Two Important Messages to Sylvia Steven – 24 April 2018

Two Important Messages to Sylvia Steven from Africa received in 1986 and 1991

24 April 2018

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: A very important Seer named Sylvia Kokwongeza Steven, united with me in 1987 with two other young children. Agetha, the Public Apparition Place in Mwanza, known very well by the Bishop, was investigated. These three young children received revelations about the `Little Pebble’ becoming Pope. – Mabetini Apparition Site.

The following is a Message given by Our Lady to Sylvia in 1986:

OUR LADY: “….The Little Pebble’ is a real Seer and he is the only one to unite all the Seers of the world. He will be the Head of My Son’s Church in the future……that is what Heaven has planned. I see that the Evil One wants to destroy My work here in Mwanza. You have to watch; be united. In the future days My daughter Bernadette will believe your messages. I will continue to deliver messages for the world through the Little Pebble’. Pray, daily, the Chaplet of Mercy, to atone for your sins.”

Message given by Our Lady to Sylvia on the 25th August, 1991, as follows:

OUR LADY: “My child, I wish you to inform the ‘Little Pebble’ about this Message. I ask you to send it quickly before it is too late.”

SYLVIA: “I see a very big church, and outside the church I see the Holy Father weeping very much. I see the congregation of people throwing stones at the Holy Father, some cursing him bitterly and others despising him. Now I don’t see anything, but only beautiful clouds shining nicely in the sky. Furthermore, I see a highway and a little road. The road is full of people, lots of people, millions crying and hungry and they seem to be preparing for war. Then I see the big church again, and inside the church I see the Holy Father kneeling down, hands in his head and crying in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. Now I am shown Africa. This is the country of Zambia – I see a lot of corpses which cannot be numbered (counted). I see Dar Es Salaam in ruins, which makes me realise that there were people there. There are the skulls of many dead people.”

“I see the Church of Saint Joseph in Dar Es Salaam. Many Padres have died. Now I see the Cardinal Laurean Rugambwa standing outside the Church weeping very much. Now I see the Holy Family Church in the capital city of Kenya. It is a frightening situation, since many people have run into the Church. I see the road passing near the Continental Hotel and I see a lot of dead bodies, people who have been killed. Now I am very frightened. I see the country of Uganda which I do not recognise well because of the way it has been ruined. I see people running for survival. Now I don’t see anything. I have opened up my eyes. Oh! It is a very frightening situation.”

OUR LADY: “My child, this situation will happen in this world just nearby. It is because nowadays the peoples of the world want to put themselves above God. God is now angry because of this attitude. They must stop offending their God and make sure they amend their lives and to be perfect and ready to meet God.”