Message to Yellow Lily – 18 May 2018

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada – 18 May 2018

JMJ+ May 18, 2018 – Pope Saint John Paul II

YELLOW LILY: I approach our Most Blessed Lord after receipt of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Confession, reciting the sorrowful mysteries in the Presence of the Holy Tabernacle and the joyful, and glorious at Rosemary’s house.

Dearest Jesus on behalf of your Charbelite vestibule here, and all your faithful, please let us enjoy your words and counsel, anything you wish to say, we leave everything to you.

Jesus stands close to me in His spot in this room, He wears a white tunic and I see a wide smile bright, and beautiful, He is happy. Our Lord’s arms are up, almost to level to His Shoulder height, they are spread wide, palms out:

JESUS: “Peace to you, my brothers and sisters, thank you for coming, for those of your group unable to join us today. I know your reasons and I am with you, in your membership, take heart! Your friends here are joined with you, happy to share the Grace of God that comes with the effort of group (cenacle) prayer, all are one!

Peace to you my little daffodils! Peace to you, my bees and birds, pretty all! I am heartened by so much! The – your – effort of being good – what an effort that emblazons across My Heart and chest across every wound, the names of those in solidarity. Again I say, you are blessed, your families and generations too!

The elect have waited and they have proved — now Jesus shall open his storehouses and bring to them all those things they have longed for and believed in, with a might that would rival the greatest saints in the church! We have been brought down to inches and still we exist! More shall we do, rest always on My Heart, beating just for each one of you and know, the crucibles I have asked you to live with are for a purpose in the near future which will astound, because it is the littlest who have completed this work. Jesus is speaking highly here, in riddles, but you will know why, and relate well to My happiness. Continue to cling to those things you know which guard: your rosary, Sacraments and intimate prayer. Remain at peace in constancy and patience while the great wind of God, justice, swirls and blows all those who believe they had an upper hand.

Listen to me, do not worry about the Church’s dwindling numbers, I assure you, while we hope for souls and we may lament the state of the world, we contain joy because we know the future and it is a good one! Pray for the lukewarm most! Pray for those who feel they do not need God; pray with joy, first, because it is this that is our most attractive and drawing quality.

Very soon little ones Pope Francis will enact more alarming changes that will vacate the church and cause those who know better, to find my vestibules of truth. Truly I tell you (and it is no small thing), you will have priests left frightened by the enacted changes of him who is setting the stage for the communist, globalist manifesto – and it will be my little ones who will say to the small priests: “Follow me”. You see, my Charbelite leaders this is no small thing we do!

Take courage, as I release in a way only God can, the true one, the mountain of God and only those who know him may reach his summit. Pray, pray, pray with power, you own all you need to harness with God the events that are to propel victory and display Francis for the fraud he is.

Jesus speaks with joy, because this is what I Am; Jesus speaks with power because this is what I Am; Jesus speaks with indivisible truth, because this is what I Am; apostolic across countries, across time, without division, where there is division truth has been subverted.

To each and all, Jesus says take courage! Time is short, but this will not lead to destruction. Let Francis hear me as I speak, boldly and he will hear me because he monitors everything with a clenched fist:

… yes, I call you son, you who claim so much upon your throne the accessibility of God’s Mercy, yet, know none! Where are you heading down this course you have planned out? Not since the beginning of your reign – we know, even before! They pull your strings and you read your parts out loud. Change this course of so many things you have started in the church. Quick, take back what has been said, stand for the truth that I really am which is discipline in the wisdom of those things which have been plainly, openly, clearly, set out in the Gospels and in the genius of men who love the Eucharist; lead only by the Holy Ghost in prayer, sacrifice and joy: in Me.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus lowers his holy head, raising it again. Our Blessed Lord says:

JESUS:True, real, accessible Mercy has told him, Discipline has told him, Self-denial has told him! You are my witnesses, little ones, now mark my words: those Bishops who insist on this Francis course — which does not end without much loss to the flock I died for, will be scourged, removed.

You, little ones, are the victors with him: the true, faithful promise, possessing the honest title of “Peter”.

All will be well. I bless you, I bless all! War remains averted for the time being, continue to pray. I bless all those with the courage to read this letter, I bless all those with the courage to come and believe what they are reading and I pray for him who has been “installed” and who will see this message, dismissing as he does like so much else, with a wave of his hand and a sour expression.

Smile, my children, return the very thing Jesus sends to you, in love.”

Your Jesus