About Christina Gallagher by Fr Gerard McGinnity

About Christina Gallagher by Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity

[See website: http://www.christinagallagher.org/en/]

It is well known in the history of genuine apparitions that every authentic intervention of God is always attacked. The more powerful the work of God is, the more fiercely it is attacked. In that case, the work entrusted by Heaven to Christina Gallagher has to be extremely powerful – if the horrendous and relentless fury and hatred against her are anything to go by! Persecution, slander, intimidation, incitement to hatred and life threats are among the many forms of attack used against Christina and the work of Our Lady Queen of Peace. Jesus Himself, of course, warned of this in the Gospel – indicating clearly that it would be a sure sign of authenticity, when He said to His followers, “You will be hated by all on account of My Name.” (Matt.10:16,22), “I am sending you out like lambs among wolves…(Lk.10:4), and “Happy are you when people hate you, drive you out, abuse you, denounce you…on account of the Son of Man…This was the way their ancestors treated the prophets.” (Lk.6:22). While such opposition to the genuine apparitions has always existed,it is nevertheless horrifying to see the depths to which the attackers have continuously sunk in setting up false websites under the same name to deliberately mislead readers. Those rogue sites mimic and mock Our Lady’s Mission and try to discredit Her messenger Christina. Please be aware that there is only ONE genuine website. It carries the full truth. It is; http://christinagallagher.org Ignore ALL others. These false sites are clearly created by the same few individuals who have led the persecution of this work for many years and have obviously never met Christina Gallagher nor analysed the facts relating to her work.

I am not ‘gullible’ I have a doctorate in theology and have investigated many contemporary apparitions and the only instance I have found to fulfil the criteria set out by The Lord Himself when He says in the Gospel, “By their fruits you shall know them” is that of Christina Gallagher. For thirty years I have observed every aspect of this work and mission. Throughout the past thirty years I saw with my own two eyes, not only in Ireland but in the US, in the Philippines and elsewhere the tangible, evident signs and ‘good fruits’ which abundantly uphold and authenticate a work such as this. I see the many medically approved healings such as that of Kathleen O’Sullivan from Listowel in Kerry who suffered from pancreatic cancer with secondaries in the bile duct who had been sent home for palliative care with only days left to live. Her consultant (a professor of medicine) who had placed her medical file with the deceased, declared after her healing that there was “no human, medical , scientific or psychological explanation” for her cure. it was published in the Medical Journal. (Further details of this and other major healings can be found on the website http://christinagallagher.org).)I have seen the case of a baby medically-declared dead in the womb of its mother, Mrs. Finola McManus who insisted to her doctors in the hospital that she would not have the baby removed before going to the House of Prayer and having Christina Gallagher pray with her. On her return to the hospital, to the shock and amazement of the doctors, they found a heart-beat and the baby was born perfect -a little girl and Mrs. McManus herself related everything of her experience in a documentary film broadcast on Italian television which contains a re-enactment of the events (and a copy of which we have at the House of Prayer for anyone who may desire to watch it).

I have also observed over thirty years graces of conversion, of the re-discovery of confession, of supernatural faith, of religious vocations, of discovery of the Rosary and of deep reconciliation after bitter estrangements. These are all fruits which do not mislead for they can be attributed only to the action of the Spirit of God and it was of these Jesus Himself spoke in the Gospel when He gave the definitive means of judging the source of any activity, “By their fruits you shall know them. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit…”

In over 700 recorded healings there feature several different forms of cancer – cancer of the bladder, cancer of the liver, cancer of the lungs, cancer of the tongue and the mouth, cancer of the throat, the glands and voice box, cancer of the hand, leukaemia and almost every part of the body,as well as Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, blindness, instantaneous clearance of blocked carotid arteries, a baby born with conjoined artery and windpipe which had no medical possibility of treatment instantaneously healed, Inoperable crushed vertebrae spontaneously healed -to name only a few.(Read details on official website under ‘Major Physical Healings’).

I have witnessed at first hand over these thirty years extraordinary conversions of people away from the Church- some for 10, 20 and even 30 years. Outstanding among them is the instant healing and conversion of a young drug addict whose two brothers had previously died from drug addiction. He said after his cure, “I lost my two brothers to drugs…I also became hooked…” On his first visit to Our Lady’s House he joined in the Rosary in the chapel and during the prayer a strong sensation went through his body and he knew some great change was taking place within his entire being. From that moment he had no urge to touch drugs though up until moments before he could think of nothing else but drugs! And he had no withdrawal symptoms. “Not just that, “he said,”I had the desire for daily Mass, Holy Communion, prayer, the Rosary…” Any priest who has ministered to those suffering addiction knows that such a healing and conversion have only a direct divine explanation. I am frequently amazed at how people so vocal in their denial of any evidence of the supernatural being at work in Our Lady’s mission can refuse to examine the compelling proofs that God provides! (For much more evidence of the supernatural see on the official website ‘Fruits in Abundance’).

In addition to the stream of healings and conversions over all these years I have also witnessed so many other undeniable proofs of the power of God at work in the ministry given to Christina. For example, I was standing beside her and Judge Dan Lynch from Vermont on the steps of the Marriott Hotel conjoined to the Twin Towers on September 11,1999 when she prophesied that the Twin Towers would be brought down. Two years later -to the very day- her words were proved true when the catastrophe occurred. Judge Dan Lynch in his shock phoned Christina to recall to her the words she had said and later spoke live on RTE to confirm this fact directly. Another remarkable proof, of course, which I experienced at first hand was the scene clearly shown to Christina eight years before it took place -the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 which killed a quarter of a million people. She had published the description in 1996. (See more on the official website under ‘Prophecy Fulfilled’)

In addition, I have been for thirty years a first-hand witness (among many others, of course) of the fulfilment of other world events previously publicly announced and published many years in advance by Christina such as the detailed weather changes given her in January 1995-long before they became a reality- heat to cold to ice; rainstorms like the world has not witnessed, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes even in unexpected countries, mudslides,disasters throughout the world.

I was also present among a large crowd on January 23, 2006 when Christina stated publicly at the height of the “Celtic Tiger’ boom (what sounded incredible at the time) that a collapse in the stock market was imminent. And as with every other prophecy of Christina these words were fulfilled to the letter, against all the odds and against the complacency of financial experts at the time. I found the same with what she said as far back as 1992 when she was told by Our Lady there would be a uniting of the currencies in Europe leading to a cashless society, a one-world bank, one-world government and a one-world Church. We can already see the completion of the first of these and the powerful thrust of the economic world to enforce the remainder…all of which consolidates a dictatorial power of absolute control over individuals and the means of their manipulation.

On their fake websites the anonymous attackers deceive readers by trying to joke about Mrs. Gallagher owning great volumes of property, even the Houses of Prayer! -none of which could be further from the truth. There were even photographs of properties published on the fake websites which had nothing to do with Christina Gallagher. She did not even know to whom these properties belonged! I would ask you to please pray for those misguided people who have such a need for destruction not only in their hearts but in their souls. This is entirely false. The Houses of Prayer are not owned by any individual and they cannot benefit any person. A board of directors administers each one and Mrs. Gallagher is not even on any board.Yet the attackers never correct this deception. In the same way they never acknowledge or quote the declarations from the Attorney General (19 March,2000) or that of An Garda Siochana that there was nothing needing to be investigated at The House of Prayer. Rather, they amuse themselves by continuing their defamatory innuendo.

Similarly, the attackers tried to find fault with my visiting the House of Prayer and they tried to interfere with people exercising their right to go there but I notice they were not honest enough to quote the response of Cardinal Brady to a newspaper, “I am not aware that Fr. McGinnity is breaking any law, civil or canonical by going to The House of Prayer.” While it is sickening to witness these diabolical attacks with no foundation, we should rather be thankful to God for their being a greater proof that it is truly a work of God and a sign of Christina’s authenticity. Who other than God can heal the sick of incurable diseases, convert the heart that is closed to Him and how can man dare challenge the work of God and the servant who carries it out?

Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity.