Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina

Eucharistic Miracle in Buenas Aires Argentina

23 July 2018



WILLIAM COSTELLIA: Now this is what happened while my wife and I were looking at the Eucharistic Miracle Video. I was contemplating this great wonder then suddenly Jesus Stood at my right at the dinning table He placed His Arms on my shoulders and my wife’s — I started to cry, tears were streaming down my face. My wife did not take notice and thought I was sniffling due to a possible touch of a cold but I said Jesus was present. Then Jesus said:

JESUS: “How I Love you, how I love my children. I send My Heart to all my children.”

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: Then Jesus blessed us. Be assured I usually am not emotionally involved publicly or even privately before any person — but usually alone in my room.

God bless

William Costellia