoke to me about private matters, Blessed me and all of His children.

William Costellia

2 thoughts on “Message to William Costellia – 30 September 2017

  1. Is the confeteor the act of contrition prayer? Can we pray the Crusade Prayer: The Confession given by Jesus through Maria Divine Mercy?

    • Hi Adelpha, yes it is the Act of Contrition. Contrition is from the heart, so you could probably use any act of contrition. Most people who go to Confession and to Holy Mass would know the Act of Contrition.

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