Message to William Costellia – 11 March 2018


11 MARCH 2018

Pope Francis’ reported words: “I might go down in History for having split the Catholic Church.”

WILLIAM: Today Jesus came with the Angel Saint Melchisedech after Mass. Jesus Blessed me and said a new Mass will be introduced that will be for all Denominations – (Ecumenical Mass).

Once this comes Jesus will not be present in the Mass. The abomination will then arrive and the Church will divide and those Priests who will not say the new Mass, will be thrown out. The Priests were not to fear, as they can say the Tridentine Mass or the current Novus Ordo, the Eastern Rite Masses or the Orthodox Mass, as they will retain His Presence. The Church will divide.

The World was going to be punished soon – in these coming months – as sins have gone to the extreme.

Jesus told me the dream I had this morning was true where I saw huge waves engulf the Eastern Coastline of Australia – so much so – that the Opera House in Sydney would go underwater. Jesus said I would not be there at that time. He Blessed me and said to pray, pray!

Jesus Blessed all the World.

6 thoughts on “Message to William Costellia – 11 March 2018

  1. Just wondering how we will survive without the Eucharist. Padre Pio Said: “lt is easier for the world to survive without the sun than without the Eucharist”
    My words: “Without the Eucharist the world would slip quickly into the formless waste it was, the chaos from which God first created it. A world without it’s Creator cannot survive. The world and mankind cannot exist on it’s own without their maker.
    Have Mercy on us O Lord have mercy… Saviour of the world save us. Mercy Divine, forgive us, Love Eternal, heal us. Stay in with us Lord, since evening is approaching. How shall we survive without you. Do not give us what we truly deserve, but in your great, love, In your great goodness, in your compassion…. forgive, bless and heal, those you suffered death to save. We have sinned, we have rebelled, against you, sinned against heaven and against you our Most Loving Father. We have left the path of life. Wandering far away from you our Eteniny. Far and away in trackless waste. Wasted our lives in reckless living. Worshipping other gods. Remove our hearts of stone and give hearts of flesh. Holy, obedient, submissive to your Holy and Divine Will. May all who seek you with a sincere heart find you. May all who call out upon you Holy Name be saved. May all who turn back to you be healed and fin their path back to you. Our life. Our Sweetness, our Hope.
    Mother of Mercy Refuge of sinners. Mary Refuge of Holy Love inteerceed for us always. Pray for us to your Son. Take our Petitions to Jesus. Hide us under you mantle from the coming destructions. And bring us with you to heaven. Where United in the company of saints we will praise, adore, glorify our God, forever for all Eteniny. Amen.
    Remember o Most Gracious Virgin never was it known, that anyone who turned to you, sought your intecession, was left unaided. Inspired by these thoughts, we turn to you and cry out, Mother, do not leave us. Mother most gracious and Loving, do not turn you gaze away from us. Point out to Jesus our misery, in this valley of tears. Please for us to you Son…all you holy Angels of God, Pray for us, All you saints are n heaven, pray for us. Pray with us. St. Michael, St.Gabiel, St. Raphael the archangels, aid us. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, God the Father, Jesus our Eucharistic Lord, Holy Spirit our Consoler, to you be, praise, honour, glory, adoration, forever for all ages to come. Amen.

    • You must start gathering communion wafers,communion wine etc and all sacramentals as you will be required to find priests who are still true to Our Lord Jesus Christ, these priests will be able to hold house masses ( peoples homes big enough) and some priests may require shelter and food as in the days of old when St’s Peter and Paul walked the earth. It will eventually come to the point where some priests faithful to Jesus may have to go into hiding, you must provide them food and shelter and places of safety.

  2. Open the Hearts of your servants the Priests to accept your words given through your servants. And give them your Heart. Fight with them. Fight for them. And help the to labour for the salvation of souls. O Good Shepherd, hear us. Mercy Divine, forgive your Priests. Guide your Church in these most dangerous, difficult and confusing times. You’re the Lord of History. The Creator of time and Man, the world and all it contains.
    Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven…lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from every evil, every wicked scheme of the enemy. Spiritual and physical dangers and from the fear of what is to come. Raise our hearts to you Father, raise our hearts towards heaven, and help us to pray, to praise, to thank you Father, Son and the Holy Spirit…as we await in hope for the blessings of the second and glorious coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Amen. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.

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