Message 757 – 1 October 2017



The battle for souls has begun in a grand way; God’s Mercy is coming to a close, replacing it with His Justice – You vipers who plunder My Church, what will you do when I return to expose you? – Where are the Leaders who preach My Truth? Is sin ever mentioned? What about Hell, Purgatory? – The Schism in My Church is very pronounced – Seek Me out in Confession and the Sacraments; cleanse your souls before you partake of My Eucharist – The Great War is at your door and all types of calamities of nature – Russia will be used by God to whip and scourge mankind; Nations annihilated; the Seat of Peter overthrown.

WILLIAM: Jesus came dressed as a Warrior. He wore His tunic, white in colour and there was a sash over His Shoulder to the Midriff, where there was a sword in its holster. On His Head was a three point Crown with a green emerald stone on the front of it and has a bow of gold over the Crown as part of the Crown, with the letter “M” with a cross through it.

On the right Hand of Jesus, I notice a ring with a red sapphire. This is the first time I have seen Jesus wear a ring. Behind Jesus, there were millions of Angels holding swords. Jesus Blessed me and said:

OUR LORD: “My beloved son, Our Angel of Divine Love, William: Today I, with My Heavenly Hosts, are ready for a great battle to rescue My children. I will place My Word in you son and you will remember It when you pray and ask your Angel to unlock it. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Then Jesus left.

My Holy Messenger Angel, Saint Sacramessugus, is the Angel God gave me many years ago, who is like Saint Gabriel. He transmits God’s Word. He stands before me now and his armoured- plated chest has fifteen (15) stars on it and from the centre one, a light beams out into my mind and unlocks God’s Word.

OUR LORD:“Once again I greet you, My beloved Prophet-son of the End Times!”

“The great battle for souls has begun in a grand way, as time is very short and the time for God’s Mercy is coming to a close, replacing it with God’s Justice – which is also Holy. But in spite of God’s Anger towards mankind, His Loving Embrace for His Prodigal children, will always remain.”

“My children, how My Heart aches as does My Co-Redeemer, My Beloved Mother. What are you doing, My children, allowing all manner of licentiousness, corruption and sin to reduce your dignified state, created by My Father? Your egoistic existence cries out to Heaven, as you reduce your habit as swine and vermin, allowing the destruction of your families, your children and your very souls. You have listened to the vile promises of your enemy, Satan, as he offers you all types of enticements, pleasures of the flesh, power to control your brothers and sisters, placing heavy burdens upon yourselves. You follow like the Pied Piper of the story, following like sheep to your own destruction.”

“My Church upon Earth is like the Temple of Old, where they sell their wares as if in a Market Place – yet spend little or no time adorning their souls with Virtues and Graces given to them freely, from My Most Sacred Heart.”

“Every day My Priest sons abort the truth in My Divine Teachings and replace them with novelties – even changing My Own Word. You vipers who plunder My Church, who destroy all that is Holy and good – who mislead My sheep, yet preach love. You corrupt the little souls who seek Me out. What will you do when I return to expose you?”

“Where are the leaders and teachers who preach My Truth? Is sin ever mentioned, or are all saved without repentance? Why are you not teaching My flock about Hell – about Purgatory? Have these Teachings been abnegated?”

“The Schism in My House is already very pronounced, but soon it will be seen in its entirety when those who lead, will be smitten by My Hand. As for the pure and innocent of heart – [they] never need to fear My Father’s Wrath, for they are always protected by My Holy Mother.”

“Repentance is what I seek now more than ever to correct the conscience of the Church. My people, seek Me out in Confession and the Sacraments, as you must cleanse your souls before you come to partake of My Eucharistic Presence within your hearts.”

“My children, I know you are heavily oppressed by the evil that is not only rampant in the world – it is deeply entrenched well within the bosom of My Church. Where possible, try to receive Me Eucharistically on the tongue and where possible from the Priest. I know very well how the Priests have relegated themselves, giving the responsibility to the laity to give out My Sacred Presence. They will pay dearly for this Sacrilegious abuse.”

“Children, I know your anxiety concerning the reception of My Sacredness. You are not blame-worthy. Should you have no alternative, but to receive Me on the hand, then call on the Angels to place their hands over yours. However, even in this case, receive Me on the tongue. As for receiving Me by drinking from the Chalice: Do not, My children – this is only permitted on rare occasions. There will be many more abuses yet to be introduced by the Hierarchy, as most have fallen into darkness and most are heading towards the Abyss, of which they do not believe.”

“Children, the hourglass is empty and the tribulations are falling upon man. The 100th Anniversary of My Mother’s Appearance at Fatima, Portugal, has arrived – is this something to celebrate? No, No, My children – as the Church has not obeyed My Mother to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. So now Her prophetic Words will unfold, where Russia will be used by God to whip and scourge mankind – where men will reap what they have sown. Nations will be annihilated – the Seat of Peter overthrown, where Communism, Atheism and men enslaved to an ideology foreign to God’s Law.”

“The Great War stands at your door and all types of calamities of nature and the weakness of man’s decisions will be made. Nature itself will revolt against ungrateful men. Sin will be witnessed publicly – in the open to all mankind, without shame. People will revel in madness and rebel against God and cause much suffering to the children of God, so that the entrance of Satan in his son – the Antichrist – can manifest himself in all of his glory in the face of God, calling mankind to worship the Beast.”

“All the destruction you see in the world will only increase, until men recognise their sinfulness and bend their knees.”

“Children of My Heart, you have nothing to fear, as the Angels stand beside you. Trust and know that Heaven loves you.”

“Very great earthquakes will be seen, dividing lands and continents. Volcanos will erupt in many parts of the world, taking many lives with them. The Seas will roar and flood the land. Heavy rains will come and many large fires – all of this, to show the world that they must stop now before it is too late.”

“Return back to a more simplified life, My children. Technology is gripping the hearts of most of the known Western World, making human beings into zombies of brainless people. Men are being indoctrinated into a false security of themselves.”

“Technology has been [like a] god in the lives of many of Our children. I ask you, children, who is subservient to whom? Think about it – you are slaves to technology. The children have become addictive, replacing simple pleasures of healthy living with a computerized world, where no energy health-living is required.”

“Remove yourselves from your own enslavement. And who is behind this, My children? Not only Satan, but the Globalists, the Elite and Secret Societies, who work to control humanity, to hand over the world to the Antichrist – your enemy.”

“Pull yourselves out of this web, as it will only bring destruction to your souls – your Eternal Life with Me. Turn to Me now, sweet children. I still await you. Turn to prayers and lift your hearts and minds to goodness, wholesome deeds and action. Live the Beatitudes – forgive your brothers and come to Me, your loving Jesus. The Angels are waiting on My Command.”

“I Love you as a Father can. I send you My Blessings and Peace: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to you, My Angel of Divine Love: Continue on your path. All will turn good – trust and continue to offer all. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.