Message to Maria Julianna – 21 March 2018

Message to Maria Julianna

March 21, 2018

English Translation by Manuel Silveira

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And he [Jesus] said to them “It is written: ‘My house shall be a house of prayer’ but you are making it a den of thieves.” (Matthew 21:13)

Dear children! My church abolishes my laws, rejects my teaching and propagates heresies. That way can’t continue any longer. I did not die on the cross so that many of my sufferings and the great work of my salvation would be in vain. I have come to save the world and to give eternal life to all those who accept my teachings and follow them.

My children! The greatest sin is from the ones whom I have commanded as shepherds. They should convey credible teaching, but instead they are complying with people and let them live in sin. The words of my Mother in Fatima are not exaggerated today: most people go to hell for the sins of body and fornication. Today, these disorderly, blatant physical relationships are so common that they are not even considered sinful. But that does not change my law, for God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and His laws are irreconcilable. I am the only Savior ― I have redeemed you by my suffering and death. I am the Truth and I have died for the Truth. At the time of your death, you will be judged with eternal truth, because that is the standard that determines your eternal destiny.

My dear children! I love you very much. My love is a deep flaming fire that burns but does not burn, rather gently but firmly shaping you, and turning you step-by-step into my image. The dignified fire of my divine righteousness burns the soul of the sinners, through perpetual restlessness and conscience warning them to depart from the wrong path and approach Me. If they do not, then the fire of divine justice will burn them forever. Behold, the fire that burned in the bush, but the bush did not burn, the fire that Moses had seen was the flame of My love, which led the chosen people to their land. When you hear about wars and natural disasters, it is the punishment of my divine justice that burns the sinners so that at least at the last moment of their lives they might repent and be saved.

My children! You cannot understand the value of human life in my eyes. I died on the cross to bring you to Heaven to be saved; it was not for you to live well on Earth. But the majority of the people are deaf and blind, because they are looking for the Heaven that they will never find on Earth because Heaven is not here. There is no similarity to Heaven here. Heaven is not material prosperity and terrestrial luxury, pampering the body, but exercising altruism, pure love for the other person, and identification with your neighbor. Then you experience Heaven because of the other person’s smile and satisfaction. I ​​am glory and reward for all true spirits. Collect these treasures while you are living here, because you can only bring them to the other side. All the material possessions you have collected will stay here.

My children! I desire you follow my doctrine to attain salvation. Look to the cross filled with My love. Think about my anguish and my crucifixion! Remember my words: “I’m thirsty.” I’m thirsty for your souls and for all that can save you from eternal death: your prayer, fasting, resignation, expiation, and suffering. Receive my confirming blessing I give you from the cross, that is your source of salvation and eternal life. I will bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”