A Call to Unity – 18 March 2018


18 March 2018

Dear friends of Jesus and Mary,

The Peace of Jesus the Crucified be with you!

It has come to my attention once again, that the same people from the Maria Divine Mercy Groups, are casting aspersions and character assassinations upon good and faithful souls who promote M.D.M. Messages and other Seers’ Messages. Satan has done his work well! He does not have to attack souls, as good souls do the job for him.

I wish to remind you once again, of these Words given to M.D.M. on 7th January 2012:

JESUS: “To those of you who claim to know Me – be assured that your love for Me must be proven. Woe to those of you who slander another in My Name – you are lost to Me.” (without forgiveness).

“When I urge you to become little in My Eyes, I mean as a child, who does not question. I mean as a child who trusts completely in his father, without fear in his heart.”

A dispute has arisen over these past days on Face Book, the Internet and Emails etc. about a Holy Painting of the Mother of God. It is said that M.D.M. has claimed this is not a true image of Our Holy Mother. It is also claimed, that Jesus does not give His Approval of this work.

I can assure you, Jesus did not say this and M.D.M. would not give such a direction, because who in the world, or the Church, has any authority to stop any person from promoting God’s Word or any paintings of God or the Virgin Mary.

Some people who promote the Messages of the seers – especially those spreading M.D.M. Messages, believe they have the monopoly on God’s Word and His Deeds. No person needs the approval from M.D.M. or other Seers, to promote God’s Word or the paintings that are offered to promote God’s Word.

There is no image of God or His Holy Mother that could give an expression of what they look like, as no human can give it justice. However, every soul who paints and promotes Holy Images should be encouraged, not attacked for their work.

Look at the beautiful work of Akiane! These paintings of God and Heavenly Beings are so wonderful.

So once again I call all men of good will, to unite in one big Army of God to promote these Messages from Heaven and to not judge or condemn. If you believe something is not right, then pray and ask God to clear the path to truth.

At this time in history, we are living in the last days of this Earth as we know it. The Return of Jesus is near and a New Peaceful World is at the door. Do not let Satan weaken you through petty accusations.

The most important Messages at this time are from:

M.D.M.’s Book of Truth,

Christina Gallagher of Ireland,

Luz de Maria,

Pedro Regis,




Bayside, New York,

Holy Love Ministry,



These are but a few – there are many, many more, which are available on our Website.

Let us unite and crush the head of the Serpent with Our Lady’s Rosary and Jesus’ Divine Mercy and pray for M.D.M. to return publicly now, as the Great Warning is near – possibly February 2019.

I remain God’s Servant

William J. Costellia