Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The Loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is not what it seems

The fulfillment of prophecy …

In 2014 the News Media filled the airwaves with the tragic news of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with its 239 passengers and crew. A massive international search began with the centre of operations in Australia. After many months of searching the Ocean, nothing was found.

During this period, William Costellia received a Message about the incident:

Message 701 – 14 May 2014 a public Message, Our Lord explained a bit of the mystery:

OUR LORD: “The loss of the airline is not as it seems, dear children. There is foul play and this will soon be uncovered at an island not looked into.”

Well, on 18 March 2018 the following News article appeared:

It shows the fulfillment of a prophecy from Our Lord.