Message to Javier Viegas – 13 March 2018

Message from Our Lady to the Mexican Prophet Javier Viegas on March 13, 2018

First Mystery: The Blessed Virgin Mary speaks.

Abstract: I will be with you, present you before My Son and ask for your salvation. Play your part, as I have told you: prayer, penance, fasting, spiritual life, Sacramental life, and we will work together to defeat Satan.

My little children, I am your Mother, the Ever Virgin Mary. I come to protect you against the attacks of Satan, which will become stronger. You are already feeling anger and envy, and that is why you see riots around the world. Everything is in disarray, because of Satan, who is in disarray. He wants to destroy you, and the Work of God, so that you suffer and fall into his clutches.

My little ones, I come to help you solve all your problems, I want you to have full confidence in Me, your Mother, these are My moments … I have already told you so. They are moments in which the Father has allowed Me to be with you more perceptibly. My manifestations, as a Protective and Loving Mother, will increase in transparency, so that you might understand that I am really with all of you, and also with those who were deceived by Satan, who are in sects, I will also guide them to eternal salvation. Just as My Son embraced anyone and He died for all, I also come as your Saving Mother, Intercessor, so that you can return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

My Son gave you a thorough Evangelization, which if you followed it, as requested, would assure you the Kingdom of Heaven. I come as a Loving Mother and Intercessor to lead you by the hand, to convince you that if you accept what My Son gave you for a true change of spiritual life, you would surely enter into the Kingdom of God.

Certainly, you won’t be pressured or brainwashed, but for Love of you, I will insist on Love, to embrace what My Son has given and promised to you.

You have the Ten Commandments that Our Father God gave you in the Sinai, and all of you must follow them.These are the Commandments that lead you to perfection. Following them, you are limiting your passions, which can lead you to eternal damnation, and when you overcome them with the help of prayer, fasting and penance, you can reach holiness, My little ones. In My Apparitions in various parts of the World, I have asked you this, My little ones: fasting, penance, prayer, the Sacraments and limit your passions because it causes your soul to grow easily in spirituality, as bodily weakness generates strength in the soul which flies towards God. That is mainly the value of fasting, you can stop your physical strength, and turn to spirituality then you gain strength that Satan cannot destroy, and cannot convince you to do evil.

As the Scriptures tell you, My Son fasted for forty days and forty nights before beginning His Evangelization and fasting now should be a timely preparation for future tribulation. Satan is not stopping his attempts to destroy you; he will surely direct all his strength to annihilate you. Our God and Lord will stop him in some way, so that he does not attack you with all his power, because he would easily destroy you, he will use a strength that you do not know yet and you can only stop it with fasting, prayer, and a deep spiritual life, but if you don’t practice them anymore, you will no longer live in the spirituality you need so much, you would then listen more to Satan, live to please your body, and your body would betray you, because the passions are treacherous and lead you to sin and sometimes to serious sin, which causes eternal death.

You have been warned long ago about all this, My little ones, to defend yourself against Satan’s attacks. He is a ruthless, horrendous being, who only wants to destroy you and the Work of My God and Lord, so that you suffer eternally, as he has already suffered from his grave sin at the beginning of time.

This is why I am here among you, My little ones, to help you grow in spirituality you will need to overcome Satan. Let Me, My little ones, guide you and call Me at any time with the full confidence of a son to a Mother.

Certainly, your earthly mothers are very special and you love them very much, because they love you. They gave life to you, and helped you to grow, both spiritually and physically, but they will never love you as I love you, My little ones, because I loved you even before you were born, I know you much better than your parents.

As I have also told you, these are the times when My God, in His Most Holy Trinity, has given Me the opportunity to serve you, because that is what My Son on the Cross asked me to do, to help all persons to be saved.

Trust in Me, your Mother, My little ones. Satan is afraid of Me, he cannot hear My Holy Name, because he falls in terror. If you ask My Protection, I will handle all Satan’s attacks. Come to me with absolute confidence, My little ones, I will take you by the hand, guide and help you to overcome these difficult moments, and whether you stay for the future on Earth or return to the Kingdom of Heaven, I will be with you, present you before My Son and ask for your salvation. Play your part, as I have told you: prayer, penance, fasting, spiritual life, Sacramental life, and we will work together to defeat Satan.