Message to Maria Magdolna – 8 April 2018

Message to Maria Magdolna – 8 April 2018

Maria Magdolna (Mary Magdalene) of Hungary

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[English translation by Manuel Silveira]

In the Hour of Divine Mercy (15:00-16:00)

I saw the sky opened over Hungary, in the middle of which Jesus appeared and the blood and water flowing from His side poured out all over the country. This was a great gift, for the light of God’s grace forced the shadow of darkness out of many areas within our country. But I saw a few places where the darkness was so strong that grace could not exert its effect.

After the election, the Lord said:

JESUS: “My children, rejoice and cheer, for the way that leads to the ascension of your nation has opened before your country. Indeed, I say to you, that the grace of victory is from my Father who has heard your prayers, and has appreciated your sacrifices. Satan is helpless against your people, because the power of my grace paralyzed him. Many people hear that some people blaspheme and slander your Christian government, and the loud exclamations are heard by the fallen angels under heavy torment. All those who let lies and hatred into their hearts and their senses give their souls voluntarily to those who create sin. From then on, they do not act, but deliver themselves to Satan. Now you can really see the enemies of your country. You’ve won the battle, but that does imply you won’t have further struggles. The time has come for you to rebuild your country. Build your homes in the church that celebrates the Eucharist. Only in me can you become secure. Pray for the Hungarian people to recognize the fruit of the grace of repentance because there is no salvation without conversion!”

“I want your nation to serve humbly the glory of the Trinity. I have a great mission for you to protect Christianity and the family. There are countless people leaving the family to keep their comfort, without recognizing this way of life will destroy their own future. Some European peoples did not inform that Islam is not a peaceful religion, because it is based on violence and hatred. Many will want to seek shelter in your country, but I tell you, just let those who recognize Me as their king and admire my mother as their queen. Those who refuse to do so are not worthy of shelter in Hungary. Even a captain cannot place the entire town on a boat because he knows the ship will sink for overweight. Many will want to save their lives, but they do not know they are late for the decision. Pray for the unexpected civil war in Europe which will break soon after street demonstrations.”