Message to Maria Julianna – 22 March 2018

Message to Maria Julianna of Hungary

March 22, 2018


[Translated by Manuel Silveira]

“Blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear” (Matthew 13:16).

OUR LORD: “Dear children! You have received tremendous grace. I am the infinite Love, the eternal sun, which I pour out on your hearts and souls. I will never leave you. I am the manager, the key, the solver, the caretaker of everything. You could do nothing without me. I am the Provider, the Savior, who will release you from the chain of your sins. I am the Messiah and the Lord. Before me, all knees bend in Heaven, on Earth, and in the underworld. Great grace will come down to you. Take this as a tremendous treasure that surpasses the whole created world, because the soul is a million times more valuable than the body. The soul is immortal. Heaven is eternal, which is unimaginably more valuable than this created world in which you live now. Consider all the obstacles that separate you from Me. Only trust Me, just worship Me and keep my laws. If you do this, you are here now and happy to be part of the Kingdom of God for those who love Him. I made a place for you in the Father’s Kingdom. It has splendid cities that are difficult to describe in human terms. But all this is overtaken by the infinite love of the Trinity, which fills the whole Heaven, including its corners. It illuminates the souls and makes everyone happy. Therefore, my children, here and now, unceasingly, just consider it! My words illuminate … proclaim the Word with your life examples, deeds, and teachings. Save other souls! Be my fellow workers in the great work of my salvation. I have eternal plans for you all. I’ve called everyone: one for this, the other for that. I want to fill all hearts and want to take it upon myself to guide you to eternal salvation. I live and work with you. Take all sinners from the hands of Satan and lead them to the Source of living waters.”

“Oh, my dear little ones, if you could only look at the miracle I made in Heaven, your weak body would die in happiness. Now even with the eyes of faith you can see my glory. This is hope now for fulfillment there.”

“Little children! Your life is short. Use every moment to fulfill my law. Save your souls and bring them to Me.”

“My children! There is no greater treasure on Earth than the sacraments. When you can slay your sins in the Sacrament of Penance and get rid of their shackles, then unspeakable happiness and relief pass through your hearts. When you receive Me in your pure souls: the true God and true Man — My resurrected Body and Blood, the eternal sun, I pour out and warm your frozen souls and prepare you for the great happiness that is waiting for you in Heaven. Therefore, receive the sacraments as often as possible and consider them the most important part of your life.”

“There is little time left for cleaning the world. A new, wonderful era is coming to the world. My opponent for thousands of years will no longer have power over you. But I leave you with free will to earn spiritual merit. With your decisions you can still say yes to my grace or you can resist it.”

“The temptations that trap you will cease, therefore you cannot sin. Then you will see clearly and exercise your free will. Many people now think their evil deeds are their will: in fact, they are Satan’s temptations. Every temptation is only possible if you have a desire something. If you break away from everything and are unceasingly searching for God’s will, you only want to meet Him, the evil will be much weaker than you and won’t tempt you.”

“My children! I asked this: be perfect as your Heavenly Father. Everyone can accomplish this if one denies oneself, takes one’s cross and follows Me keeping my laws and searching always for what is dear to me. If you live this way, my children, you are already on the path of holiness. To be holy means to fulfill my eternal sacred plan for you. Always ask me to guide you and your destiny. You will be hiding from Satan and his minions and from all those who can harm you. With deep humility and flaming affection, let yourself be seduced in the Blessed Fireworks of my Heart, which burns all imperfections and shapes you to my Self-image. I should be your Lord and God. Announce my words to people so that they may be with Me, and have peace in Me. Many souls will escape from eternal damnation if you always bring people to Me and follow my true teachings. You must be radical Christians! Never abandon the truth for your own sake. You cannot serve two lords. Always look up to Me, the Crucified One, Who loves you, poured His Blood and gave His life for you. I’m always your resource! Just confess me and talk to me! I am filling your heart with peace and eternal love which I alone can give. I bless you, dear children, with the intimate, eternal love of my heart in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”