Books 4-5 Important MDM Messages – 11 April 2018


11th April 2018

14th February 2014 – This is the time when souls will have to endure the pain of Purgatory on Earth.

15th February 2014 – The Antichrist will use his so-called stigmata, as a means to convince the world he is Jesus Christ.

4th March 2014 – Wars will escalate until the Great War is declared.

13th March 2014 – For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfilment of My Holy Will.

15th March 2014 – It will only be when the Holy Eucharist is abolished completely, that the Antichrist will enter My Church.

1st May 2014 – My Promise to come again, will be fulfilled in the lifetime of this generation.

3rd May 2014 – Ask and you will receive is not an idle Promise that I made.

JESUS: “My dearly beloved daughter, when I ask people to trust in Me, this is a very difficult thing, for many people to do. So many find it hard to trust in My Love for humanity, when they rely on their own faith, in order for them to surrender completely to Me. It is only when you fully surrender yourselves into My care, that you feel safe, protected and at peace.”

“My Love, when sought out by you, will cover you, when you hold out your arms and call out to Me as a little child. Children place all their trust in their parents, when they are little. They know only the difference between what feels right and what feels wrong and so they rely completely on the adult to protect them. Children do not think twice about running to their parents for comfort and to seek refuge. The faith of a child is strong. He does not question, for he believes truly, that he will find safety in the arms of a loving parent.”

“I Am to be trusted, for all that is asked of Me will be done, if it is for the good of the soul. Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make. I relish the Act of lavishing My Gifts upon each one of you. When you ask Me to help you, I hear, feel and respond to all that you desire. Allow Me the chance to prove My Love for each of you. Let Me show you the proof of My Intervention. It is at this time of existence, that I, Jesus Christ, will make My Presence known, in all that you ask of Me. It is at this time, that I will enable you to feel My Presence, witness My Great Acts of Intervention in your daily lives and to understand the power of your prayers. For these are the days of great miracles, which I bequeath to humanity, more than at any other time, since I walked the Earth.”

“When you truly place all your trust in Me, I can work great miracles to bring you, not only relief from suffering, but to draw you even closer to My Sacred Heart. When a child knows that a parent loves him, he feels secure in the knowledge that he is protected. Know that by trusting in Me, I protect you all and I will flood each of your souls with a deep sense of peace, which you will find nowhere else on this Earth.”

“Come to Me today and call on Me to help you – no matter what worries you may have. Recite this special Prayer every time you are in distress and I will respond every single time.”

Crusade Prayer (148) Come to my aid:

“O my Jesus, help me in my time of great distress. Hold me in Your Arms and take me into the Refuge of Your Heart. Wipe away my tears. Calm my resolve. Lift my spirits and fill me with Your Peace. Please grant me this special request (mention it here ..). Come to my aid, so that my request is answered and that my life can become peaceful and in union with You, dear Lord. If my request cannot be granted, then fill me with the Grace to accept that your Holy Will is for the good of my soul and that I will remain faithful to Your Word forever, with a kind and gracious heart. Amen.”

“Always call to Me whenever you are sorrowful or in need of help and I promise that you will be given a sign that I have responded to your cry to Me.”

Your beloved Saviour

Your Jesus

13th May 2014 – The sky will be darkened for three days immediately before I return.

6th June 2014 – The figure “one” will be used as a symbol in the new book.

The world will soon be presented by the enemies of My Son, with a wicked book, which will have the number “one” embedded within the cover in red and black, with the head of a goat hidden within its designs.

13th June, 2014 – That will be the greatest day since God Created Adam and Eve:

JESUS: “My dearly beloved daughter, My Time is very near and because of this, it is important that every single person in the world prepares, as if they were to be taken from this life at any moment. Do not ignore My Call, for those who fail to prepare for the Great Day will be left in great anguish.”

“On the Day of My Second Coming, which will be preceded by the Warning, when I will prove to the world Who I Am, you must be ready. I come for all of you, to take you into the exquisite new and glorious Paradise. I do not desire to exclude anyone. Each of you is a cherished child of God. Those who are not aware of their parentage will know, instantly, Who I Am. For it will stem from an ingrained human instinct, just as a child who is separated from its natural parent, will know their own flesh and blood, even if it takes a lifetime to reunite with each other. It will feel natural and, for those who have a warm heart, the final moment will be filled with an exhilarating love. You have nothing to fear.”

“For those who choose to believe in false gods and who do not recognize the Triune God, you will not readily accept Me, for you have always rejected Me. Yet, I will pull you towards Me and embrace you. The power of God will descend over you, through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and you will find it hard to turn your back on Me. So for all those who see Me, including those who rejected Me in this life, most of you will realize the Truth at that stage. You will allow Me to pull you into My Sacred Arms.”

“I will lift you all in an instant, in the blink of an eye, into My New Kingdom. And then will commence the beginning of the end. Those souls who idolized the Beast and who gave themselves over in body, mind and soul to Satan and who became his willing agents, will have nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide and they will be left without any help, for Satan will have forsaken them. For by then, Satan will be cast into the Abyss and his power will cease completely at that point. To those souls, I say this: Even at that stage I will show you Mercy. You must call out to Me and say: ‘Jesus help me. Jesus, forgive me for all my sins.’ And I will lift you, too, into My New Paradise.”

“I will save every soul who calls on Me just before the skies close, the mountains collapse and the sea floods the Earth and then the Heavens will disappear along with the old Earth. Up will rise My New Paradise the New Heaven and Earth, just as it was created for Adam and Eve and all will rejoice. For that will be the Greatest Day since God Created Adam and Eve. Never lose hope and remember My Words to you now.”

“My Mercy is so great that even those who have sold their souls to the devil will be saved, if they so desire, by calling out to Me on the Final Day. They too, can live an Eternal Life of great glory, with all of God’s children. This New Paradise is your rightful inheritance. Do not squander it for the false and empty promises of Satan.”

“I Love you all. Always keep My Love locked within your hearts and I will always protect you from evil.

Your Jesus

23rd August 2014 – I will arm My Angels and My Chosen Ones to do battle with those who denounce Me.”

9th September 2014 – Those who curse My Prophets, curse Me!

24th October 2014 – The Hand of God will use the Sun to alert the world. The Sun will dissipate, until no light will cover the Earth for three days. The only light, will be that which comes from the Truth and on the fourth day the skies will burst open and the light – the likes of which you will never have believed possible – will pour from the Heavens. Then I will be seen by every person.

25th December 2014 – Humanism is an affront to God.

3rd January 2015 – Thunder and lightning will descend upon the Temple of the Lord. But the day when the Holy Sacrifice ends and the hour that the imposters desecrate My Altar, will be the final thorn by which they will pierce My Side. At the appointed time, thunder and lightning will descend upon the Temple of the Lord and it will come crashing down.