Martin Luther and King Henry VIII


Martin Luther and King Henry VIII

WILLIAM: Today after mass Jesus came dressed as King of Kings. He was all in white and was wearing a Crown of the Triple Tiara and Priestly stole. Jesus opened His Arms out, Blessed me and greeted me with His Peace, making the Sign of the Cross, three times +++.

He said that I had been praying to Him asking Him about the soul of Martin Luther of Germany, who caused the Reformation. Jesus smiled and suddenly Martin Luther appeared to the right of Jesus – he was a little bit smaller than Him. Jesus said:

OUR LORD: “As you can see, Martin was saved, for God Judges according to the Heart of a man and his works, that men cannot fathom out how God Judges a man. It will not be according to man.”

WILLIAM: Then Martin began to speak to me. He addressed me as brother Wilhelm, which is my real name in German. He held a Bible in his arms and he was so happy. He said men will be surprised to learn who is in Heaven. Even though he had made some errors in his life God judges much differently than men and His Justice is very exact, according to the Perfect Decree of Truth. GOD JUDGES ACCORDING TO THE HEART and good works of a soul.

Martin said during his time the Church was very corrupt – also the world around him and those in power at the time. So many souls who are in the Lutheran faith who had suffered during the Reformation, were saved, as many who are now in the Church will be saved.

Martin now asks that all of his brothers and sisters who are practising the faith within the Lutheran Church, unite with the Roman Catholic Church and return to the bosom of Holy Mother the Church, even though the Catholic Church is in a difficult situation at this time.

Martin then said the same applies to the Church of England – they must now return to the Holy Catholic Church. He said:

MARTIN LUTHER: “You, my brother, will be surprised to learn that King Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn, are saved – as nothing is impossible for God and His Mercy is everlasting.”

WILLIAM: He then told me to write to the Leaders of these Churches and ask them to return – to come into full communion with The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

He then held The Holy Bible high and beautiful light came out of it with golden Words hovering above the Bible. He was smiling very much and said:

MATHIN LUTHER: Blessings to you, my brother Wilhelm and to all my brothers and sisters of the Lutheran Church and the Anglican Church.”

WILLIAM: Jesus was also very happy and told me to take courage and continue with the work He gave me. He blessed me and left +.

These words are to be given to as many souls who are from the Lutheran Faith and the Anglican Church especially to the Leaders so that all good souls are once again in communion with Holy Mother The Church.

Wishing God’s Blessings

William Costellia

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