Holy Grounds to Go – 19 April 2018


19 April 2018

Dear friends of Our Holy Mother,

Today I am coming to you in a very a sad tone, as I have come to the decision to let The Holy Sacred Grounds go, after Our Holy Mother has Appeared there since 1982, where there have been thousands of Miracles, Cures and Conversions. I had to purchase the land to save and protect it, but now we are unable to continue with paying the mortgage, which was very high, due to the lack of support.

As you know those who are against me – especially the Authorities and Media – have been the cause of this. So now, after thirty-five (35) years, we need to sell the Holy Grounds, as the Financiers are now demanding full payment.

We are giving our followers and the public an opportunity to purchase the Holy Grounds over the next couple of weeks. Should this not bear fruit, then the property will be put on the market.

I wish to thank all our dear faithful followers who have been such a strong support over so many years, helping me maintain the mortgage payments and those who have worked so hard looking after the Holy Grounds. It is God’s property first and foremost – even if we should lose it.

The property is situated on Rural / Residential land of 2.44 Hectares. It has a Shrine Chapel adjacent to a Creek with beautiful landscape and a good road leading down to the Grounds. There was a house on the property which was burnt down in 2008 and we are in dispute with the Insurance Company over payment. It has also a very large working shed.

We had two valuations done on the property in 2017. The property price will be $800,000.00, which will pay out the full loan. You can contact me on my email, or through my Lawyers:

My email (William Costellia): williamkoln4711@hotmail.com

My Lawyers: Aquila Lawyers.

Mr. Omar Juweinat: Office +61 (02) 8251 0097

Email: omar@aquilalawyers.com.au

Here are some of the photos that will give you an idea. Thank you.

God bless you,

William John Costellia

—- Photographs (April 2018) —

Holy Grounds: Main Shrine and Sanctuary with assembly area for Pilgrims.
Holy Grounds: Shrine to honour Saint Joseph and Holy Water Spring.
Holy Grounds: Road leading to main Shrine assembly area
Road to Holy Grounds: Stations of the Cross
Main Entrance to the Holy Grounds
Large House near entrance to Holy Grounds. Burned down in 2008
Large Work Shed adjacent to the burned House.