Book 2 – Important Messages from MDM – 3 April 2018


3 April 2018

7th January 2012 – Jesus: To those of you who claim to know Me, be assured that your love for Me must be proven. Woe to those of you who slander another in My Name – you are lost to Me!

When I urge you to become little in My Eyes, I mean as a child who does not question; I mean as a child who trusts completely in his father, without fear in his heart.

8th January 2012 – God The Father: You, My beloved children, have a glorious future ahead of you.

11th January 2012 – The biggest abomination since the Holocaust, is being plotted against the Jews. The Global PowersMy children, are like puppets. My chosen people, the Jews, are facing yet again, a terrible persecution. (By their friends)

13th January 2012 – Scientists will publicly deny this Miracle has taken place. (The Warning).

18th January 2012 – Our Lady: Wicked plan within the Vatican to destroy the Catholic Church. Pray that they do not drive the Pope away – Pray that the False Prophet will not take the Seat of the Holy Father, so that he can spread lies.

19th January 2012 – The Antichrist, who is hidden in the wings, will soon appear in the world.

21st January 2012 – The False Prophet will be treated like a living Saint. (Pope Francis).

24th January 2012 – Good news – God, My Eternal Father, has Sanctioned the salvation of much of mankind.

25th January 2012 – Our Lady: Nuclear War involving Iran, is being plotted.

4th February 2012 – Wars involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria, interlinked.

8th February 2012 – Very soon a man will come who will profess to be Me (Jesus). He will perform wonders – great acts of peace, humanitarian deeds and acts of public affection.

9th February 2012 – Fornication, pornography and prostitution – all are Mortal Sins.

10th February 2012 – Earthquakes will be felt, as part of a small chastisement before the Warning. Once this chastisement is over, it will be time for the Warning.

14th February 2012 – Europe will be the first target of the Red Dragon (China), followed by the U.S.A.

19th February 2012 – The Beast with Ten Horns, is the European Union.

You of this Chosen Generation, will reap the wonders of My Glorious Reign on Earth.

Russia and China will join forces. This will happen as the Beast with Ten Horns rises to dominate their long-suffering innocent people, Babylon – Babylon will fall and be dominated by the Red Dragon, China and its ally, the Bear, Russia. All Religions will be banned.

16th March 2012 – Same sex Marriage is a grave sin.

20th March 2012 – The time for the Schism in the Church is almost here and you must get prepared now.

8th April 2012 – Heaven and Earth will become one – one won’t exist without the other.

12th April 2012 – The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church, but he will be the False Prophet.

21st April 2012 – Billions of souls – not millions – will convert. (During the Warning).

26th April 2012 – Those who are loyal to Me will be taken in the blink of an eye, without suffering, into the New Heaven and Earth.

16th May 2012 – The Second Seal – World War III. Your Banking System will be the cause and Germany, once again, will be involved. It will affect Greece – the fallout in France. The Middle East will be involved with Israel and Iran at War and Syria will play a serious part in the downfall of Egypt.

The Antichrist appears to create a false peace.

1st June, 2012 – 666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip, which you will be forced to accept – just as you would any vaccination.

Our Lord: “My dearly beloved daughter, the Antichrist is already preparing his peace plan, which he will introduce, soon after the wars become widespread in the Middle East and when the pain and terrible anguish means, there is no sign of hope.”

“Then he will appear suddenly and announce himself to the world as a man of peace, a bright jewel, which will sparkle in the midst of darkness.”

“As he emerges, he will be seen, as one of the most charismatic political leaders of all time. His handsome, appealing and caring personality will fool the majority of people. He will exude love and compassion and will be seen to be Christian. In time, he will draw many followers who will grow in their numbers, so that he becomes like Me, the Messiah. He will be seen to promote unity among all nations and he will be loved in almost every country in the world. Then, he will be seen to have supernatural skills. Many will believe that he has been sent by My Father and that he is Me, Jesus Christ, Saviour of the World. They will pray to him, love him, give up their lives for him and he will laugh and mock them, when they cannot see him. This will be the biggest deception of all time and the plan to steal your souls, to take you away from Me.”

“He and the False Prophet, who will sit like a King on the Seat of Peter, will secretly plot a One World Religion. This will appear to be a Christian-type religion, which promotes love. It will, however, not promote love of one another, which comes from God. Instead it will promote love and allegiance to the Antichrist and love of oneself. The abomination does not stop there, for when they have seduced God’s children, the attack will begin.”

“Suddenly, all will be asked to accept the One World Mark of Allegiance – a united world – which all men will have to partake in. It will control your money, your access to food and how you live. Rules – many of them – will mean that you will become prisoners. The key to your cell, which keeps you under their control, will be the Mark of the Beast. 666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip, which you will be forced to accept, just as you would any vaccination. Once embedded, it will poison not only your mind and soul, but your body. For it will cause plague, designed to wipe out much of the world’s population.”

“You must not accept the Mark. Instead, I will instruct you what to do. Many will accept the Mark because they will feel helpless.”

9th June 2012 – God The Father: I will fight the Battle of Armageddon with the Hierarchy in the Heavens and will – I Promise – defeat the enemy and the devils spawned by the hand of Lucifer – Satan – to be banished for one thousand (1,000) years. You are now facing the biggest crisis since the Creation of the Human Race, for the time has come for you to make the final choice.

21st June 2012 – Man did not evolve from animals, but that is what those who do not believe in God would have you believe.

6th July 2012 – One third of the Earth will be destroyed, as the Angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens.

13th July 2012 – After the World War, will come the famine and then the plagues.

17th September 2012 – A Protestant Nation, Great Britain, will convert soon, to My Ways.

19th September 2012 – Conversion takes place first, then the persecution, then the salvation – in that order.

20th September 2012 – God the Father: “The time of My Son is being merged with your time, children and soon all will become one.”

12th October 2012 – There will be different levels in the New Paradise, of Twelve (12) Nations.

13th October 2012 – Then there will be the introduction of a Global Vaccination, which will kill you if you accept it.

27th October 2012 – There is a plan to commence a surge of global preaching – this preaching will not be of God. It will preach a lie, which will state that God does not and cannot exist – plotted by these atheists. There will be an announcement, that a new substitute Religion will be introduced into law – the One World Religion. Their Mission is to abolish allegiance to the One True God. It will be by their hand that lightning, earthquakes and tsunamis will strike the Earth. They will be stopped.

5th November 2012 – The Earth will groan in pain, as the Antichrist prepares his entrance.

7th November 2012 – Much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace. The various leaders in different nations will soon join ranks and prepare to destroy Christianity. Because of this, the bowls of fire and lightning will be poured out over the world, to punish the wicked.

9th November 2012 – This Vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a Global Health Care Plan.

10th November 2012 – Global Vaccination – one of the most wicked forms of genocide ever witnessed, since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler.

30th November 2012 – The enemies of the Jews in all nations, will gather together in unity, to crush Israel.

7th December 2012 – Many False Prophets are infiltrating My followers in every corner.

8th December 2012 – The Warning will purify God’s children, in preparation for My Second Coming.

12th December 2012 – When My Word given to Visionaries and genuine Prophets is made known to the world, it attracts immediate criticism. Why is this? It is because it is I, your Jesus. Remember, it is not My Prophets you hurt – it is I.

25th December 2012 – My Plan of Salvation for the world began in My time on the 22nd December, 2012. This period of Great Tribulation will last some time. The wars will escalate until the big war is declared. There will be a Great Deluge. You will also witness smaller floods.

27th December 2012 – Soon a new light – a new Sun – will be seen. When the Earth will turn, the Planets will change and the climates will no longer be predictable.

27th December 2012 – The light of the New Dawn – the New Era – will slowly, but surely, illuminate the world. Soon a new light – a new Sun – will be seen. It will be larger and will be the cause of much wonder. This is a sign of My Power and My Majesty. It will be a Miracle.

30th December 2012 – The wars in the Middle East will accelerate – they will involve the West as well as the East. The turmoil will be halted by the Man of Peace – the Beast – the Antichrist. Many will, in time, believe that he is God – the Messiah. I, Jesus Christ, will not come in the Flesh. When I will come again, it will be through the way in which I left.