Painting of the Mother of Salvation – 15 April 2018


15 April 2018

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: Dear souls of good will — those who love Our Blessed Mother. There has been a lot said about the painting of Our Mother of Salvation, as painted by a dear soul — Donna Vorbach.

The painting was promoted and sent out in copies via our website — many tens of thousands, even millions of souls have this copy — before Donna asked us to remove it. We respected her wishes but people now have this beautiful Image.

Because of this, I wish to share with you the Promises made by Jesus to those who Honour this Image of Our Holy Mother — as you deserve to obtain this gift inspite of the fact it was taken off — as God’s Promises must not be squandered.

The Promises of Jesus:

Jesus said the painting was most pleasing to Him and said that anyone who has this painting in their homes will be protected from danger from calamities, from evil and crime; and all those who honour His Holy Mother under the Title of Mother of Salvation will be protected; and it is His desire that this Image of His Holy Mother be placed in all Homes with The Divine Seal of The Living GOD [MDM]. Jesus further said that when you come before Our Lord at the End of your life — every soul who had turned to Him and His Holy Mother — due to this Holy Work of this Image of His Blessed Mother, will be part of your merits to gain Salvation.

Wishing God’s blessings to you.

William Costellia