The Warning – Illumination of Conscience – 7 May 2018


7 May 2018

Taken from the Book of Truth given by Jesus to Maria Divine Mercy

Book of Revelation 6:12 of St. John the Evangelist: When he opened the Sixth (6th) Seal, I looked and there came a great earthquake. The Sun became black as sack cloth, the full Moon became blood and the Stars of the sky fell to the Earth, as the fig tree drops its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. The sky vanished like a scroll rolling itself up. The Wrath of the Lamb … For the great day of their wrath has come …

25th December 2010: Time of the Great Warning is now decided. Children, it is time for you all to examine your conscience now, before the Great Warning which precedes the Second Coming.

12th January 2012: This is an act of Mercy on My part. You will see your sins and understand immediately how they appear to Me. This is your chance children, to repent.

28th January 2011: Prepare for the Warning – the Illumination of Conscience. This Mystical event which will be experienced by all of My children over seven years of age everywhere throughout the world, will take place. Those who live after this event, will be more cautious about the contents of this Sacred Book.

6th February 2012: Global conversion about to happen. Very soon now, believers in God the Almighty and atheists alike, will be given the final Gift before the glorious day when I return to Judge. This Great Event will open up your hearts and you will look in awe at the wonderful Love that I show you in this Act of Mercy.

Once this event is over, all believers, along with those who will convert, because they will finally understand the Truth, will form My new Army.

16th April 2011: What you will experience during the Warning – Pray for instant pardon. The Warning is almost upon the world. Be clear that many, many souls will not survive this imminent event. Many of these souls are simply lazy – this event is going to save them. Many will repent – will feel a burning sensation not unlike that experienced by the Souls in Purgatory. After the Warning, you will experience a deep peace and joy in your soul.

23rd May 2011: The skies will open up during the Warning. It will shock many people in the world, as it will be a dramatic event, where the skies will open and the Flames of Mercy will shoot up across the world, for many people will not understand what is happening – so shocked will they be, they will mistakenly think that they are witnessing the end of the world.

5th June 2011: Two Comets will collide – My Cross will appear in a red sky. The Warning is close now.

They will see Great Signs in the skies before the Warning. Stars will clash. Many will be frightened. When you see the crosses in the sky during the Warning, you will know that this is a Sign of My Love for you. You will be shown what it is like to die in Mortal Sin.

8th June 2011: Prepare your family to witness My Cross in the sky. As soon as the Warning happens and when conversion takes place, move quickly to spread My Most Holy Word.

20th June 2011: My children will face Me for the first time during the Warning. My Great Mercy brings wonderful news. To My children the world over – the truth of My existence is revealed.

The Great Mercy I will show you during the Warning, is the solution for a New Era of Peace. Accept it and the Chastisement will be averted. Reject it and only those followers of Mine can be saved.

22nd June 2011: After the Warning do not turn back to your old ways. The period after the Warning s crucial for World Peace.

3rd July 2011: Atheists and Scientists will say that the Warning was an illusion.

28th July 2011: Pray for the souls of those facing damnation, who will not survive the Warning.

7th September 2011: Do not be fearful of the Warning – await it with joy. I will come to each of you. You will see Me and feel Me in your heart and soul. At last you will see Me and your soul will be enveloped with love and excitement.

29th September 2011: Aftermath of the Warning – Prepare your homes with blessed candles, a supply of water and food to last for a couple of weeks.

30th September 2011: Hardened souls will not find the Warning easy.

1st October 2011: The Deceiver is also preparing for the Warning. The Deceiver will try to convince them that the Warning was an illusion.

2nd October 2011: Rejoice when the sky explodes, for you will know that I am coming. The Sun will begin to pulsate and spin in the lead-up to the world as it is being prepared.

11th November 2011: Signs will appear in the sky first – the Sun will spin.

14th December 2011: Second Coming to happen soon after the Warning. The Warning will happen most unexpectedly.

3rd January 2012: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these Messages.

24th May 2012: During the Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes, will not suffer the pains of Purgatory.

The two Stars will collide and many will be fearful. Then My Cross will appear in the skies and not one person will fail to notice. A great shaking, like an earthquake, will be felt, then will come the silence.

14th June, 2012: The Warning, while not to be feared and which must be welcomed as My special gift, will cause pain in those not in a State of Grace. Healthy souls will find the Warning a joyous event – they will not suffer.

16th June 2012: The skies will be peeled back as if a roof has opened, to reveal the Fires and the Flames of My Divine Mercy.

8th December 2012: The Warning will purify God’s children, in preparation for My Second Coming.

12th July 2012: The Warning for many, will be a frightening event, when it will seem like the world has come to an end. Many will witness what will seem to be a catastrophic occurrence, when two Comets will appear to collide and explode close to the Earth’s surface. The Flames of the Fire burning through their bodies, as if the heat of the Sun is overpowering them.

Before this happens, the weather pattern will erupt – My Cross will appear after the explosion in the skies. Many will stay indoors for some days afterwards – many will have to fend for themselves, because of the lack of services. This is why you need to prepare. Billions will turn to God.

17th July 2012: Once the Warning takes place, there will be much confusion. Many will be too distressed to go back to their place of work immediately. People in powerful positions in governments will question their laws.

Keep Holy water in your homes and a Benedictine Cross.

8th December 2012: Regarding the Second Coming: Only My Father knows the date, but I can tell you, that it will take place not too long after the Warning.

20th February 2013: This Great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome.

22nd December 2013: The world will be renewed as a result and many will rejoice in their new to be found freedom from doubt. (Warning)

Please take these Words from Heaven to heart and prepare your household with water, canned food, Blessed Candles, Holy Water, Saint Benedict Crucifix, Medals, gas for cooking, as no power will work for several weeks; blankets and medicine etc. Do not walk out of your home during the Warning. Do not take in strangers, or even friends and family during the Warning, as their cries may not be coming from them, but from demons. Keep your doors closed.

Have faith and trust. Pray and ask Jesus for Mercy.

God Bless,

William Costellia