Forty (40) Day Mass Novena for Lent – 6 October 1994


6 October 1994

A revelation given to the Little Pebble, and confirmed through Thornbush, from the Immaculate Heart of Mary on 6th October, 1994, while at Mass.

WILLIAM: Today I was pondering upon the great Mercy of God I thought about how long Jesus’ Ministry was – it came to forty (40) months. I then thought of Abraham and Lot of the Old Testament. and how they were able to ask God’s Mercy to even possibly save Sodom and Gomorrah Then I began to pray:

WILLIAM: “Jesus, through the Power of Your Precious Blood, and the Immaculate Blood of the Mother of God, who gave this precious Blood physically: can I claim a Special Novena of 40 days Communion in honour of the forty (40) month Ministry of Jesus – forty (40) day Communion with Rosary, with the Litany of the Precious Blood for the salvation of 40 souls for the Glory of God, and that I would be able to name seven (7) of these souls. Would God grant me this petition? I ask this as your little Abraham of the New Era? As God was so kind and generous to His servant, Abraham of Old, and Lot when they pleaded for the souls of Sodom and Gomorrah I plead now for this generation that is even worse.”

Answer from Our Lady on 6th October, 1994:

OUR LADY: “My sweet Angel of Divine Love and Truth, through the Infinite Mercy of God and the shedding of the Precious Blood of My Divine Son, Jesus, and through the Pure and Immaculate Blood and Tears of My Maternal Heart, the Triune God – through the mediation of My Immaculate Heart – has granted this very great Grace from God. Give thanks and praise to the Infinite Mercy of your God.”

“The following Novena of Masses is to be strictly adhered to, in the state of Grace.”

“A forty (40) day Novena of Masses attended – with the reception of My Divine Son – in the state of Grace; with the reception of the Sacrament of Penance at the beginning, with prayers for the Holy Father and Vicar of Christ; with the intention of gaining the daily Plenary Indulgence, which shall be communicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory; the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary and the Litany of the Most Precious Blood – the Triune God will accord the following:”

Graces to be Given:

“Forty (40) souls, not named, will be saved.”

“Four (4) souls, named, will be given the Grace to be saved.”

“Forty (40) souls will be released from every level of Purgatory from the gained Indulgence of those offering up this Novena.”

“And finally, the assured salvation of your own souls and those members of your family.”

“These numerous Graces, and many Singular Graces, will be offered to each of Our children who seek to appease the anger of God, and bring down His Divine Mercy. And you, sweet son, will receive the merit attributed for the salvation of all these souls.”

“I Bless all children who will be inspired to fulfill these conditions of this great Devotion to save Our wondering children. I Bless you, My preselected child, most pleasing to Our Immaculate and Undivided Hearts. I Bless all Our children of Love: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“You are to know I will reveal this, also, to My daughter, Thornbush, as a sign that it is the wish of the Most High: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Your Loving Mother, Mary”

WILLIAM: I was waiting for confirmation from Our Lady, through Thornbush but, as she was suffering so much, curiosity got the better of me so on the 10th I asked Our Lady again:

WILLIAM: “Mother: can You tell me if the forty (40) day Mass Novena You gave me some days ago in honour of the forty (40) month Ministry of Your Divine Son, Jesus, was true?”

OUR LADY: “My beloved son and ‘Rock of Truth’, My Little Pebble: remain at peace, for this devotion that was inspired to you came from the Infinite Mercy of God. It is His Desire that this Divine Mercy be given to all men as a last resort to gather His Flock by an invitation to offer all for the children He Loves so very much.”

“I bless you, sweet son of Love and Predilection: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Know that I am always with you and will never allow you – who will soon guide the Church – to go into error or confusion You are the delight of God: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Your Loving Mother, Mary


OUR LADY: “My sweet Angel of Divine Love and Truth: I desire you to know that, yes, this Novena has been revealed to you by Me, through My Immaculate Heart. You are to know that it is to be accomplished during the time of Lent.”

“I Bless you, My Precious ‘Little Rock of Truth and Fidelity’: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen – and I kiss your tender heart as your Loving Mother and Mystical Spouse.”

WILLIAM: Then on the 13th I asked Our Lady if the Novena could be done more than once. Our Lady replied that it could, however, the Graces would not be the same. Heaven would allow this Novena to be said twice a year, but the Graces and full Promises would only apply in Lent. Should this Novena be done more during the year, only certain Graces would apply.

WILLIAM: On the same day – it was the 12th in Canada – Thornbush received the same answer:

OUR LADY: “My precious Little ‘Rock of Consolation ‘ in Our Afflicted Hearts: you are to know that this special Novena may be prayed at any time but you are to know that the same Graces will not be accorded, for it has been given to be prayed for the time of Lent. If Holy Mass is missed voluntarily, yes, this Holy Novena will need to be repeated.”

“This Holy Novena is very special, and many more Signal Graces are accorded during the time of the Novena that will help those who will pray it to persevere but this Grace of perseverance is only given on the 13th day of the Holy Novena.”

“I offer you My Immaculate Heart to strengthen you, My ‘Little Rock’, and I clasp you in My Maternal Love. Your true obedience and fidelity have repaired many offenses that are being committed towards Our Afflicted and undivided Hearts Take courage. I am with you. Continue to offer everything. Everything has a time and each event is in God’s Hands, for remember, My Little Pebble, that a victory will occur.”

“I thank you for your kisses; they have been transformed into many special Graces to strengthen you.”

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