Message to Javier Viegas – 8 March 2018

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Mexican Prophet Javier Viegas on March 8, 2018

[Translated by Manuel Silveira]

First Mystery: Our Lord Jesus Christ Speaks.

Abstract: Live, then, My little ones, as I taught you. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, without Me and without the Knowledge that I left you, if you won’t carry it out, you will hardly reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

My children: your life is My Life. I came to give My Life for all of you, but how many of you, really, offer Me your life, just as I gave Mine for you? Few of you really unite to Me. Few think, from the heart, on everything that I did for you. Few, or very few, [offer] penance [for] your sins and those of yours, — of your family, of the entire World, of the past, present and future souls, because I gave Myself for all of you.

You can say that this is impossible, that you cannot give for all souls and of all times, but I have repeated many times, My little ones, that you are the Christs of this time and when I tell you this, I hope that you call Me to enter into you, to be in you and for both of us to be in one life.

If you are in Me, I enter into you and in this way we unite. With My Grace, with My Love and certainly, in a mysterious way, I help you to penance and to help Me, thanks to your intercession and your love, to bear those painful moments of My Offering for the salvation of all of you.

I told you, previously, that the vast majority of you do not focus on the Sorrows of My Passion and My Death. My children, My suffering was awful, which began from the moment I was in the World. You would have to be gods, to understand what I, your God, had suffered because of sin.

Certainly, this is sad, My little ones, but Satan had taken your brothers, from that time, deeply into sin. They lived with evil, everything became evil and sin, exploiting their neighbor, and that is why I came, My little ones, to bring you the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit, so that you could understand the worth of My Offering ― your eternal salvation.

There are so much pain and lack of love in the World. What I have given you, what My Father created for your welfare, you use to sin, you have not used it to live the best way possible.

You live only the moment, for there is no strong spiritual life in you to avoid the temptations of Satan and be able to grow spiritually; you hardly do this, because you have to deny yourself first and you do not have Me, as the first thing in your life. If you are doing well, you have me in the last place. When you have anything to do, you think of Me, of My needs, of My Sorrows, of the needs that I went through, many times during those thirty-three years; Yes, My little ones, I suffered a lot throughout My Life. I suffered loneliness, incomprehension and contempt. It annoyed Me, because I lived in Good and preached Good to your brothers, and now I do it to you.

Why do you not do Good, My little ones? You were created for that, to give yourself to your brothers, when they cannot help themselves, and to help them so that they did not deviate from the path that I had traced in their hearts.

How easy men deviate! How easy they forget Me! If you really love Me, if You seek Me, if you live with Me in your thoughts and in your heart, you would enjoy the gift of life, but you are so far away from Grace. You live for the World, you do not live to please Me, above all, to accompany Me in all those moments of solitude, in which, I did not have a soul to accompany Me, assist Me, tell Me anything.

Why don’t you understand, My little ones, that My Grace is wasted if you separate from Me? And worst of all, Satan would attack you more strongly. My Grace is like a shield that protects you against the attacks of Satan and you yourselves are ignoring this reality.

The evil of Satan continues to walk freely among you, and you do not stop it, you let it pass, it suits you to do it, because you believe that by living that way, you can live better in materialism, but you are in a tremendous error. What is from the world remains in the world, and you were not created for the world.

Come to Me, let Me explain to you, as I have explained My Word to the people in those times. You must help each other for the time is short, as we have told you, at any time, disasters may hurt you and if you are wise, you would do everything possible now to avoid these events that will bring you much pain.

You have been given the gift of life to do Good, to save souls, to be with Me, and you have done neither one thing nor another, you are alone, many of you, according to your way of thinking; you do not have that deep spiritual life to protect you from the attacks of Satan.

Live, then, My little ones, as I taught you. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, without Me and without the Knowledge that I left you, if [you] won’t carry it out, you will hardly reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

I wait for you at the entrance of the Kingdom, I await your return, but how many of you are really looking to be already before Me? On the contrary, you cling to this life and do not necessarily do Good, rather you keep sinning. You seek the health of your body, but neglect the health of your soul, because there is no purity either in your mind or in your heart.

My Heart awaits you, the Kingdom is yours, but how many of you will arrive there? How many of you want to be with Me eternally? How many of you, do really love Me, to penance for your sins and for those of many of your brothers?

I bless you, My little ones and I send you My Holy Spirit, to give you the Holy Discernment, so that I may fill you with My Light, so that you may have My Love and share it with your brothers. My love remains with you.

Thank you, My little ones.