Message to William Costellia – 6 May 2018

Message from Jesus to William Costellia

6 May 2018

WILLIAM: Today Jesus came as The Mercy Picture shows Him. He smiled and said:

JESUS: “Peace my son, peace — be not troubled as all is going as it pleases Me. The World takes no notice of Our Words my son. There are many signs but no one takes notice so now I will send a greater sign from the Sun it will awaken mankind with a shock.”

WILLIAM: Jesus told me previously that when man speaks louder about peace as they prepare for war — war will suddenly come upon the World. As what you witness taking place with the two Korea’s is not as it seems — as a pact was made between North Korea and China as North Korea already have nuclear weapons but the West are falling for it and drawing the USA into an area of Conflict.

Jesus has said: mankind continues on their merry way until all is washed away. Jesus has asked all to pray, then spoke to me about private matters, blessed me and the World.


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