Message 766 – 13 May 2018



Fulfillment of the Prophecies given at Fatima, La Salette and Garabandal – Antichrist will now orchestrate the Great War in the Middle East, Europe and Asia; he will appear first in Jerusalem – My son, President Donald Trump, must leave other Nations to forge their own peoples’ destinies – The Governments of the world are only playing games to ensnare the U.S.A. and other Western Countries – The Chair of Peter will fall and a Puppet Pope will sit on the Throne of Peter while the True Pope will be ousted – Jesus will move the Chair of Peter to a Foreign Land.

WILLIAM: I see the White Cross in the sky and a sea of water in front of it. There is a huge ship, like the Ark of Noah, but made up like St. Peter’s Church. Our Holy Mother is standing on this ship as Our Lady of Fatima – as Mother Ecclesia. The Sea suddenly parts, like it did for Moses and in the waves I see all types of fish popping their heads out to honour Our Holy Mother. With Our Lady, are the three children of Fatima and the children of La Salette. Behind them, on the ship, are the pine trees of Garabandal.

The ship glides, even without water underneath, as millions of Warrior Angels are there all around Our Holy Mother. Our Blessed Mother looks so beautiful. If anyone has seen the movie, The Thirteenth Day – that is how Our Holy Mother looks.

From Her Immaculate Heart on Her Chest, I see little Hearts of Love float to us and everywhere – like song notes. Our Lady is holding a beautiful Rosary of little hearts. She makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Peace My blessed son, William. I come today again to you, as time is very pressing for Our beloved children. The fulfilment of the Prophecies given at Fatima, La Salette and Garabandal, are playing out right now and will come to its climax, very soon, as the Antichrist will now make his move to orchestrate the Great War in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, so that he can bring forward his public entrance onto the stage of the world – appearing first in Jerusalem – to bring World Peace, after the War has begun.”

“My children of the Middle East are to know, that the City of Jerusalem belongs to My Ancestors, but also to the people of the world and those faiths that come from the Teachings of Abraham, Isaac and Moses and most of all, the Son of God, Jesus Christ the Messiah.”

“Men truly believe that peace has come – but My children, it is a false peace – it does not come from My Divine Son, Jesus. For men to have a true peace, they must recognize My Divine Son Jesus Christ as the True and Only Son of God – and men must repent and turn away from sin – then true peace will come. Men speak often of peace, yet prepare for war.”

“My beloved son, President Donald Trump – Chosen by God at this time – must not shackle other Governments of their Sovereign Nations to do the bidding of the United Nations and the Secret Societies, who still control many Foreign Powers, to gain Global Control. My son must leave other Nations to forge their own peoples’ destinies, as under the current situations in all regions of the world, forcing these Nations to do what the U.S.A. wants them to do, will not bring Peace, but divisions, hatred and wars.”

“The Governments of the world are only playing games to ensnare the United States and other Western Countries, to draw them into a Global Conflict. God the Eternal Father, will continue to send greater and greater signs through weather changes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and even more, to stop the world elite from bringing forth a Global Collapse of its Monetary Systems – to collapse the economies – so that the New World Order will be brought in, with a New World Monetary System to control the lives of all of Our children – to enslave them.”

“The Third Secret of Fatima and the Messages given at La Salette, have the same warning to mankind, that the Chair of Peter will fall and a Puppet Pope will sit on the Throne of Peter – the False Prophet – while the True Pope will be ousted, so that the Antichrist can Rule the Earth, bringing false teachings and usurping My Divine Son, Jesus. These very Messages given in the last two centuries, are echoed throughout the world, through hundreds of Seers, Visionaries, Prophets and finally through My Last Prophet of the Book of Truth. My Divine Son’s Warnings – as Mine, go unheeded – leaving only the Final Warning given at Garabandal, to be fulfilled.”

“Major changes are coming to My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth. It is for this reason Jesus will move the Chair of Peter to a Foreign Land and several lands will link up to the Chair, so that the Remnant Church will be provided with the True Teachings and continued Blessings of the Sacramental Life of the Mystical body of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“The Bride now awaits the groom, My children.”

WILLIAM: Our Holy Mother now gently turns around, as Jesus is arriving.

OUR LADY: “As We Promised you, My Divine Son and I were to come today, as it is also the Glorious Feast of My Divine Son Jesus’ Ascension – your namesake feast, My son.”

WILLIAM: Jesus has arrived. Our Holy Mother kneels in front of Him. Jesus kisses Our Holy Mother on Her Head and picks Her up and embraces Her. In His Hands, He has a large bouquet of flowers. He gives this bouquet to Our Holy Mother. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Greetings, My precious son, My Little Peter Abraham! Peace, My child, My Peace I give to you and all My beloved children of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I know that these days are difficult for all of My children, as every soul on Earth now is undergoing Purgatory, as the Remnant Cross gets heavier, as My Mystical Body must attain its Glory in Me and ascend with Me soon to the Paradise that My Father and I have prepared for Our children, since the foundation of the Universe. Pick up your crosses My sweet children and come follow Me. Hold onto My Mothers apron, as She is your Mother, Who loves you.”

“The turning point of the world is arriving. Much sorrow and suffering is coming, for you have now reached a point in the Great Tribulation, which will be witnessed by all of humanity, until the major spectacle will be witnessed by My intervening Hand, the Cataclysm never before witnessed. The Stars will move out of orbit. The Moon will turn blood red from the dust of the clash of the two large Comets above your atmosphere.”

“I need to intervene, My children, because the madness of men in power will bring on the world destruction, where one-third of the world population will perish – should I not intervene. Men’s sins have now gone way beyond what God can allow.”

“I will bring My New Heaven and New Earth to you, very soon, My children. You need to spend more time in prayer, in reaching out to all those you love and give them My Word. Children, you must spend more time in reading God’s Word – His many, many Messages – for the events coming upon the world will be very severe and sudden. O, how I long to gather you in My Father’s House.”

“My Father will send the world more signs, like the volcano in Hawaii, as the two volcanoes in Italy will soon rumble, as will those in Central America and other places. Due to all the magma shifting in the layers beneath the crust of the Earth, a New Land will appear, that once sunk, due to the sins of the gone ages.”

“How many more Messages do you expect, dear children, before My Father says it is enough? The Trumpets will sound – heard by humanity – then you will know what is about to take place.”

“As for you, My beloved Prophet, so many changes are coming for you. As promised, My Eternal Father has two Scrolls for you.”

WILLIAM: Jesus takes out the Golden Scrolls from His Sacred Heart, comes to me and places them in my heart.

OUR LORD: “In these Scrolls are special instructions for you, especially for the coming years. They will be opened when God gives you the sign.”

WILLIAM: Jesus embraces me and kisses me on the forehead. Our Holy Mother comes to me, kisses me on the forehead too, and places this beautiful Rosary of Hearts over me.

Jesus then spoke to me about private matters and then says to continue to go forward in faith, trusting in His Love.

OUR LORD: “I Bless all of you, united with My Most Holy Mother, Who is Co-Redeemer with Me: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

“Pray the Rosary and many Chaplets and Devotions that are available to Our beloved children.

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary Bless us + + + and go back on the ship. Jesus and Mary blow kisses and blow the petals of the flowers, which blow around the world.