Message to Yellow Lily – 24 February 2018



Dear people of God,

I wish to introduce you to another beautiful Revelation given to Yellow Lily – a Seer of Canada. Jesus explained one of His Secret Sufferings of the Tongue – it was very sad. So to make reparation for this Wound, I would like to ask you to unite with me and offer only One Glory Be to Jesus, as a consolation and with this I will ask Jesus to grant you any request, due to its Merit – and the Precious Blood that was shed.

Wishing God’s Blessings to you.

William Costellia


YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is here. He stands just in front … in between … the statue of Our Lady of the Cape. Our Lord is dressed wholly in white, with a simple – like the Bishop here, with a knot around his Waist.

Our Lord walks to the front of the Altar with His Head bowed. He raises His Arms – Palms out – spreads them out and Our Blessed Lord says:

OUR LORD: “Peace be with you!” (With a smile)

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His Head: (with a beautiful slight smile)

OUR LORD: “So My little ones, We have begun another Lent. (and then the smile deepens) Are you ready for Lent? I would say to you, we can always give better – can’t we? In fact Our Lent – besides being in the Season, is moment-to-moment for the rest of our days – for all of our life – but in this Season We celebrate with the rest of Our fruitful Body and that (Our lord raises His left Hand a little bit with His Finger up) – that means great power for the Church; that means we bring all of us together to each of the Altars, in each of the Churches, in each of the Parishes and we join all the intentions of Our Mother; We enjoin the intentions of Mother Church to the intentions of God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – with and within the Heart of the Mother of God.”

“My dears: (Our lord lowers his Head a little bit) Have we been reflective when we should? To be good is such a struggle, Jesus knows, because He knows each one of you. He knows each one of the pebbles that we possess, that pinch us and stab us. We may not be aware of them. At the moment we are irritated, but we are certainly aware after, because Jesus does not miss a moment to give the heart a twinge. Have you felt the twinges? (Our Lord smiles deeply) Yes you have! Jesus thanks you for being so attentive.”

YELLOW LILY: And Our Lord bows his Head even deeper. Our lord looks to Tanya.

OUR LORD: “My dear, thank you for being My little Church today!”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks all around the room, to the ceiling, the floor – all around:

OUR LORD: “I tell you truly, no bigger Cathedral has Jesus enjoyed such a Mass.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks to Bishop.

OUR LORD: “Thank you Bishop for your attentiveness, for your efforts, for your work. Everything is noticed – and I tell you truly, you will take on a bigger role at …, which you may share … (Jesus is very pleased with….) You may tell them you have an inside track and they will believe you.”

“And for all of you here: Take the example of such an Organization that prays before they work; in everything you do, as you are reminded – pray! Take a moment before you vacuum a rug, wash a dish, sign a piece of paper, read – take a moment, just a moment, as you remember – and ask God to Bless your efforts. In that way they are both a sacrifice and a trophy of your work and Mission on Earth. Everything is a ‘Gem’ to Me.”

YELLOW LILY: Our lord enfolds His Hands over His Heart and Our lord smiles. He says:

OUR LORD: “Speaking of ‘Gems’, We now talk of the Little Pebble. I ask you, please, (and Jesus’ Voice grows hoarse with these pleas) continue to remember, as often as you remember a loved one – this Little Pebble of Mine, who struggles and struggles and struggles. For posterity, I tell you truly, everything that was his will be returned – and more. He is My Abraham; he is My Job; he is Our Job and all of you – all of you will see Nowra – will be a part of Nowra. All of you will have the great joy of seeing the ‘Miraculous Rock’ that Jesus prayed against – desperately hung on to. You will get a piece of the Rock and you will get some of the water, which will pour out from it. O yes, that is still part of the Plan – very much so. This will be a decorated part of the True Church in the time to come.”

YELLOW LILY: There, Our lord has told a ‘Little Secret’.

OUR LORD: “And I will tell more Secrets. I will tell of an intimacy of the suffering of the Son of Man.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord’s right Hand goes up a little bit and I see now on Our Lord, a Scapular, a Purple Scapular – just a plain Purple scapular.

OUR LORD: “I will tell you of a Secret Suffering of Jesus, which few know – but you shall – because Jesus wishes to share and tell you everything, because you are Mine and I am yours and we commiserate and we celebrate and we honour together, your prayers to Me and My prayers to the Father and the Father to Bless the Earth.”

“When Jesus was being Scourged, which all of you know, it was a great ponderous agony. Mary was present during the Scourging. She heard every blow. One of the reasons why Jesus kept silent, was that His Mother – already so alarmed – would not be again, to another degree, stricken. For I tell you with each blow, it was as if for Her, She was receiving them Herself. During a particular blow the Son of Man, in a way to keep quiet – as a means to keep silent – bit His Tongue nearly in two. His Mouth filled with Blood and that was the first indication to Him that He had done this. Also know the Son of Man chipped His Teeth and lost His Teeth during those blows, to keep silent.”

“So how will you use what I am telling you? Let Jesus tell you how. This is a tool. You may weep over this injury if you wish and I thank you and love you for it. But know, the Son of Man, how great that injury and that pain was – Jesus did not feel it – because the pain of the Scourging and the beating and the offences that had taken place before this, were too great. Jesus was only aware He had ripped His Tongue in two because of the Blood that filled His Mouth.”

“So I ask you now, with this information, use it so that when you are spoken to in a way you do not like, or annoyed, or you wish to speak and correct – instead, this Lent, be silent. Do not let pride overtake you. Picture Jesus holding on to His Tongue. Indeed you may know He swallowed part and spat out part. There was a great amount of Blood still, because the mouth bleeds. So, do you know what this means? For each one of you who struggle with a particular sliver of My Cross – remember My Mouth; remember My Tongue; remember a Mother who heard everything. Remember us, and maybe … (Our lord nods with a lovely knowing smile on His Face) you may not wish to bite out so quickly.”

“It is easy to criticize; it is easy to be critical and in those minor judgements – which is what they are – remember My mouth; remember My silence, for you – each one of you – who are destined to be Great Saints, must learn to be silent. There are times, certainly, when you are to talk and what you are to correct, out of love. Are you correcting out of love, or are you correcting to be clever? I leave this with you knowing and telling you, that one of the greatest practises the Little Pebble enjoys and does for Me – he is silent. Yes I know he is a man of many questions and he talks a lot to Our Lord, but he remains largely silent.”

“The resurrection of My Church is well at hand. Know this, when you see Her descend and descend and descend – with each descent, Our Easter is closer. My people, be filled with hope; be filled with enthusiasm. Look up to Heaven as your Jesus does now.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus is looking up to Heaven as I have just spread wide – palms up.

OUR LORD: “Look up to Heaven and trust that God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – with the Mother of God, with the entire chorus of Saints that has been, is and will be in the renewed Earth – all of us pray together. Lent is celebrated. Do not be downcast. Wash your faces and be filled with joy. Cry – yes! Suffer with Jesus – yes please! For I see all of you with and under the Cross with My Mother and with Me as We walk, but it is just forty days. This is a short time for the entire Church to be united in its suffering.”

“I say to you: All the Seasons of the Church are one in the life of the Saint and the life of one learning to be a Saint. I Bless you as I Love you and I am for all of those who could not make it here today, with you all. Let My Light shine out from this Cathedral to all the homes and all the homes of your families.”

“Do not worry, We have all in hand. We are at peace, We anticipate and we possess joy. Amen. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus looks to you Bishop again, with a thank you and He says:

OUR LORD: “There are surprises coming! I Love you all!”

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